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  2. Nina i could piss everyone off with chapter 4... SalmonMax Or you could just confuse us with cryptic comments about it. Nina kinda what i am doing SalmonMax I presume she means the rules of AWS, given the context. Jeane oh, yeah. we could totally come back to 'all your base are belong to us' with rashoud cackling atop a throne of surgercally removed nodes. Nina oh no jeane it would be nuch more radical than that Jeane heh. long as you don't remove the powers again, I can roll with it and extract some fun in the process. 49 mins Noir we could play the Irregulars playing their D&D game Nina not quite but close... i would have this all have been sara's first attempt at running a campaing for all of you.... jeane was a late comer when his dad was transferred in in the middle of the year... all of you hated it cause face Sara sucks as a game master but sean secretly kept cajoling you guys to stick with the miserable game until the end cause after all she is his first ever girlfriend and likely his last... any way the game has just eneded and the campaign is over... and thats where it picks up with y'all being just a bunch of nerd high school kids... 42 mins Nina i bet that kills chat Nina see that would be a reboot with actaully rebootng 38 mins Nina kinda briliant huh 38 mins SalmonMax Hehe. Would we need to do new sheets? 38 mins Nina of and the missing characters... they were always just npcs 37 mins Nina yes max you would.... lol 37 mins SalmonMax lol 37 mins SalmonMax It feels more like an epilogue than a reboot, but I guess it all depends on what happens next, arr 37 mins Nina and who knows sean might of even got lucky after all his effots 36 mins Nina it's weirder stuff max... there is no epilogue it has to end for there to be an epiloge and no shit just keeps getting weirder.... and that is where the rewritten rules come in 35 mins Nina who here has seen the phantasm movies? Are you Pondering what I am Pondering?
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  5. I am not all that partial to a specific time we return. Check on loved ones (Devin, Kyle, Mom and Dad). Did Kyle's 'fix' of Sara still happen? Is he okay? Did it 'fix' him too? What's wrong with Devin? Can she help? How are her parents? Is her dad okay? If he is, then she'll prolly kill him (jk). Is her mom pissed at him too? You know, all of that fun stuff and Lilly will prolly keep one of herself at Devin's bedside or whatever. Figure out what she is going to do with Kyle exactly as well. Discourage the idea that Keys are not human. In Lilly's mind, Keys are still human, just with abilities that most do not have. Take a break. Lilly has been through a wringer emotionally (and to a lesser degree mentally), and the actions/reactions of the others to her in the tube room and after was a bit eye-opening. She needs to just chill, get a hole of herself and her emotion, sort things out and center herself again and all of that. She does not have to do it alone, but she just needs to chill and/or have some fun to blow off some steam. Plan and prepare for any of the Titans minions who might still show up. Yes, they seems to mostly have 'organic 'robots' as minions, but there did appear to be some who were free thinking. Who knows how dependent everything was on the titans. With them gone, there may be a power vacuum that one or more tries to fill (supposing the entire 'empire' did not collapse.) This could mean exploation and such, and considering that Lilly has set foot on an alien planet with intelligent life, she prolly has her curiosity raised as to what is out there. Alternatively, considering the Irregulars just brought down the titans, any minions (or others who are now liberated) might want to steer clear of Earth and the Irregulars (or possibly even show up and wish to serve us)
  6. dude you need to lighten up... i was being funny
  7. I have no idea what you did with Charlie at this point - I'm not planning on returning to the game. If you want thoughts on what he will be doing as an NPC, I am willing to offer them.
