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  2. "I'm comin', I'm comin', hold your hoppers," grumbled the ysoki as she sucked in a deep breath and made her way to the airlock. If no one else would open it, then she'd go ahead and do it.
  3. Grim relaxed as the pain and anger - and yes, disappointment - faded from his mind to a dim echo of their former sharpness after Rachel left. She seemed oblivious to the fact that he wasn't going to be attending any Band meetings, now. Whether that was because she thought he had no choice, or due to her not understanding his words was not his concern, though neither state of affairs spoke well of her. Regardless, he wouldn't be showing up like some hopeful to a cheerleader tryout to show 'what he could do'. He was the son of Odin, not a dog to kick and coax until it performed tricks. He got himself another mug of coffee and, after a moments thought, a sandwich. The noon sun was warm through the coffee shop windows, the book was thick and filled with knowledge, and Grim had nothing else to do with his Sunday afternoon except to delay going back to the foster home.
  4. Rachel sits back at the quiet rebuke. "I'll take that as a 'no' then." She slides her chair back and stands, "And did you actually just say whilst?" She waits to see if he will answer or ignore her. After about fifteen seconds of silence she pushes the chair back in. "Okay. We train at the old Carlton Stables, that and other things. When your finished here you should make your way there but don't go on the grounds unless some of us are there. I drive a Mustang Nadya drives an old Mercury. We need to see what you can do. Later." This time she doesn't bother waiting.
  5. "Those responsible are dead." Grim stated coldly, lowering the mug in his hand to set it on the table. He met her stare unflinchingly, his pale drawn features expressionless, betraying nothing of the pain her words caused. Like an ant under a magnifying glass, the old warm feelings of a childhood crush burned away. Even here, he was not welcome. Even here, in a band of demigods, to a woman related by divine blood, he was a figure of unearned resentment. His eyes narrowed and he leaned forward, matching her stare as his voice dropped low, taking on a venomous tone. "And whilst we are in the spirit of fostering understanding, I am equally unhappy about being forced to associate with and take orders from people I know nothing about... and care even less about. Our elders placed me with you. I did not ask for it - and you do not want another 'stray'. So now we know where we stand." He sat back, picking up his book and opening it again. "I'll not impose on you further. Be courteous - and wise - enough to do the same for me." he finished in an air of dismissal, dropping his gaze to the pages.
  6. Nadya stalked through the hallways of Salem High, still bristling in the aftermath of her encounter with Niles. She writhed in fury and shame and not a little terror at having her mind taken from her, hate at what had been done to her, thought the hate at Niles was beginning to fade, despite her wants. There just hadn't been anything in Niles to hang the hate on beyond the act itself. He hadn't bleated out any justifications, there hadn't been a hint of gloating or boasting in subverting her desires, he hadn't even taken a bit of advantage of the situation... and that somehow was infuriating too. As she walked, she trailed her hand along the walls of lockers, fingers giving each combination lock a hard flick in passing. When she reached the gym, she paused outside, peeking through the narrow, wire-mesh windows in the doors. Her smile was bittersweet. Dane was in his element on stage. Rachel, Austin, and Fisher seemed to be having a fine time with their SOs, as was Laurie with whatever the hells Donner was to her. Normally, the embarrassment of being a fifth - or ninth in this case - wheel would just slide off her as easily as the habitual accusation thrown her way. But not tonight. Besides, with how she felt at the moment, she couldn't deal with Mercedes and her flunkazons crowing about how a slut like her couldn't even keep a boy like Niles interested enough in her that he ditched her at the Dance. One snide word and she'd do something... drastic. As exhilarating and stress-relieving that would be, it would probably wreck the Dance and the evening. Regardless of what had happened to her, her friends deserved better. Nadya left the school, her steps eerily silent as she strutted with nonchalant circumspection to her car. She put on her longcoat against the rising chill of night, though left it open, and slipped in behind the wheel. The engine of lemon-yellow '71 Mercury Cougar purred to life - or at least gave a disgruntled chuff of animation. Nadya peeled out of the lot with more speed than necessary, not even sure where she was going. Not home, not yet. Her stomach grumbled as she was passing by the Salem House of Pizza, and she slewed across the oncoming lane and zipped into the small parking lot of the restaurant and pizzeria, beating another furiously honking car to a spot right by the front doors. The door gave a little ding-a-ling as Nadya strode in and the guy - Guy, his name happened to be - manning the cash register looked up with a start. At this time of night, they