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  2. "A shyadow, shyarply drawn," Tessereah repeated after Firanis, almost as if tasting the words. For a fraction of a second her eyes seemed distant, as if she was processing something internally. Then, as quick as it went, the gleam in her eyes returned. "Too many variabels, but still potentially orgyanic in nature." Her mind was racing at the opportunities. If it had no discernable thickness it might be an energy pattern radiating from a central source, or maybe a transdimensional shadow cast by a disaster in some coterminous existence. If it did, it might still be some form of living nonsapient entity, consuming all around it in order to expand its size. Did its blackening indicate heat, cold, or acid? Was its spread linear or exponential, focused on one location consecutively or simultaneous among its borders? Did it consume biological or also mineral material? Too many questions, too many exciting possibilities. She raised her hand enthusiastically. "I volyunteer as well to investigate. I can contribute." She lowered her arm, pointing down at Cheslet Street. "For the science of Numenera, but also becyause if that shyadow reaches Entropy Zero, the results would be inconceivable." Catching sight of Sigil she craned towards the pale young woman. She had noticed her when Firanis pointed her out as 'this one' before, but only now her mental checklist seemed to have caught up sufficiently to process her. "Ow, hyello. And you are?"
  3. When Camila asked after the people of Rell, Firanis shook her head sadly. "The people, perhaps they -- but no, I couldn't see them, nor if the Blackening had already taken them." Firanis pursed her lips as she regarded the petite, brass-hair woman peering up at her with a cocked head. Her accent was one Firanis wasn't familiar with. "No, it is more like a sharply drawn shadow moving across the land, swiftly enough to be seen."
  4. As Firanis' story mounted, Tessereah's eyes seemed to stare into the horizon, where - according to the tall woman's gesturing - Rell was. Or, had been, to be more exact. In thought she bit on her thumb nail, etching every word into her brain. At the end of the story, she turned back to the women at the heart of this, and stepped forward. "Excyuse me," she said in Firanis' direction in what she was sure would be her best skilled-and-confident voice, "but when hyou said it moved, did hyou mean it spread along the ground, or did it reach outward, like a psyeudopod?" She leaned her five-foot nothing in towards Firanis a bit, her head cocked slightly to the right and up while awaiting a response.
  5. Camila's smile faded as Fi's words registered, she looked past the slender woman whose arms she held, off into the distance where the neighboring village of Rell lay to the north. It was to far to see the village itself a good day and a hall's march on foot. "The People," she asks softly. Behind her Faber gasped at what Fi said and the woman to only person other than the caravan guards who was armed shifted almost imperceptible from the casual observant stance to one which was decidedly more lethal in bearing. Fi was sure that only one with her own experience and training would have even been able to discern the change.
  6. Firanis gave Sigil a wry grin. "You sound like a Mechanical Man I know --" Whatever she was going to say was left unsaid as she caught sight of Camila, her smile widening. Fi stiffened for a moment, then melted into the embrace, bending slightly and hugging Camila tight. She was much taller than the last time she'd been to Broley - among other changes - but Fi wasn't surprised Camila recognized her on sight. There was the Time-Maker hanging about her neck, that Camila had given to her on her mother's behalf after she'd died. And having been trained by Camila herself in the Dance of the Cosmos since she was a child, Camila could recognize her from how she moved alone. Firanis realized she had missed Camila - like a favoured Aunt or a second mother - more than Broley itself. After a moment, Camila and Firanis stepped apart. Camila arched a brow at her dear friend's daughter as she gave her a bemused once-over. "You haven't been back to Broley in some time, Fi. You've changed so much." A snort of laughter. "Again." There was just a hint of a blush to Firanis' pale cheeks, her smile growing somber and wistful as she glanced at the statue of her mother. Once, she had shared a familial resemblance with the savior of Broley, but she hadn't in a long time, save occasionally in expression. Taking her eyes from the still likeness of her mother, Fi looked around the village, realizing the Revelry of Wonder was almost at hand. She should have known, just by the position of the stars when she gotten into the area. "Yes, well..." Firanis ran her hand through her vivid hair, then shrugged and gestured down at herself. "This is better than the sharp scales I used to have, wouldn't you say? You on the other hand, have barely changed at all." True, there was more grey in Camila's hair, more lines at the corner of her eyes, but she still looked fit and vital. And I look barely older than the day I first left Broley to explore the Ninth World. "I wish I could say I came back to Broley for a long overdue visit, Aunt Ila, but it's not so." Firanis nodded a greeting at the woman beyond Camila's shoulder, tall, if still more than half a head shorter than herself, her gaze lingering for a moment on the remarkable symmetry of the white-hair woman's face and a taut figure displayed in form fitting synth or leather of some kind with unabashed interest. If Camila was comfortable with her presence, there was no need to be circumspect. Fi straightened her shoulders, her expression growing more serious. "I was in the area on another matter and I witnessed something very... troubling. The next village North of here has been... consumed by a withering blackness." Firanis tried to explain what she had seen as concisely and well as she could. "It seems unsparing and uncaring in what it infects and it comes this way, Aunt Ila. I'm going to investigate of course - two others have agreed to accompany me as well. One I have worked with before and this one." She nodded down at Sigil. "But if we cannot find out how to stop it, I believe the people of Broley need to be prepared to get out of its ways, regardless of what they may have to leave behind."