  8. That's an interesting way to put it: 'live Sean's dream'. Why would anyone want to be their own person while living in Sean's shadow, right? That's exactly what it's like being with the Irregulars. Despite notions to the contrary, Marissa is one of the 'good guys' and in a time when she needed friends and support (with her brother gone and family cast off to another world) it was easier for the Irregulars to cast her out than to deal with her. That's exactly what the Irregulars did. While individual perceptions may vary, of course, it's that perception that forges a reality and that's her reality of them and how they deal with things. If it's not something they can blow up, beat down, or mentally manipulate into thinking their way... they discard it as some obviously defective item not worthy of their attention. Who needs friends like that? While she could have gone and done those things, all she really wanted was her family back. Friends would have been nice, but everyone proved that they were not really the 'stick it out' type and that doesn't really make for good friends, does it? Like most of the Irregulars, she has her fair share of issues. She's mental, like the rest of them and she needs more than anything to be and feel loved (especially since her powers generate fake love in people, finding real love is bliss for her). All her powers are fake, no matter how much people 'love' her, she's always alone... save for those she knows are family, which in this case is pretty much Devin now, since the Irregulars blew their chance. That would be the safest route for Marissa, since the other route is her becoming completely unhinged and not just ruining people, but completely destroying their minds to the point of worshiping her. We're talking full blown cult, with no regard for people's free will (after all... as the superior species they should be thanking her for the opportunity she gives them to bask in her radiance and beauty). All to fill the void of loneliness and desire to be loved. At some point she'd either need to be incarcerated or destroyed. Besides, the two of them and functioning NPCs that can provide actual assistance makes for a far greater story than 'drooling in a bed somewhere' coma patient.
  9. see i figured marrisa would go off to hollywood and become scarlett johanson, charlize theron, brie larson, whoever else all combined in one as she systematicly dismantaled courtney's world and lived Seans dream, while making millions and become the queen of entertainment and gossip. but if you want her to have become a recluse thats cool. as for devin thats cool too.
  10. Instead of Devin being a brain dead dolt I got a stellar idea... he gradually gets better and then goes home to his sister who has been living alone, with no income or means of knowing if her family is okay after her parents were shipped off to another planet with no means of returning home for 'their safety' and her brother went undercover to play a villain that ended up with his mind melted. Devin is a Mega-Genius about on par with Abel and Sean, but sees no reason to return to the Irregulars since Abel is out buying up all the Keys he can to replace people who leave the team (yeah, making a 'warp' NPC to replace Devin was a serious dick move). Since the Irregulars have everything they need or a means of conjuring up everything they need/want whenever they want, he really won't see a need to be apart of the team. If they need a ride they can ask one of Abel's interns. Need a Temporal Manipulator? Ask one of Abel's interns. The group is a pretty self serving entity with no real direction or leadership. That's not really something he can jive with. He's an idealist, a leader, and the Irregulars are one big gaggle of reactors with a major lack of tolerance and interpersonal skills. Devin and his sister, however, are both hot heads with a vindictive streak a mile long. They are far from angels and certainly in no position to judge the Irregulars. They are in a position to just not like the organization or its members for whatever reasons. So instead of a braindead, bed-ridden, addled, up on a shelf NPC (it's bad enough he gets NPCed as a moron who talks like he has a 4th grade education), he and Marissa would be better used as Divis Mals, or Magnetos. They simply want what is best for Keys, not America, not the people, not truth, or justice... just the Keys. After knowing and seeing how poorly the world has treated aliens and Keys, it'd not be a stretch to assume that Devin is no longer a team player with the military or any organized government or religion and since the Irregulars are constantly licking the boots and kissing the rings of any agency willing to pay attention to them for five minutes... Devin wouldn't be able to stomach that. They're not terrorists, and they don't want war (blowing up the planet just fucks things up for everybody). He just wants to make sure that Keys are treated as the superior species that they are (you read that correctly), not exploited by mankind or its governments or corporations. He can set up a sanctuary for Keys who want to get away from humanity, especially ones who may have ended up looking a tad 'off' or whose powers might be a bit more than humanity is ready for. Maybe him and Marissa get themselves an island somewhere, or a carve out a home somewhere in the American Mid-West (because seriously... does anyone even really use it?). Maybe Eden, Arizona... only a few people live there anyway, they place is a dive. They wouldn't be the enemy of the Irregulars, simply two different factions of differing opinions. Indeed as Keys, the Irregulars would be welcome in his domain anytime. He'd be willing to help if he could, especially since if it involved furthering the Key agenda or keeping the world safe from some outside threat. Reconciling with the Irregulars, however, is not something that would be likely to happen for Devin or Marissa. The only one Devin can truly tolerate is Lily and Marissa just blames them for every problem that has ever happened... ever (whether it's actually their fault or not). Or he's a drooling bed-jocky filling up a bedpan 'off camera'.