weren't slammed despite their football victory, but business was still brisk, but the young woman walking towards him was certainly an incongruous sight. Dressed for prom by way of The Nightmare Before Christmas, she was gorgeous, impressively uplifted breasts not concealed by her open coat and so very out of place against the yellow walls and the orange extruded plastic of the bench seats and tables. "Are you here to order or for pickup," Guy asked after pulling his eyes from her stilettos and sleekly toned, pale leg glimpsed between folds of her charcoal grey longcoat. "Order. I need carnage. Can do you do that for me, Guy? An extra large, pile high with carnage?" "How... how do you know my name?" Was she a witch? More importantly, was she legal? Guy would have remembered ever meeting this girl before, though oddly, he thought she looked vaguely familiar. "I'm a witch, Guy. Left my broomstick in the car." At his expression, Nadya sighed, arched a brow, then pointed a finger gun at the left side of his chest. "Name badge, dude. Now about that carnage pizza?" "Oh, oh! Right. One meat lover's deluxe, that sound good?" "Double the carnage - that is, double the meat on it - and we have a deal." Guy nodded, brows raising impressed. The young woman wasn't particularly big, but she ordered what he and his buds often ordered. And he had to admit, there was something... carnivorous about her grey eyes. "One Meat Lover's, double carnage, coming right up, miss. It'll be about twenty minutes." When he told her how much it would cost, Nadya unconsciously eyed the tip jar, before shaking her head and pulling the needed cash from her wallet - her own actual wallet, even. He and his colleagues worked for those tips, and hopefully the manager or owner didn't swipe the tips from them. She forgotten to get a drink, but when she went to pay for two-liter bottle of pop she'd grabbed from the fridge, Guy waved her off with a grin, after a quick look over his shoulder to see if anyone was watching. Stepping out of the Salem House of Pizza with another light ding-a-ling, extra-large pizza in one hand, bottle of pop in the other, Nadya felt stupid. This was way too much pizza for her, and she didn't have anyone to share it with, and not enough to share if she went back to the Dance. Then she thought of someone else who was alone tonight, and who wouldn't mind finishing off a meat pizza with her. Several minutes later, Nadya pulled her car in behind the old Carlton Stables. Before she even opened the door, Wolf was bounding out to meet her. Nadya laughed giving her a hug, and scratching her behind the ears. It was a good thing she was stronger than she looked, otherwise Wolf would have knocked her on her ass. "Gods above and below, Wolfy, you're getting big," Nadya crooned. She would have changed out of her stilettos, but with Evelyn's fairygodmother trick, she wasn't sure what would happen to her original pair of shoes if she took them off. "Give me a bit to set up, and then I have a treat for you." Wolf cocked her head to the side, tongue lolling out, then cocked it the other way. Nadya ruffled the soft fur between her ears, then got moving, Wolf trotting along behind her. Nadya got a fire going in the ring of stones, then dragged out a reclining lawn chair and a heavy, somewhat musky down blanket from the stable. Then she got the pizza from the car. She cut off the top of the box to use as a plate and claimed three pieces of pizza for herself and gave the rest to Wolf. With the crackling fire and thick comforter, Nadya was warm against the rising chill of night and the season. She laid back on the lawn chair, gazing up at the silver-white of the moon and the deep shadows of the clouds. The surrounding trees rustled and rattled in the evening breeze, and Nadya almost could make out words in the sound. She might have the blood of a Goddess in her veins, but she felt anything but godly at the moment. She just felt like a trite refugee from any number of CW dramas. She wished she had something stronger than soda at hand. "Don't tell anyone I gave you people-food, 'kay, Wolf?" Nadya said. Wolf raised her head from the pizza box, more than half her share of pizza already gone to stare at Nadya. Nadya turned her and gazed back, a small grin tugging at her lips. Wolf went back to the pizza, chewing and chomping with gusto. "Yeah, didn't think you would. Well, this day went to shit. And it all start awesome. Or at least, I was made to think it had. Let me tell you about it, then we can sit here until whichever number of gods start pulling the sun across the sky again - Mr. S. could tell us, would probably expect us to know already." And Nadya began to talk, expressing her anger and melancholy and contradictory feelings to Wolf, who listened in benign - or perhaps resigned - silence. Except for one sound, drawn out and strained on the edge of audibility. Nadya stared at Wolf, face twisted in repugnant distress. "Dear gods! Wolf, was that you?!" Wolf seemed contrite, slinking away from the empty pizza box, and laying down on Nadya's other side, a paw over her snout. One of Wolf's ears twitched in apparently apology, unless it was wilting under the atrocious reek. "I don't mind sneaking you people-food, Wolfy. But cheese is off-limits. Ugh. I think I need a hazmat-suit."