  7. Tessereah was sure that when it came to figuring out the unusual, one must simply follow the unusual people that surrounded it. And this town seemed to have a gathering of the most unusual people yet. She tried to keep as close as possible without being overtly intruding. That would be rude. But she wasn't going to let any opportunity to waste to learn more of the events in this town and how that marvelous singularity was contained. All she needed to do was keep a close ear, and wait for an opportunity to open itself up...
  8. Faber burst into Camila's work-center breathless, the door banging against the outer wall before slamming closed behind him “Mistress Camila...,” his voice faltered as he became aware that the Cosmicologist priestess and ipso facto Village leader was not alone. Camila, a handsome woman in her mid fifties fit but with gray showing in her braided brown hair, was sitting at her work desk and before her was a tall woman with short very pale, almost white, hair, the woman wore tight-fitting clothes that resembled leather but was shiny, and she had two swords at her right side, her face the skin tanned to a medium brown was unblemished and unnaturally beautiful. Faber stared. “Don't be rude Faber, what is it?” Camila's voice broke Faber's reverie and shaking his head and pulling his eyes from the unknown woman he faced his leader. “A woman,” he glanced back at the pale haired girl, “has come into the village from the mountains. I heard the name Firanis spoke by a caravan guard.” “Firanis Fluxx?” “That was the name but I did not recognize the woman. She is very tall and slight at the same time and her hair is a strange magenta,” he looks again at the woman before Camila's desk, “and short, cut oddly.” Camila pushes her chair back and stands excitedly a broad smile on her face. “Firanis has returned praise the universe. Come Nyr I want you to meet her she is an incredible woman in her own right daughter of Holeon who was my very best friend and the savior of this very village.” She comes around the desk and grasps the woman named Nyr on her upper arm. “Come we must welcome her home. Faber lead us please.” Tessereah slowly walked around the monument for the umpteenth time. The singularity itself was fascinating and the field which surrounded it and blocked it from influencing the surroundings...remarkable. And still she could not discern the mechanism by which it was created and this both baffled and annoyed her Such things do not simply exist. She had come to Broley to see the monument and to participate in the Revelry of Wonder, a festival and contest a few days off. She liked this place the people all worked together in a harmony seldom seen. And their leader Camila a self appointed priestess of something called Cosmicology, was charismatic and strong yet fair and just. Since her arrival she had taken an interest in this strange non religion. A good portion of the town gather in the main square not far from the monument and in orderly line perform a ritual exercise part martial kata part dance. After the silent ritual which lasts about an hour the group of about 600 or so will break into smaller groups for a communal midday meal. Tessereah came around the monument and looked at the sculpted face of the woman who vanquished the threat off to her left she caught movement and saw the woman who led the village, and another woman of striking looks who were following a man toward where the caravans gathered. Looking that way she caught sight of another woman she of the magenta hair. On a whim Tessereah fell in behind them and went to see what the commotion was about. Firanis saw Camila approaching as he was talking with the girl called Sigil. A smile broke as her old friend called to her. “Firanis!” Camila ran the last few yards and took the daughter she never had into her embrace. “Praise the Cosmos! Welcome home Fi.”
  9. Name: Tessereah Race: Human Age: 24 Home Region: Nessakiya, the floating ruins Occupation: Wandering Tinker Physical Traits Tessereah is a pint-sized powerhouse dressed in robes made of multi-segmented turquoise cloth etched with brass angular circuitry, easily recognizable as very, very old-fashioned. When it comes into contact with sunlight a faint shimmer travels across it. Her hair is a waterfall of unruly brass locks beneath which stand two expressive eyebrows. Her eyes have a series of distinct limbal rings of brass and gold, which sometimes make people assume she has some sort of minor mutation. Her general expression is that of a scowl, although this is caused by her being slightly nearsighted, not because of any inherent crankiness. Her skin is the color of caramel, with an I/O symbol marked on her forehead in brass, as well as a number of etched lines of brass calligraphy angling their way across the flesh of her back, merging at a decorated hexagon on the back of each hand. Background (Mechanical Indoctrination) She's not forthcoming about where she came from, wandering on foot through the lands as she goes. Fact is that she has a communion with machines that borders on the heretical, and those who spy the back of her neck might spot a number of entry ports and chemical jacks in their retracted positions, connected to the brass angular calligraphy on her skin. She has had a long history dealing with machines, following commands and maneuvering through cramped corridors at Nessakiya, which made her more adept at ruin-diving than most people give her credit for. Personality Tessereah is typified by her confidence - nothing is impossible, anything can be done, if you want something - go and get it. She treats machines like people - granted, sometimes dangerous and unpredictable people. She's never failed before, which gives her the confidence to tackle any adventure ahead of her. But with great confidence comes a fragile ego, so a big failure will break through her veneer of swagger. For most of her life, she was needed. Things needed healing, fixing, building. Now there is a silence, and without a challenge or a problem to tackle, the walls close in on her. But she reckons others will want her around. After all, how many people will you find who can fix your