  11. Jexa sat back, calmly listening to the back and forth. Almost right away a single word stood out to her. Her curiosity peaked, she made a small gesture and a translucent blue ribber of energy extended in front of her eyes. She casually looked around the room, letting the HUD of the visor highlight objects before slipping from her seat and out of the room. She began to walk the halls of the ship, passing through common areas, hallways and maintenance corridors alike, always looking around as she listened in to the conversation through her comms, finally returning to mess and taking her seat again.. "Joy." she muttered and reached into her pocket, pulling out a small stone which she held at about head level and let go, allowing it to float and slowly circle her head, just in case the ship decided to open the airlocks. It was bad enough that they knew so little about the ship, but now to discover it was sentient and apparently a bit sensitive? There were enough egos to deal with on the ship already, without the ship having its own. Jexa sighed and shook her head. "So how did you come to know so much about the ship?" she finally asked the felinoid as she rocked back in her chair.
  12. I would prefer the Irregulars returning closer to then the satellites went live, but will accede to what the majority prefers without recriminations. So far, Sean still agrees with curtailing the number of Keys unlocking, if not necessarily so absolutely. If such thing as 'natural' unlocking (whatever that means) is possible, and if the God Particle is real, then Sean definitely wants to impede anyone actively trying to force or manipulate people to unlock, especially after what we've seen as to where that can lead. Goals 1 - Global Advancement: Sean wants to continue fostering cooperation between nations and between Keys and humans, elevating the efficiency and capability of a world body/government, and help educate and guide humanity as a whole towards working to help and better everyone instead of the self, and providing them with the tools to do so. These tools will also hopefully mean Humanity doesn't NEED to rely on Keys to solve their problems, friendly Keys would just be a bonus. If necessary, develop devices/tools to help humanity deal with dangerous/antagonistic Keys. 2 - Exploration, Eventual Colonization: With the help of friendly alien societies and the Gate Technology, look for other suitable planets/solar systems for humanity to spread too. To give opportunities to those who feel like they have little or none on Earth and are looking for a new start, even if it promises not to be easy, and to help relieve the stress and tensions Earth is already suffering from high population and environmental neglect. Sean isn't much interested in exploring other realities - there's enough to explore in this universe, and she had memories of many 'what ifs' even if Pandora had a hand in their creation - but doesn't have much issue with the others doing so. As long as they don't make other universes' problems our universe's problem. And for the love of God, do NOT bring our Mirror Universe counterparts to this universe. 3- Rest and Recuperation: Sean wants a vacation and sometime taking it easy with Sara, away from saving the world, and away from Earth, if necessary. And also to find out what happened to Sara while we in the quantum construct. If she was possessed by Pandora and kept aware or unaware of what happened, or if she experienced/witnessed something completely different.