  7. Rachel held her cup in both hands and sort of moved it around swirling the contents. "Just so you understand, I am not happy with the way Mr Syracuse and Coach Fingers and all the rest of them keep dumping their strays in our band. It's nothing personal really." She takes a drink of coffee and glances at Darci, gives her a nod hello. She lens forward and looks at Grim's mismatched eyes. "My dad investigated your grandfathers murder. And your...abduction. Are those events going to be a problem for us?"
  8. The clang of armored vesk could be plainly heard through the hull as over the loud speaker came a surly Vesk voice. "Open the gods be dammed airlock!"
  9. THE TOWER Vaughn flew around the impenetrable tower and saw no way in then as his circumference was completed and he came back to where he had started he saw an open doorway in the wall. It hadn't been there before. The bird landed and Vaughn stood in it's place in his humanoid form, he walked into the tower. Through empty corridors and rooms up staircases and across landing he walked. The interior was very complete, very European, which was surprising considering Kwons ancestry. There were suits of medieval armor, racks of medieval weapons, Shields bearing coats of arms on the walls. it was all so very surreal. Vaughn came to a room the door swung open as he approached music could be heard. the room was the size of a ballroom and there were dozens of people, all of them masked, dancing to some obscure 18th century waltz. At the far end of the room Kwon stood holding two glass of champagne. He raised one as an offering to Vaughn.
  10. Anna saw the flash of light from the cracked bulkhead and thought it very curious. She pulled herself to the crack and peered inside and gasped. Dangling from a cable and swaying to the ships tumble was a sixteen inch cylinder with electrical attachments on both ends. One however was capped the other had the cable attached. a cover of the center of the cylinder was partially open revealing the blue glow of an electrical stasis field. In the glow Anna could see many more cylinders like the one swinging were filling the space between the bulkhead. She had found the anti-matter.
  11. As the attractive package of pink-wrapped athleticism sat down and glared at him, an eyebrow crooked over a vibrant green eye for a moment before Grim quietly closed the book he was reading and sat back in turn, taking another bite of brownie as he returned her glare with a look of calm appraisal. His left eye, the glacially-pale, almost colorless orb with the scar over it, was an eerie counterpoint to it's companion as both peered at Rachel from under the tousled mop of dark hair. She seemed irritated, but not with him as much as just... generally. He followed up the mouthful of brownie with a gulp of coffee from the mug in his hand, then nodded in response to her statement. "I remember." he said quietly. "There were a couple of other occasions we were in the same space at the same time, but honestly I'm surprised you remember at all. I didn't really stand out." A ghost of a smile played around the edges of his mouth, a flicker gone as quickly as it manifested. There was a presence about Grimsley Algar now, a self-possession rare amongst adolescent young men, even ones who were god-blooded. He raised his mug to her in acknowledgement, eyes meeting hers in a direct gaze. "Not like you." Once he'd had a crush on Rachel, probably like many (both male and female). Once, he would have stammered and mumbled and tried his hardest to fade into the background to adore her from afar. Sitting across from her, he realised that although she was still impressive and still beautiful, he wasn't the same boy he'd once been. What a difference a year and half can make he thought wryly. Meanwhile, over behind the counter, Darci's brow furrowed slightly as she caught sight of Rachel sitting down to speak to... what was that kid's name? The one who'd disappeared - Grimsley! That was it. Why would the leader of a band of demigods be sitting down and talking to Mr Invisible? A serious talk, too. They didn't seem like close buddies or anything. The barrista's eyes narrowed as she turned back to the espresso machine, deep in thought.