device, patch up your wounds AND is a passable cook? Tier 2 Might Pool 14, Edge 1 Speed Pool 12, Edge 1 Intellect Pool 16, Edge 2 Effort: 2 Maximum Cyphers: 3 Skills: Understanding Numenera, Crafting Numenera (Specialized), Salvaging Numenera, Electrical Machinery, Cooking, Healing, Vehicles Attack skills: All armor, light weapons, Inability with Medium and Heavy Weapons Confident Confident Outlook: Sometimes confidence counts as much as or more than competence. When you set your mind to it, you are trained in one task for ten minutes, as long as that task is not an attack or a defense. You can do this once per rest (the ability is renewed each time you make a recovery roll). Failure has its Consequences: Sometimes confidence leads to overconfidence and a stark realization of failure. You trigger a GM intrusion on a d20 roll of 1 or 2. Wright Community Builder: While you are present within the community, and actively and personally working on behalf of that community, +3 is added to the community’s infrastructure. Enabler. Always Tinkering: If you have any tools and materials at all, and you are carrying fewer cyphers than your limit, you can create a cypher if you have an hour of time to spend. The new cypher is random and always 2 levels lower than normal (minimum 1). It’s also temperamental and fragile. These are called temperamental cyphers. If you give it to anyone else to use, it falls apart immediately, useless. Action to initiate, one hour to complete. Numenera Plans: Instant Servant (Level 2 Cypher), Antivenom (Level 1 Cypher), Slug Spitter (Level 2 Artifact), Chain Pod (Level 4 Vehicle) Salvage: 4x Io, 4x Responsive Synth, 6x Spare Parts Enlightened Techniques Right Tool for the Job (1 Intellect point +iotum): If you have at least 1 unit of iotum, you can fashion a temporary device that provides an asset to one physical, noncombat task, identified ahead of time. For example, if you need to climb a wall, you could create some sort of climbing assistance device; if you need to break out of a cell, you can tune iotum in your possession to serve as a lockpick; if you need to create a small distraction, you could trigger an iotum to make a loud bang and flash; and so on. Once fashioned, the adapted iotum lasts for about a minute or until used for the intended purpose. This use destroys the iotum. Action to prepare the iotum; action to initiate. Trigger Iotum Ray (1 Intellect point or iotum): If you have at least 1 unit of iotum, you can trigger it to release a short range ray of force that inflicts 3 points of damage. This does not destroy the iotum. Alternatively, you can choose to have this destroy the iotum, in which case there is no Intellect cost. Scramble Machine (2 Intellect points): You render one machine within short range unable to function for one round. Alternatively, you can hinder any action by the machine (or by someone attempting to use the machine) for one minute. Action. Trained in Armor: You can wear armor for long periods of time without tiring and can compensate for slowed reactions from wearing armor. You can wear any kind of armor. You reduce the Speed Effort cost for wearing armor by 1. If you choose this as one of your starting inspired techniques, you start the game with armor of your choice (Micromesh, 2 armor, Special). Enabler Additional Training: (Crafting Numenera, Engineering, Tier 2, already included)  Extra Edge (Explorer Tier 1): +1 Speed and Might edge Talks with Machines Machine Affinity: You are trained in tasks involving electrical machines. Enabler. Distant Activation (1 Intellect): You can activate or deactivate any machine you can see within short range, even if normally you would have to touch or manually operate the device. To use this ability, you must understand the function of the machine, it must be your size or smaller, and it can’t be connected to another intelligence (or be intelligent itself). Action. Coaxing Power (Tier 2, 2 Intellect): You boost the power or function of a machine so that it operates at 1 level higher than normal for one hour. Action to initiate. Charm Machine (Tier 2, 2 Intellect): You convince an unintelligent machine to “like” you. A machine that likes you is 50 percent less likely to function if said function would cause you harm. Thus, if a foe attempts to detonate a bomb near you controlled by a detonator that likes you, there is a 50 percent chance that it won’t explode. Action to initiate. Equipment: Very Old-fashioned Clothing, Sturdy electrician's knife, explorer's pack repurposed as a tinker's pack, heavily thumbed book on crafting, box of outlandish crafting tools, bag of small tools with fine script on it, Micromesh Armor (armor 2, special) with hidden pockets and a carry-all harness, 5 shins. She used to have a first aid kit, but its contents have been used up since she started traveling. Languages: Shin-talk and The Truth, which she speaks with a heavy accent. She also speaks machine language, expressed as operand commands or binary. Cyphers Gravity Changer (Level: 4), Usable: Metal plates Effect: Once placed, the plates change the direction of gravity within an area up to a short distance in diameter. The gravitic warp could be continuous across the affected area, or it could bend and curve, changing directions within the area up to a number of times equal to the level of the cypher. Once gravity is warped, it cannot be changed and persists for 28 hours. Instant Shelter (Level: 5), Usable: Handheld device Effect: With the addition of water and air, the small device expands into a simple one-room structure with a door and a transparent window. The structure is 10 feet by 10 feet by 20 feet (3 m by 3 m by 6.1 m). It is made from a form of shapestone and is permanent and immobile once created. Instant Item (Level 4), Wearable: Bulky amulet Effect: This cypher has a two-stage activation. The first stage occurs when the wearer keys an object that they can hold in one hand to the cypher. The object falls into a subspace pocket and remains indefinitely or until a user activates the cypher a second (and final) time, immediately retrieving the stored item. Oddity Piece of extremely strong and thin cable 8 feet (2.5 m) long.