  13. Nadya squirmed as Evelyn cupped her chin, long nails prickling her skin. She could out-bench anyone on the football team who didn't have a God's blood running in their veins, but Nadya had the distinct impression that if she tried to jerk out out of Evelyn's grasp, she'd be leaving her jaw behind. Who said anything about love? Nadya privately replied to Evelyn, then asked herself, Who said anything about love? "My house is just fine, thank-you!" Nadya muttered, voice slightly slurred by Evelyn's hand mildly squishing her face. "Sure, it's a bit messy, but I know where everything is." Evelyn gave the Romani girl an exasperated glance as she let her go and just pointed down the hallway again. Nadya gave her a look of bemused and completely feigned innocence then trotted off down the almost cramped hallway. She eyed the racks and displays of clothing and shoes with interest and want, hands reaching out greedily before she pulled them back. Sure, she had a golden ticket, but there was a lot in this place that was catching her eye and likely Evelyn wouldn't miss a piece or three. On the other hand, Nadya wasn't sure what the property taxes were like on a Tardis-shop. When the hallway opened up into another area filled with dresses, Nadya stopped and stared. She wasn't entirely sure what a Sylph - she should probably read more of the old Greek books Archie kept suggesting - but there was not missing Sylvia, presuming this was her. Pale as milk, hair the colour of snow, with lips a faint shade of lavender and eyes a light shade of grey, Sylvia was quite the sight, almost as tall as Rae-Rae, but Abercrombie & Fitch thin, dressed in black, ripped jeans and tanktop. From what Nadya could see, she was inked in tattoos of black and dark blue all over her arms, legs, midriff - and likely more - and she swore, whenever she looked away and back, the tattoos were slightly different. Oh, and Sylvia must've had five pounds of metal piercing her face - and definitely not only there. Nadya had a nose-stud, a small eye-brow ring, and several piercings in each ear. Sylvia had more than that just in the bridge of her nose. She looked like Heroin Hellraiser Barbie. "Yeh?" Sylvia said in a bored, disinterested voice, arching a doubtful brow that chimed with all the metal in them. Her accent was sort of a mix between something Irish or Scottish and a Southern drawl. "Evelyn said I should speak with you," Nadya replied with a wide grin as she swaggered forward to the countered Sylvia was slouched behind. "She said you could help me with a dress - and shoes! - for Prom. Black." Sylvia made a show of straightening from her lackadaisical slouch, giving Nadya a contemptuous, smirking once-over, then sighed. Her snow white hair seemed to move more than it should, as if gusted by a light breeze that touched only her hair. "Ya nid tha'elp'." While Nadya tried to parse what the Hades the supposed sylph had just said, Sylvia snapped her arms over the counter and grabbed her pigtails, giving them a sharp yank. There was a puff of pink and blue sparkles from Sylvia's hands. Nadya reached up and pulled her pigtails into view - which seemed a good deal longer - then stared at Sylvia again. "Did... did you just pull my highlights out?" Nadya stammered. "Th'all dinnae doin' ya any favors, girl," Sylvia drawled, walking around the counter then circling the shorter girl, looking down her nose at her. "Lessa sea wha wi be havin' ta work wit'." ~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~ When Rachel found Evelyn and the girls, she found Nadya out of her ridiculous Harley Quinn getup and wearing a revealing, gossamer dress. There was a distressed look on her face as a tall, pale, stainless steel pierced woman behind her had a vicious, delighted expression on her face as she tightened the integrated corset. "Oh-ergh!" Nadya gasped/grunted around a smile. "Hey, hey, Rae-Rae," she greeted her friend. There was something like a twang that she hoped wasn't one of her ribs. "I was just teasing - you'll look great in either dress. And I would never post pics of online." Not without a good reason. Sylvia finished torturing her and Nadya flipped her ponytail over her shoulder - a single tail, smooth and straight that almost reached her ass - and glanced at herself in the tripartite mirror. Her trim waist looked almost half again as small while her boobs looked half again as big, and her legs looked nearly as long as Rae-Rae's or the sylph's. Okay, not really, but with the strappy, spikey high heels, they still looked hella long. Niles isn't going to know where to stare. "Awesome," Nadya murmured, twisting on a heel, to quirk a curious brow at Rachel when she questioned Evelyn's motives, then shrugging. "Who cares why, if we're getting sweet swag like this, Rae-Rae."