  12. The bell above the door to The Drip chimed as the couple walked in. The coffee shop was always crowded and it seemed Yokiko loved that about the little place. It was a melting pot of American culture and her expression seemed to light up the moment they stepped in and the scent of freshly brewed coffee hit them and the sounds and bustle of the weekend lunch rush. "Hey guys!" Darci said with a bubbly tone and bright smile as passed them up with her arms full of plates. Dane sat upon the stage, which the Drip had unofficially given him free reign of, since the young man enjoyed singing and playing so much they couldn't pry him away if they tried, plus the the patrons absolutely adored the young musician so him playing on a relaxing Saturday afternoon only helped business. When he saw the young couple he shot Austin a wink and smile and began strumming on his guitar a simple, relaxing melody. "Sit anywhere, guys, I'll be with as soon as I can. Meg called off this morning so it's only me," she apologized and wandered off back to the kitchen. As They maneuvered though the crowd, past the booths, a hand snapped out and caught Yokiko's wrist. "Kiko," asked Horace Farrow who was sitting with Aaron enjoying coffee and a bit of lunch themselves. He gave Austin an unapproving glare, as well as one could manage through one eye. "What're you doing here with this loser? Eric doesn't want us distracting ourselves with the shit heel brigade." Aaron chuckled silently at Austin's expense. As always they started trouble where retaliation would be good and public. The young Scion pulled her wrist away with a twist of her hand (or wrist, Austin couldn't tell the motion was so practiced and swift) she had Horace's own hand, or at least his pinky finger. She squeezed it closed on itself and he winced in agony as she leaned down and silently warned him. "Touch me again Horace, and you will be left for crows. Just because we are Bandmates doesn't mean we are friends. If Eric has issue with my company, let him take it up with me." With a jerk of her wrist, she let him go and kept walking to an empty booth. As they sat, she took a moment to straighten her hair, letting it all fall down one side of her shoulder. With an awkward smile she spoke as Austin was taking his seat. "I am sorry you had to see that. Horace is a, how you say? A handful? He and I are not on friendly terms and is always trying to irritate me and the others in some manner or another."
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  14. The to-go cup didn't quite slam down on the table but that was still the impression Grim got as he looked up and Rachel Cooper sat down across from him, her hair pulled back into a severe short pony tail. She was wearing running shorts and matching running shoes, a tank top with of all things a unicorn with the words DEATH METAL underneath it, over a sports bra. Most of it was pink. Rachel sat back her coffee on the table she folded her arms across her breasts and looked (glared if you want to know the truth) at her newest problem. It was her weekend morning run, five miles into town from her house a coffee break at the Drip then back home. When she got to the coffee shop she saw her new band mate, Grim, sitting inside reading a book. He hadn't noticed her when she came in and picked up her coffee at the counter, usually she sat out on the terrace but she hesitated. The band had met after the dance Friday night where Fisher and Austin had explained what had happened before they were finished, Mr Syracuse had come up to them with Grimsley Algar in tow and explained that he would be joining them. Just like that. Just like Grace and Laurie before. Here deal with him see if he fits. We will be watching. Rachel remembered Grimsley from school at least a little, certainly remembered the death of his grandfather, since her dad had been one of the detectives that had worked the unsolved case. And now here he was one of them, another in a seemingly endless parade of scions, the gods little left overs, assigned to her band. Again. She took a breath and let it out. “Seventh grade English, Mrs Foster, 3rd period before lunch. I think that's the only class we ever had together. Only one I remember anyway.” She took a sip of her coffee.