  10. BROLEY Population: 875 Significant Feature: Most of the buildings here are made of living greenwood, a biologically engineered material that quickly grows over a temporary shelter to create a permanent structure. This gives the majority of buildings a softly rounded silhouette, as air-filled fabrics are used to create the mold for the structures. The creator of greenwood, Holeon Ferre, was killed defending the village from the Dark Fathom, ENTROPY ZERO. A monument commemorating that battle and her sacrifice can be found on Cheslet Street (see below) Person of Interest: Camila Beyett leads a group called the Cosmicologists, whose members bring their bodies in tune with the cosmos through the use of specialized movements such as fighting stances and interactive stretches and duels. Camila leads movement practice every day in Desoni’s Square, and her following has grown to nearly half the town, as well as outsiders who arrive from beyond its borders. Hearsay: The Revelry of Wonder, an annual event in Broley, is just days away. The celebration includes competitions in strength, weaponry, crafting, and other skills. Those who specialize in the numenera will appreciate the Wonder Race, where participants are given a random pile of parts and materials and must create something workable in a few hours. The winners are awarded a special prize, and the winning pieces are added to the Holeon Ferre Museum's growing numenera collection. The Weird: On Cheslet Street, at the spot where Holeon Ferre destroyed the Dark Fathom, Entropy Zero is the remaining remnant of that battle floating 137.16 centimeters in the air is a 10mm sphere, the singularity which powered Entropy Zero. The singularity is suspended in some sort of temporal field which contains and protects the surroundings from the force of the sphere. As long as nothing comes in contact with this field the singularity is harmless, how ever if the field is penetrated, anything which comes within 1 centimeter of the singularity is consumed by it being utterly destroyed in the process. The people of Broley erected a Greenwood monument around the singularity commemorating the Battle and Honoring Holeon Ferre the woman who sacrificed herself to save the village and destroy Entropy Zero.
  11. The pale-skinned woman gazed imperturbably at Firanis. Her eyes subtly refocused on a point past the violet-haired mercenaries head for a moment. "I'm not familiar with the phenomenon you describe. I will go with you. It, and your efforts to overcome it, must be catalogued and documented." She paused, then added, "Proceed."
  12. Fi smirked with gratitude as she watched Gord head off to his erstwhile employers. She wasn't sure what use his fists might be against an encroaching cascade of necrotic char, but after traveling Goutro and others subsequent to a largely solo adventuring and exploring career, Firanis was privately grateful for some company. Firanis glanced down at the shorter woman, who was still looking at her strangely. "What of you, Sigil? Will you accompany Large Gord and I, or do you have far more common sense and will remove yourself from the path of this clear and present danger?
  13. The mountainous man shrugged. "Eh, they're stingy employers anyway. I'll do my duty and warn them, but then I'll join you." Having made this promise, Gord turned and sought out the train masters to explain to them what was coming their way and see if they were going to make a decision now - or laze about complacently still.
  14. Intent on finding Camila, Fi didn't notice Large Gord at first, her improbably long legs carrying her swiftly and gracefully down the street. She was two steps past him and the girl by his side when he called out and her head whipped around, the expression on her exquisite, mobile features going from worried determination to one of surprise. She walked over to the two with enviable grace. Standing close, Sigil realized just how tall the young-looking woman was - Firanis stood as tall or more slightly more than Large Gord himself, though far more slender. With her expanded senses, Sigil could notice hints and remnants of layer upon layer of alterations the vivid-haired woman had experienced, so much so, she could hardly guess what she might have originally looked like. Firanis blew a lock of magenta hair from her face as she glanced back down the street before returning her gaze back to Gord and nodded, her brows furrowed in clear agitation. "Yes, I grew up in Broley and I'm surprised to find you here, Gord. Surprised, but pleased." She flashed him a quick smile - it wasn't forced, but she clearly had more on her mind. "And you as well, Sigil." Firanis returned the shorter girl's appraisal with a frank one of her own. The girl did have remarkable auric eyes. Firanis gave her head a small shake, her grin fading. "I have been well enough, just needed to get out and stretch my legs, as it were, and a supply run was just the thing after the tedium of helping Goutro with his..." Firanis trailed off with a sigh. It wasn't precisely a secret, but the fewer others knew of Goutro's ship and the less about it, the better and less dangerous it was for them. "I hadn't expected to be coming this way, but I - Sorry!" She shrugged a sleek shoulder impatiently. "I would like to speak with you more, Gord, but this is not the more serendipitous of times. You should encourage the caravan you are escorting to quickly pack up and be ready to depart." She grimaced, looking more like a pout on her young, very pretty face. "There is a.... black... ness, something like char without fire heading this way. I mean that in truth. I saw it, visibly encroaching this way after having consumed the next closest settlement. I mean to go speak with a friend of my mother's and mine who should hold some influence, to get preparations for evacuation started before I go to investigate myself to see if this... blackening can be curtailed or diverted." Firanis gave Gord a wry grin, a flash a humour in her lavender eyes despite her worry. "I'd ask if you'd like to help, Gord, but I'm short of shins at the moment and I can't say what manner of salvage there might be to make it worth your while."
  15. "Firanis!" The big, booming call surprised both her and Sigil. Then she saw Gord waving her over with a broad smile and a tankard of beer. Surprised at seeing a familiar face that recognized her, she came over. "Good to see you! I just realized, this is your hometown isn't it? I'm here escorting this caravan. And this is Sigil." He took another long gulp of booze and gestured at her. "Not the talkative sort. How have you been doing?"