  14. 'If the alleys are up to code' was a high-grade oxymoron. This town was built on corruption and greed, so every jade sickle was shaven bald, each material downgraded in quality from the architectural agency to the contractors. By now, Mikhail was sure divine providence had more of a hand in keeping these building upright than sound principles of engineering. The chill and damp drove off people without business on the streets, and the alleys were collection points of hazy fog as the pipes exhausted steam and heat from the city's infrastructure. Even if he needed to hide himself, Mikhail knew no one had the professional courtesy to care. The walls were sprayed with graffiti ranging from booty calls to outcries of revolution. Against it, sagging halfway from what would otherwise be an emergency exit, was a rusted metal contraption, leading up towards the first flight of the stairways that would, in the event of disaster, save half the people and damn the rest. Judging from the blunts floating in the pools beneath its open-caged construction, it was used recently enough to give it a dare. The cheap lock on the bars was both an insult to fire safety and a cheap nod at security. Its locking ring had been rusted through, and the butcher's marks on the key face showed it had been picked or forced open multiple times. With a forceful snap and a slight application of his curved knife, Mikhail twisted the lock open and pushed the iron-barred door aside to ascend the fire escape. He took the time going up to ponder his current situation. Doggedly he'd been obeying the demands of his calling, as was proper, but by now he'd need to consider the one trailing along the edges of perception. She had forced him - not out of hiding, but more properly in sight by having the family perform the sacrament. It would narrow his movements, gave her a clear starting point where he would be moving from. From what he'd heard, she liked her business hands-on, using her claws - a decidedly inhuman choice of weaponry. But she was subtle, using threats and then vanishing after she was sure he'd been called, not taking advantage of those cramped quarters to get the drop on him. This, to him, indicated she needed time. Time to prepare, perhaps, or time to observe him. Whether or not she truly was an assassin, he couldn't say. This period of observation could be to mark any weaknesses or oversights to be exploited, or to gauge his character and way of thinking. For all he really knew, he could be hunted right now or performing the most dangerous job interview. But he'd hope for the best, prepare for the worst. “When others turn against me for standing betwixt them and unrighteous vendetta driven by prejudice, I will stand firm. For what is to give light, must also endure burning.” he quoted under his breath, a fine mist escaping his mouth into the cold air. The flat gravel roof gave a solid view of the surrounding buildings. A massive building project, a handful of buildings close together and - as Goza intimated - a twenty foot jump between them. The old An-Teng might not know how he'd be making that jump, but Mikhail was quite confident. He crouched low and assessed his surroundings. Squat, low sheds atop each roof accessed the stairs down into the building. He oriented himself towards his target, and scanned for the gleam of moonlight on weaponry, the red-hot glare of cigarettes being smoked. Easy and quick access did not mean unguarded. Additionally, he knew that a flat roof would be the ideal place to ambush him. If the assassin forced the sacrament, knowing where the boy was already, she could have spent all this time preparing a trap ahead of him at the target site. And a roof like this was hard to hide on, and away from witnesses. "I was not born yesterday" the old Eclipse muttered to himself as he pulled himself up the corner of the roof, dropping into a crouch as he drew his pistols from the holsters tucked under his coat.
  15. "After you, my dear," Winter said with eloquence befitting a man who may have been royalty before his passing. They decided to walk. Nothing screamed 'we did it' like pulling up to a soon-to-be-murder-scene in a damn tour bus with your band's logo on the side. Winter made for rather boring conversation, as usual, but she took it in stride. To say she trusted him would have been a lie for the centuries. She knew he'd sooner save her from a fire than he would toss her into one if it suited his personal agenda to do so. She knew he heard the whispers of the Neverborn, like she did, although according to him it was nothing near as powerful as her ability. She also knew the Neverborn cared for nothing, even her or him. They were tools, slaves to the Whispers despite how much freedom they thought they had, a gilded cage was still a cage. She had to wonder what they told him... "...if all goes well The Maiden of the Mirthless Smile should bring Thorns to it's knees in a matter of weeks." Winter said. She was half listening, but caught the last part. "For every soldier that dies, she gains one for her side of the fight. The Mistress of Pacts Sealed in Blood has already joined her, in an attempt to facilitate communication and terminate hostilities." He clammed up as they passed an old man walking out of a store front. He turned up his collar to the chill of the evening and when he saw the young couple he offered them a polite smile and a nod. They both eyed him suspiciously, after all this was the slums, you eyeballed everyone with suspicion, but he went his way and they went theirs. Nine blocks later they stood outside the gates to an Immaculate Cathedral. Home to the worship of the Black Jade Emperor and his sister, the Saint Cecilia. Winter smirked and pushed the wrought iron gates open and the two made their way across the grounds to the large doors. It was an elaborate affair of stained glass and gargoyles in the shapes of dragons and demons all being cast below by The One True God, the Black Jade Emperor. They pushed open the doors and stood in the alcove near the holy water basin. Before them was a massive array of pews and in the distance an elaborate organ and stands in the back for the choir and a of course the podium where the priest would give his weekly sermons. The place was massive, like some sports fields, and the intricacy of the carvings and stained glass were enough to warm Messiah's heart and truly appreciate the beauty of what they had created here... until she remembered the guy running the place was a piece of shit cannibal stealing away the offering of the dead so loved one's couldn't rest in peace. From off to the side, from a hidden alcove deep in the back, the man they were looking for stepped out. He was older, but not old. Maybe in his fifties, looked healthy and certainly seemed normal, but didn't they all? He was in elaborate robes befitting his station and he greeted them with a smile. "I'm sorry, but we're not entertaining guests anymore this evening. Unless of course it's an emergency. Are you two alright? Were you chased in here by the dregs of the neighborhood? I can call the authorities and have them escort you home." She looked to Winter who simply smiled and motioned for her to take the lead. "It's your show. I'm just here to observe and assist as needed."