  15. THE STABLES SATURDAY AFTER THE DANCE Rachel was pushing herself, lifting the maximum weights she could and doing it only under the watchful eye of the huge wolf puppy chewing in the steer bone she had brought for Wolf. The ache in her straining muscles was a welcome feeling after the uncomfortable silence that had been breakfast. When she had gotten home the house had been dark but at least there hadn't been a nightmare scene of blood and body parts. She checked on her dads both had been asleep which surprised her to tell the truth. She had figured that they would all be up waiting for her too do whatever it was dads did under these circumstances. As if these circumstances had ever happened to anyone else. But they hadn't been so she went to bed too. Saturday morning had come and she had gone down stairs drawn to the smell of fresh brewed coffee, then at the bottom of the stairs she smelled the cigarette smoke and froze. She slowly advanced to the breakfast nook and peered around the wall and saw all three of her fathers, Micheal and Vidar, sitting at the table and Robert at the bar separating the nook from the rest of the kitchen. She had started to back up when Vidar spoke. "Come and eat daughter, your father, Micheal makes a wonderful... What did you call that egg concoction?" "A Southwestern Fritatta." "Yes that, exactly. Come sit and eat and tell us of your dance Taryn," the Aesir said as he lit another cigarette. "Her name is Rachel," Robert mumbled from the bar. To say that Breakfast had been uncomfortable...not even close. The opening measures of Led Zeppelins Immigrant Song broke the silence of the stables. Wolf growled and Rachel set the barbell on it's stand then grabbed her phone. It was Billy. "Hey?" she said as she took her towel and wiped the sweat from her face. "Hey back at ya. At least your alive. is everyone else?" Her boyfriend asked covering his worry with humor. Rachel couldn't help but smile. "Yeah everyone is still breathing. But weird." "I bet, want to grab something to eat?" She looked at the screen of the phone and was surprised at the time she had been working out longer than she had thought. She glanced at Wolf who was gnawing on what was left of the bone she had brought. Yeah a bit longer than she had thought. Her stomach growled. "Sure sounds good. I'm working out at the stables Let me grab a shower then I'll pick you up. Gimme a half hour."
  16. Last week
  17. Austin smiled back at her. He was dressed in black slacks and a dark grey button-down shirt, the sort someone might wear to church. The light drizzle in the breeze felt good to him, but he was glad he'd drove, so that if it did rain, it wouldn't be a reason to cut their afternoon short. "You're welcome. Thank you for saying yes. I had a great time at the dance with you, Yokiko, and trust me had it not been something as serious as it was, I wouldn't have left you there alone for any length of time." That was the absolute truth in his mind. He was abit curious as to how she heard about everything that happened. "I didn't know what happened to Nadya had gotten around already. As far as what I did, I'd do it for any of my bandmates, or friends. I just hate that I missed what was happening, that we all missed what was happening, and Nadya had to suffer that for so long. I am just glad she's back to herself now, and that no one was injured." There was a tinge of bitterness in his tone as he spoke about Nadya, which gave way to relief near the end. "As far as a small social circle, It's not how many friends you have that speaks to you character, but the strength of those friendships. If you'd like to expand your social circle some, You could always come hang out with us. Not the whole going on quests thing, Your band would probably get really mad over that, just hanging out. There's no rules against that, that I know of." His honest smile firmly in place, he meant it. They were on the same side, and at least with other Scions, she wouldn't have to be so mindful of what she said, and could relax some. Once they were in his jeep and driving away, without taking his eyes from the road, he asked. "So where would you like to eat lunch?" There was always the Drip, but it was likely to be crowded, and there were other places to eat, he just didn't know what she was in the mood for.