  16. Sigil, having settled down in the shade cast by Gord, noticed his reaction and leaned over a little to get a better look at what was surprising him so much. What she saw was not immediately of much interest. A female human, showing signs of some alteration. Perhaps Gord found her attractive. Or perhaps he was seeing something she wasn't? Her forehead creased slightly with concentration as she expanded her senses, sampling everything from electromagnetic emissions to minute details of trace nuclear decay in the vicinity of the purple-haired female. Gathering information was, after all, her purpose. (Scan esotery on Firanis, hehe)
  17. Sigil A Mechanical Nano who Wields Power with Precision Tier 2: 17xp Might Pool: 10 Edge: 0 Speed Pool: 15 Edge: 0 Intellect Pool: 20 Edge: 2 Effort: 2 Cypher Use: 3 Armor: 1 Esoteries Ward Hedge Magic (1 int) Resonance Field (1 int) Scan (2 int) Onslaught: Physical (1 int, short range) Cutting Light (2 int, immediate range) Hover (2 int) Abilities Sense Numenera Training - Esoteries - Perception Specialized - Understanding Numenera Equipment 0 Shin Dart Thrower, 2 dmg, long range - 12 darts Clothing Book - Numenera 4 torches Large synth bag Cyphers Spatial Warp (increases ranged numenera range to 1 mile) L10 Retaliation Nodule (attacks on wearer inflict 1 dmg on attacker for 28 hours) L5 Banishing Nodule (melee weapon attack teleports target; its defenses hindered) L4 Connection: People my character has never seen before sometimes recognize me and claim to have met me. I don't know why. Their description of my actions ranges from glowing praise to bitter recriminations. I cannot remember having done any of it though. Description: Sigil is a relatively small, slight young woman with pale skin, white hair and large yellow eyes. She carries relatively little in the way of equipment, and dresses in a hodgepodge of styles and garments that appears selected piece by piece and largely at random. Personality: She is quiet, unobtrusive, and often seems uninterested in what's going on around her, though this apparent lack of interest doesn't translate into lack of awareness. Not given to extended conversations, Sigil tends to answer direct questions as briefly as is necessary to give a full answer, and rarely bothers with return questions or additional context unless prompted. The exception is when the subject is numenera, of which she has a deep and abiding interest in. A new, unfamiliar piece of numenera will often earn random strangers a barrage of questions about its function, origin, side effects, and other far stranger questions. Advances: Tier 1 +1 Str, +3 Spd pools +1 Int Edge +1 Effort Training: Perception Type Traits: Nano Trained in Understanding Numenera Descriptor traits Mystical/Mechanical +2 Intellect pool Trained in all numenera-understanding actions/tasks Sense Numenera (1 min) Hedge Magic esotery Unnerving (charm/persuasion/deception hindered) Focus Traits Wields Power with Precision Tier 1 - +5 Intellect Pool Tier 2 Trained in all esoteries
  18. The caravan had been in the settlement of Broley for a little more than a half day and would be moving on later this afternoon toward the next settlement. Large Gord leaned against the wall of the merchants hall, sheltering in the shade, waiting for the trains masters to get off their fat behinds and start the caravan moving. The giant shrugged his wide shoulders and once again wondered idly why this place, that he had never been before, was familiar to him, a sensation that had been bugging him since he had first spied the place when they came up the road. He paused in his musings when the girl called Sigil, came up to him with a tankard of short beer. She had joined the caravan at the last stop and for several days had been the focus of much talk among the guards due to her strange looks and the way she carried herself. Despite the efforts of many to win her attentions the girl remained standoffish and was eventually ignored. However Gord had never been one of those who had tried to socialize with the girl so naturally she had gravitated to him after the others ceased their pestering. While the two spoke little to each other and perhaps less to anyone else they did socialize in a odd manner, eating together and walking with each other, not so much friends but somehow recognizing something kindred in each other. Gord took the beer and drained half of it in one swallow before thanking the Sigil but he wasn't paying much mind to her he was looking up the way at a figure coming into the village. Gord's mouth opened into an 'O' of recognition and he suddenly realized why the village seemed so familiar. This had been the home of one of his former companions the weird girl Firanis. She had spoken of the place often with her weird little rodent friend, and lo and behold who was it walking down the street but none other than Firanis Flux
  19. A Graceful Jack Who Explores Dark Places Personal Information Name: Firanis Phlux Series: Into The Strange Home Region: Broley, The Beyond Occupation: Explorer and Numenera Hunter Physical Traits Race: Genetically Modified/Mutant Human Gender: Female Age: 25 Apparent Age: 16-17 Height: 6'5'' Weight: 171 lbs Eyes: Vivid Amethyst with a thin inner ring of Gold Hair: Magenta Handedness: Left Appearance: Due to exploring strange and weird ruins in the Beyond and further and being exposed to various substances, radiations and energy, and a variety of numenera, Firanis' appearance has changed many times over the last decade. She has been male, female, mutant and not always human or biological. She has been exposed to Ever Changing Mists, suffered the side-effects of a charlatan's Rejuvenator device, and been affected by two Mystery Boxes (she just can't resist pushing the red button). Firanis' last major transformation happened about half a year ago when she found what she believed was the Fountain of nahiÓge high up in a cave in the Black Raige. Stepping into the circular field of rippling, prismatic light that fell from the ceiling of the rough-hewn chamber, Firanis found her body completely restructured. She lost her bulky, lumbering, spikey-scaled form she had been wearing for almost two years and now wears one much more to her liking. Once more female, she was petite, no more than five feet tall with the svelte, sleekly toned - if still curvaceous - figure of a professional dancer. She has delicate, pointed ears, very fine, sculpted, yet mobile facial features, large, entrancing eyes of glittering amethyst with a thin inner ring of gold, and straight, pearly teeth with slightly pronounced upper