  16. Goza shook his head. "Fallen in with a bad crowd? Heh, that's one way to put it I suppose. Eh," he shrugged, blowing a plume of white smoke into the air. "Getting to the boy will be difficult, from the ground. The top three floors though, that where a lot of them do their partying and they do not have much security on the roof, flying rival gangs area bit scarce these days, you see..." his chuckle was a mixture of wheezing and mirth. "These are thugs, Mik. Not well armed and even less in the brains department, I'll bet you could mow your through the front door with little difficulty. If you're looking for quieter or faster though, try the rooftop access stairs. How you get to those... well, I can no say. It's a good twenty foot leap from either of the neighboring buildings if the alleys are up to code." Mikhail nodded. Pressing the issue would have been bad form at this point. He'd paid and pushed a bit, so it was best to take what he'd been given and make the best of it, especially if he wanted his information to be good the next time he needed it. "Thank you, old friend." He exited the shop and pulled his collar up to the chill and dampness of Deleshin's streets. He began his walk and as he tucked his hands in his pockets to stave off the chill he passed a couple. She was beautiful with long black hair and lips to match, ripped denim jeans and a thick leather jacket. Her 'date' was pale, but average with his most striking feature being his bleached white hair. Like er, his leather coat kept the chill of the evening at bay, although neither looked particularly bothered by the cold. He offered them a smile and pressed on, they were polite enough but didn't stand on ceremony and simple continued on their way, opposite the way he was going. He had some intel. It wasn't much, but it was a place to start. Meanwhile... back at Goza's...
  17. It wasn't hard for Toby to scale the fence. With the power of his exaltation leaping over the fence was easy (and totally gratifying). Constance watched him to the leap, some kind of ninja, and a part of her wondered if she could do that as well... then he just sort of faded away. Itwasn't that he disappeared, no, he was there, but she just could't focus on him all that well, like when a fly buzzed her head and she swatted at it and thought it was still close by, but she just couldn't see it until the corner of her eye caught it moving several feet away. Toby had to keep himself from chuckling. Workers and guards could see him, but they didn't notice him! Hell, he even tipped his head to a guy walking past him and the guy returned the gesture and didn't think anything of Toby not belonging there. He didn't want to push his luck, so when guards came by he slunk into the shadows that seemed to preternaturally darken and welcome him. They passed and he smirked while tucking one of their key cards into the pocket of his coat. Constance paced back and forth, worry had taken her strides about five minutes ago but since there was no gun fire or commotion from the compound she assumed he'd not been discovered, or worse, caught. She spun on her heels and gasped in shock as Toby was standing right where she had just walked. She socked him in the shoulder for scaring her but only once as stealth was of the utmost importance. He presented he with a key card. "Service entrance around back. We can climb to the catwalks from there, these old warehouses are full of them. There's a control room or watch floor or something in that one, right there," he pointed to the nearest warehouse. "Security is lighter than I thought. Follow me." Toby still wasn't a hundred percent on board with the idea of taking her along, but she was nothing if not persistent. Either he helped, or she'd just come back and get her self killed without him. He was about to turn and explain how he was going to help her over the fence when she landed with the grace of an gymnast not far from him. He wasn't the only one blessed with great power. She followed his route, phone down at her hip tucked away and recording everything she passed by. Toby even had to drag her along at one point because she'd tried to hide and record a couple of guards having a conversation. The door unlocked with a muffled 'beep', allowing them slide into the shadows of the chaotically arranged warehouse. For military types, they were quite messy... or planning on leaving... or staying. They climbed up to the unguarded catwalks and in the shadows followed them until they were not far from that 'watch floor' Toby had