  18. Just as with the Dance Yokiko answered the door and stepped out onto the front porch. Austin could hear some talking going on inside, probably between her 'parents' and her. He didn't quite make it out, but when she opened the door and peeked her head in enough to say 'Okay, I will.' Then, 'A friend from school.' Followed up with a, 'I will. Don't worry. I have my phone.' She finally closed the door for good and turned and looked at him, slightly flushed. "Sorry, my family can be a bit over protective." Her accent was still thick proving her time in the states had been short. It was a wet autumn afternoon and it smelled like Halloween. Damp leaves and freshly fallen rain filled the air of the small Salem neighborhood. Everything was wet and a slight drizzle swept in on the breeze. Yokiko was in a pair of black jeans and a deep, ocean blue sweater that seemed a little too big on her and of course her thick leather gym bag which Austin knew contained her sword and who knew what else. "Thank you again for inviting me," she offered him a smile as she waved her long hair back behind her ear. Her sweater seemed to tighten at the cuff of wrist, keeping it from sliding back and forth across her arms. "And for the dance as well. I had a great evening. I heard about Niles Horne and what he did. You did a brave thing for your friend, Nadya. To think we were so close to her yesterday at the boutique and I never realized she was ensorcelled. It shows how little my social circle is." She seemed a bit embarrassed. "I don't have many friends."
  19. ((This fic is open to all who want to take part and takes place on Sunday, the day following the Band meeting.)) The sounds of steam, the scent of ground beans and the hubbub of voices were all underscored with gentle acoustic strumming from a solitary guitarist on the raised platform that served the Drip as a stage. It was warm here, an island of pleasant coziness and comfort against the first chill breeze of autumn. Grim sighed softly in relief as he sat down at a vacant table, setting a large mug of black coffee and a brownie in front of him as he shucked out of his overcoat, a blue duster that seemed a size or two large for his still-slender frame. Slender but solid, he'd realised when showering after his swim earlier. As part of his physical therapy to help regain more mobility in his leg, the scion of Odin had been mandated a daily swim by Coach Fingers in addition to hikes, combat training, and a confidence course he had to run once a week. Fingers was not the coddling sort, and Grim was grateful for it. He'd berate a student who didn't give 100%, but if you did give your all and still failed, he'd just nod and say "Again." Or if you were wiped out, he'd simply say "Hit the showers, and do better tomorrow." Under the regimen of exercise, Grim was not only recovering full use of his leg, he was getting stronger than he'd previously thought possible, though how much of that was his Aesir blood was hard to say. He still looked like he was made of coathangers, a condition exacerbated by the too-large second-hand clothing he wore, but Grim was enough of a young man to take some pride that he was growing out as well as up. Now, though, he was just glad to be sitting down with a warm cup of coffee. Pulling a book borrowed from Mr Syracuse from his bag, he flipped it open and settled in to read, now and then sipping from his mug as his mismatched eyes scanned the pages. There was a lot to catch up on, not just the year and a half of school he had missed, but the fact that all the legends and myths were, if not wholly true, then at least true enough to kill you if you were ignorant of them. The school was less of an issue - his mind had always been keen, but the ichor of Odin running through his veins now made schoolwork trivial. He paused for a moment, eyes not reading the words in front of him as he was lost in thought. Family. An odd thought, to have family. For years that word had been associated with a bitter old man who hated the sight of him. Now family meant having a sprawling array of larger-than-life, honest to goodness gods expecting great things of him. It was a step up, in many ways. Giving a rare, thin smile, Grim took a bite of brownie and went back to his book.
  20. Freya took a deep breath and savored the scent of the sea then let it out with a heavy sigh as she planted hands on her hips and shook her head saddle. "Ymir's stones Dracian, dammed good thing you don't want to take a crew, that thing will barley hold the three of us." The boats wasn't really all that bad much smaller that the dragon prowed ships of the Vanir but it did look sturdy and was rigged for the open water, it could sit only four oars though and they would have to do with just two and only half the rowers needed at that. Freya peered down at the markings on the ships aft, she recognized the letters these civilized men used to scribe words but had no knowledge of the reading. "What do those runes say?" Simeon glanced up from where he stood near there gear and stores where he had been taking account of the things delivered to them. "It is the boats name, it says Look-Far."