and lower canines. She has a smooth and silky ivory complexion and keeps her magenta hair shorn short. She appears to be an extremely beautiful girl-woman in mid-adolescence, perhaps sixteen or seventeen, as though she has worn half a dozen Beauty Mask cyphers. Unknown or visitant writing or numerals marks her left cheek. In fact, other than hair style and colour, the colour of her eyes, and the marking on her check, Firanis later realized she had the exact same appearance as the nine other young women in a tiny village in the foothills of the the Black Raige Mountains, the ones who had given her the lead on finding the Fountain of nahiÓge. Unfortunately, later testing proved she wasn't actually eternally young, nor had her lifespan been extended to any notable degree, the transformation had been superficial only. At least she had a possible means of ridding herself of future harmful or disgusting mutations or physical alterations. About two months ago, Firanis took a defective Growth Serum, causing her to grow more than a foot taller - a very painful process where she grew half an inch an hour for a full day - mostly in the length of her limbs, granting her a set of unusual, fantastically long, shapely, and toned legs she is particularly proud of. Thanks to long training with Camilia and the Cosmicologists and innate ability, Firanis moves with a remarkably fluid and precise grace. She prefers snug clothing and armor for ease of movement, preferably of muted and/or dark colours. Personality: Firanis is insatiably curious and struck by an intense streak of wanderlust. Very interested in numenera, Firanis is very driven to find some means of eternal youth or extending her lifespan indefinitely - without resorting to turning herself into an automaton or disembodied intelligence - so she can explore and experience everything life has to offer. She's also fond of fishing. Vivacious and spritely, always moving, she wears her emotions clearly on her face, making it hard for her to lie, but is quite stubborn and self-reliant, rendering her reluctant to offer or accept help whenever possible. Chafes at any sort of confinement, she is also a Cosmicologist, finding a connection with The Ninth World through flowing movement. Background (A Cobbled Jumble): Firanis was born and raised in the small Aldeia of Broley, in the foothills of the Black Raige and bordered by the Ba-Adenu forest, at the headwaters of the Welbyway. Her mother, Holeona Phlux, was the local Aeon Priest and a powerful Nano, who developed living Greenwood, which most of buildings in Broley were made of. Firanis never knew who her father was, though many rumours surrounded his identity, from being a mysterious traveler from a prior Age, to actually being another woman, to Firanis not actually having a father at all and was fashioned by Holeona herself. When Firanis was old enough to ask about her father, Holeona always sidestepped the question with an enigmatic twist of her lips. Holeona tried to train her child to follow her steps as an Aeon Priest and Nano, but though she had a deep interest in the Numenera, Firanis was never quite able to learn the Scan esotery, despite how much she wanted to learn it, to be able to see more of the world than what most could. Further, she chafed at the pure academic study, always wanting to move and learn about the world and numenera through exploration. Recognizing her child's interests and predilections, Holeona prevailed upon her good friend Camila Beyett to teach and train Firanis the physical arts of the Cosmicologists. Firanis found much of the philosophy to her liking. Firanis spent most of her youth helping her mother with the numenera, climbing the hills and trees surrounding her village, testing the bounds of how far she could explore on her own, dancing and seeking unity with the self and the world around her with Camila and the Cosmicologists, and fishing in the Welbyway. If her childhood wasn't exactly ideal - little was certain in the Ninth World and even less so in the Beyond - it was for the most part pleasant and enjoyable. Her youth ended when she was fourteen, with news the Dark Fathom Entropy Zero was rampaging South along the Black Raige Mountains and was heading straight for Broley. Many wanted to abandon the village, but most didn't want to lose all they had built in the Beyond. Holeona herself went to confront the Dark Fathom, at first to make a deal to ask it to go elsewhere, but when it proved unwilling, she challenged it directly. About a third of the village was destroyed and Holeona lost her life, but the threat of Entropy Zero was ended, permanently, for Broley and the rest of the Ninth World. Firanis grieved the lost of her mother and took much comfort in Camila's obvious caring, but with her major tie to Broley ended, the rest of the Ninth World beckoned. Firanis helped rebuild, but less than a year later, she was on the road, traveling with a caravan through the Garl Nave pass through the Black Raige. A decade later, Firanis is still thrilled with discovering the Weird, the Wonders, and even the Horrors of the Ninth World. There is so much to see and experience, a hundred lifetimes to merely scratch the surface. Well aware of that, Firanis is driven to find some means of eternal youth, so she has the time to explore and experience all the Ninth World (and beyond) has to offer. With her Cosmicologist leanings, Firanis would prefer some means that wouldn't require her to become an disembodied intelligence or automaton, as flesh and blood and flowing movement are a big part of experiencing life for her and finding a sense of Unity with the world at large. Most of Firanis explorations have taken her up and down the Black Raige Mountains and the neighboring areas, mostly on the Beyond side, though she has made forays into the Pytharon Empire and Navarene. In the Beyond, she has traveled from Seshar in the South to the Caecilian Jungle in the North. She has visited the Beanstalk and dreams of ascending it, and would love to study at the universities of Hayrest or find the way into the University of Doors, as well as someday travel beyond the Clock of Kala to see what she could learn about numenera and extended life with the Augurs, but she hasn't gone that way yet. She returns to Broley at sporadic intervals, often having to reintroduce herself to Camila since through luck - good or bad - her appearance has often changed, sometimes drastically, but rarely stays for longer than a week. There is just too much to see, more numenera to be found and tinkered with. Though self-reliant almost to a fault and relatively solitary, Firanis can rarely pass a community in need, if she thinks she can do something to help them that isn't clearly suicidal, thanks to the example set by her mother. Connections Camila Beyett - Cosmicologist leader and mother's friend, gave Firanis her mother's artifact, the Time-Maker. Character Sheet XP Log