  21. With the dance over, it was back to their regularly scheduled lives. The band meeting had taken place on Saturday, if only to bring everyone up to speed without further adding to the drama of the dance. It had been later in the afternoon when Austin called up Yokiko to see if she'd like to get lunch and then catch a movie on Sunday, to which she agreed. There was alot going on in Salem right now, and with two full bands of Scions in town, he'd got to thinking. He really didn't know much about what Yokiko and her band did. Seldom had they really interacted, and he figured there was really no harm if in the course of the date, he asked what they'd been up to. He'd have to answer the same if she asked, but he was fine with that. It wasn't like it was a secret, or Donner couldn't probably beat the truth out of one of them if he really wanted to know it. They'd arranged for him to pick her up at noon, where they'd go get Dinner at a place of her choice, and then go see a movie he'd pick. All in all he was looking forward to this. It was no secret to anyone now that he liked her. As he pulled up into her driveway, Austin did his best to calm himself. She was the child of a Sea God, in a different band, who, thus far he'd gotten to spend some time with, and gone to one dance with. There was nothing at all to be nervous about... He shook his head to get that line of thought out of his mind, and then got out of his jeep and went to the door and knocked.
  22. I don't have any side stories planned. But I'm cool with participating in any that people would like me to.
  23. i'm up for anything if someone wants to start somethin
  24. Bonus Episode: "The Dance!" Basic Award: 4 points Total- Nadya: 5 (+1 for excessive use of 'Todd') Rachel: 4 Austin: 4 Grim: 4 Fisher: 4 Laurie: 4 Nadya - For being the STs puppet and being a good sport throughout the 'mind control' gig Nadya has learned the Epic Appearance Knack 'Perfect Actor' from the Demigod book. Episode 4: 'Quit Yer Witchin'!' is coming soon! (Get your Halloween costumes ready!)
  25. "This is your brain. And this is your brain on powdered Nemean tiger penis."
  26. See? These are the things I need to know. Okay, it breaks down like this: some Titanspawn will leave behind trophies. A trophy and a relic are not the same thing. For example, when you defeat a nemean creature its hide is the trophy, the clothing that can be made is the relic. You can't just wrap the skin around yourself and be protected, it needs to be made into something that can provide you with protection. As for the relics themselves, the finished product is what it is. That means you don't get to pick and choose any powers that go into it, it's not like when you make relics at character creation. For example hollowing out the tusks of a nemean boar might grant the players with a drinking 'horn' that, once stoppered, keeps any liquid placed within it chilled and fresh indefinitely (great for etir). The frozen heart of a powerful Yuki-Onna might grant a player access to the Frost purview. Everything is decided by the ST to help the players get access to the things they want/need to put their characters on the path they want to be on, without over awarding them with powerful objects that throw the game off balance. One it's a relic, unless it's a consumable one, it's generally indestructible, but can still be lost. Forging relics is an art that only a few legendary creatures can do, players generally can't unless it fits the theme of their divine parent (like a Scion of Hephaestus), or they actively seek to learn the knowledge on their own, and even then it takes a lot of training and ST permission. To clear it up now, I generally do not allow PCs to make relics from trophies because they have a tendency to bother me into wanting to customize them and add all sorts of OP garbage like ranged aggro damage that not soakable and shit like that. As recompense for not allowing players to make relics, I generally always have some sort of critter or caper in mind that will allow them to benefit from the spoils of the war their fighting in. Until trophies are processed into relics they don't do much with some exceptions, like giant's blood is pretty much ready to drink right out of the container, powdering horns is also pretty easy, but you need to know this sort of stuff. I don't recommend powdering and drinking everything you guys stumble across.
  27. I'm up for a meet-n-greet fic if others are. I know we decided to off-camera the band meeting but there's no reason it can't be a side fic if people want.
  28. guess you left your sense of humor back at work this morning
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