  20. It seemed home truly was where your friends were, but with danger encroaching upon the place she had grown up, Firanis couldn't just leave Broley to fend for itself, not when she could at least give them warning of what approached. Besides, there were still a few she cared for there, if not family, even if they wouldn't be able to recognize her on sight anymore. She had changed a lot, physically, while exploring the Ninth World, but had never really felt different. But with meeting Goutro - and Cyrinx, to an extent - the way she saw the world had shifted, or expanded. She still felt all the wonder the ever had, but there was a new, or deeper, appreciation for it, after having spoken with one who had witnessed it for himself. Firanis returned the scope to her pack and tightened the various weapons strapped to her so they wouldn't rattle and shift. Then she began to run, her extraordinarily long legs eating drit and dirt, her pace swift, jumping and climbing as necessary to make down the ridge and hills. It had been some time since she'd last been here, but with every step, Firanis felt the familiarity returning. She had played and explored all around the village of of Broley as a child and adolescent. But it was almost a stranger's familiarity. She knew this place, but was seeing it with new eyes. Well, to be fair, her eyes were one of her many changes since being here last, but it was the vantage from which she saw things then the eyes themselves that made things seem different. She was much taller than she had been last time she'd come home. Firanis slowed to a jog as she wove between the trees, breath deep but steady, a wistful smile crossing her youthful features as she heard the crystalline trill of quartzkaws in the boughs. She could just make out Broley in the distance, the distinct shape of rounded domes of buildings made of greenwood coming into view. Living wood grown over inflated bubbles, a material and method developed by her mother. She carried a buckler of the same material. Coming to the edge of the village, she ran a hand through magenta hair darkened by sweat. She wasn't sure who held ultimate authority in the village anymore - she wasn't even sure who it had been last time she was here - but Firanis presumed Camila Beyett still held influence. Camila had been a close friend of her mother's, a leader of the Cosmicologists, a philosophy that Firanis followed. Firanis' hand went to the miniature time piece she wore about her neck. And Camila would recognize the Time-Maker, and in so doing, would know Firanis for who she was. If she couldn't find a means of arresting or diverting the creeping Blackening, she hoped she could at least give the people of Broley the time to evacuate. The call would be more persuasive coming from Camila than from someone who was a veritable stranger to the village. Her chest tightened, surprised to feel a pang of hurt at the admission.
  21. Name: Large Gord Age: 26 Skin Color: White Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Hazel Height: 6'4 Weight: 200 lb. Background Gord grew up a shepherd's brat in Thaemor, from conservative, stolid parents who kept their place. Gord, just as he grew into his nickname, became immensely tough, straightforward and honest mouthed. Which made him increasingly uncomfortable at remaining home, especially because he felt obliged to call things by their right names - and the King as a lunatic. Of course, in a country where people referred to handle their business quietly about it, this was not a good thing. Eventually, Gord took a job 'guarding' a local trader's caravan out of the nation. It was the subtle way of being sent away before he got into trouble. Since then, Gord has worked for many employers, getting the job done, working and playing hard. Inborn Traits: Gord carries a genetic legacy of physical enhancements - descended from an ancient strain of humanity upgraded to 'the peak of perfection.' Sheet A Tough Glaive Who Performs Feats of Strength Tier: 2 Pools Might: 16 Speed: 12 Intellect: 10 Armor: 4 [1 Resilient + 3 Worn] Edges Might: 2 Speed: 2 Intellect: 0 Effort: 2 Special Abilities Combat Prowess: You add +1 damage to melee attacks. [Enabler] Cypher Use: You can bear two cyphers at a time. Healthy: Add 1 to the points you regain when you make a recovery roll. Practiced in Armor: You can wear armor for long periods of time without tiring and can compensate for slowed reactions from wearing armor. You reduce the Speed Effort cost for wearing armor by 2. [Enabler] Weapons: You can use any weapon without penalty. [Enabler] Skills - Carrying [Trained] - Climbing [Trained] - Jumping [Trained] - Smashing [Trained] - Swimming [Trained] Attack Skills - Heavy Bashing Attacks [Trained] Defense Skills - Might Defense [Trained] Inabilities - Crafting Numenera - Salvaging Numenera - Understanding Numenera Starting Equipment Clothing, Explorer's Pack, Knife (Light Weapon), Mace (Medium Weapon), Maul (Heavy Weapon), Metalweave Vest (Medium Armor), Major Glowglobe, First Aid Kit, Large Synth Bag, Compass, Binoculars, 5 shins Cyphers & Oddities Instant Shelter Level: 5 Usable: Handheld device Effect: With the addition of water and air, the small device expands into a simple one-room structure with a door and a transparent window. The structure is 10 feet by 10 feet by 20 feet (3 m by 3 m by 6.1 m). It is made from a form of shapestone and is permanent and immobile once created. Lightning Wall Projector Level: 3 Usable: Complex device Effect: Creates a wall of electric bolts up to 30 feet by 30 feet by 1 foot (9.1 m by 9.1 m by 0.3 m) that inflicts damage equal to the cypher level on anything that passes through it. The wall conforms to the space available. It lasts for ten minutes. SYNTH ROD Changes color based on who’s holding it (always the same color for the same people) (Dull red when Gord holds it) Fighting Moves Bash (1 Might point): This is a pummeling melee attack. Your attack inflicts 1 less point of damage than normal, but dazes your target for one round, during which time the difficulty of all tasks it performs is modified by one step to its detriment. [Action] Muscles of Iron (2 Might points): For the next ten minutes, all Might-based actions other than attack rolls that you attempt have their difficulty reduced by one step. [Enabler] Mighty Blow (2 Might points): You strike two foes with a single blow. Make separate attack rolls for each foe, but both attacks count as a single action in a single round. You remain limited by the amount of Effort you can apply on one action. Anything that modifies your attack or damage applies to both of these attacks. [Action] Performs Feats of Strength Tier 1: [Athlete and Strong bonuses included in stats above]. Tier 2: Feat of Strength (1 Might point). The difficulty of any task that depends on brute force—such as smashing down a barred door, tearing open a locked container, lifting or moving a heavy object, or striking someone with a melee weapon—is decreased by one step. [Enabler]
  22. There area billion stories in the Ninth World and it is easy to lose track of them one such lost tale is Firanis and the Workshop of the Telescopes. A tale both old and new it told of one of Firanis Flux's wild adventures of how she met Large Gord another famous wanderer, of how they encountered The Nox, one of the last of it's kind and how the Nox helped them to infiltrate the wicked City of Workshops. How Firanis and her companions became involved with the Cult of the Flaming Telepaths and how they fought their way through the Evil Priests that could turn a mans brain into a torch with mere thought. How they climbed the fabled Tower of the Telescopes and of what they found there and of the great discovery they made about our moon. Sigh. But alas the details of that insane adventure are lost to us. Only the protagonists themselves know what truly happened and they don't talk about it. No that was a tale from yesteryear the tale you are about to hear now, is one that happened not that long ago. And it all started when..... Firanis stopped at the top of the rise and looked down upon the place she had once called home. She frowned in thought, she had expected this sight to move her to bring some old fondness to the surface but alas it didn't. She found herself missing Goutro and even Cyrinx truth be told. But they were far off trying to rebuild Goutro's spacecraft and while Firanis had found it fascinating she had grown restless and bored. And so she had set out to gater supplies and some of the much needed parts Goutro required. It was chance to get out to explore and yes adventure again. But she did miss her companions. Which is why she decided to come here. One of the things Goutro needed could only be found at a nearby settlement and since it was close she thought she could visit home. Now she wasn't so sure it was a good idea. Firanis shook her head “This is a mistake.” she said out loud to the wind, her mind made up . She would not go down would not visit those who may remember her. She had plenty of other things to do. She turned to go back the way she came and that was when she saw it, miles away at the nearest settlement to her home. A black spot on the horizon where the town should have been a black spot. She pulled out her telescope and looked toward the far off town, bringing it into focus. It was black. The buildings blackened the walls cracked as if exposed to great heat, the ground dry cracked blackened. The trees and bushes mere dead skeletons all Blackened. She saw no people, no bodies or any indication that any had been there whenever this had happened. She swung the scope back and forth everything around the town was blackened as if burnt Suddenly she paused the scope on a speck of green a bush on the very edge of the blackened ground and as she stopped at the sight of the green thing she gasped in horror as the blackening moved it touched the plant and suddenly the bush withered and died and turned black. She watched that very spot for several moments to ascertain to herself that yes what ever was causing this was moving. And it was. She swung the telescope back to the south from where it was pointed at the Blackening back toward her home, then back to the black and back again to her village. She dropped the scope from her eye and looked down from the ridge on the place that was once her home. The place that the Blackening was coming to.
  23. Character Creation and Advancment There is a disparity between Numenera and the Cypher system when it comes to Special Abilities that IMO leaves the Numenera characters lacking. Since this is a game with limited players and I want us to have the widest ability to meet all encounters with a chance of success I will be instituting the following changes. Special Abilities Tier 1 – 4 choices 2 of which must be taken from the Numenera Type the rest may be taken from Numenera or the corresponding Cypher Type to your chosen type. Tier 2 - 2 choices 1 0f which must come from your Numenera Type Tier 3 - 3 choices 1 of which must come from your Numenera Type Tier 4 - 2 choices 1 0f which must come from your Numenera Type Tier 5 - 3 choices 1 0f which must come from your Numenera Type Tier 6 - 2 choices 1 0f which must come from your Numenera Type as always you can chose from the same tier or a lower tier and you can also trade one ability from a lower tier at each tier past tier 1 Numenera Type and their Corresponding Cypher System Type Glaive = Warrior Nano = Adept Jack = Explorer Arkus = Speaker Wright = Explorer Delve = Explorer Multi-Typing Once your character is Tier 2 you may opt to spend one free choice per tier on a Special ability from a Different Type. This choice must be from a lower tier than your current tier.
  24. Firanis had heard of many different means of procreation, some exotic, some rather detrimental to a partner's well being. Though the being called Nox seemed to be accommodating for the moment and she was interested to learn more of his species, being confined in terrain that favoured it was beginning to make Firanis slightly uneasy. So it was fortuitous when Nox made it's revelation and Sparx expressed her suggestion. Firanis glanced over at her companion and nodded in agreement. She considered, trying to estimate the distance and direction they had traveled underground, and believed they could be close to where they wanted to go. "It seems like this could very well be where we want to be," she said. "Thank you for your aid, Nox, but we would not impose upon you any longer, nor risk you endangering yourself on our behalf. Could be travel with you for perhaps a hundred spans of distance after your deviation of course, before procuring for us egress to the surface? It would be preferred for us all that the men you sense do not see our return to the surface."
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