mentioned. Constance realized it was more of an investigation spread than a watch floor, with pictures, debris, and motic interfaces rendering three dimensional images that played through an event over and over. She recognized the event... it was a terrorist bombing that took place several months ago. A few technicians were compiling info and for the most part couldn't care less what was happening around them. She knew their type, they were working six/twelve shifts and were over worked and underappreciated. It was the woman near one of the dry erase boards littered with taped photos and colored lines for connections, that caught her eye. The large sword on her back, the one that needed a custom designed scabbard to carry it, betrayed her as one of the 'Dragon-Blooded', the new Elite Special Forces of Creation. Her uniform was different from everyone else's, which was not uncommon for them. They tended to dress in colors akin to their element and wear about anything they liked, within reason. When you were wielding the power of essence, the energy of gods (so they claimed), you got away with pretty much anything. Her choice was modest. Simple knee high boots, tight black pants and her officer's blouse underneath with a few awards pinned to the left side of her chest and a dark red leather coat that matched the hue of the red tinged alloy of her blade. Her long black hair was braided and then wrapped into a tight bun. "Major Tepist," a strong booming voice spoke calmly from the darkness. A mountain of a man stepped from the darkness dressed similarly to her save that his hair was fiery red. He was square jawed and looked like all six foot six of him was built for war. The major spun on her heels surprised. "G-general Cainan," she stood a bit taller and tried to look as professional as one could when blindsided by someone who required certain protocols when visiting... and she was never told he was visiting. "T-twhat do I owe..." "Let's keep this informal," he raised a hand dismissing her bearing. "Everyone leave please." And just like the technicians poured out in a hurry. When they had all left, he continued. "So, how goes this six month investigation?" "W-well," she was completely unprepared to brief a four star general and war hero, and it showed. "There were no survivors in the bombing save one. The only body not recovered was one Mordrys Black. Lead signer of the band that performing at the time of the explosion. Although her body was discovered among the dead she, uh... walked away." "She walked away?" He asked in disbelief. Major Tepist shrugged. "For all intents and purposes, yes, sir. Since then she has been spotted here in Deleshin, but attempts to apprehend her for questioning have all failed. It's a matter of time though, General." "I'm sure it is," he offered an assuring smirk as he handed her an envelope. "What's this?" She asked. "Your reassignment orders. There is a new batch at the RL-20 Facility that needs training, you're to report to the Noss Fens and assist the CO in getting these new eggs ready. My daughter Cathrine with be finishing your work here," he turned to walk away. "B-but sir! This is my investigation! This isn't right! It's not fair!" She changed from proud military soldier to spoiled brat in one sentence. "I worked hard to get this assignment, sir. I earned this!" He spun about, fury in his glare as wisps of embers began to slowly lift from him like they might from a fire in a soft summer breeze. "Indeed you did, Lissara. The next time you think sleeping with your commanding officer in an attempt to blackmail him into promoting you is a good idea... remember this day." He calmed, his breathing was more controlled as the embers died away. "I vouched for you. That is why I'm delivering the paperwork, personally. You let me down, you let us all down. What you did was stupid and it's only by the grace of The Black Jade Emperor that I've kept this scandal as quiet as I have. You will reports there in three days time, pack your things, Captain." "C-captain?" Her began to moisten at the sound of a demotion. "Read the paperwork, Larissa. Best of luck to you." He turned and walked out. She didn't read the paperwork right away. Her fist clenched as she watched him walk back into the shadows. After another moment, in a fit of rage her arm slid across the table of evidence sending it scattering all over the floor. The dry erase board was next and it was send sailing through the air and into the shadows with a clamor as she stomped off into the darkness herself. After the door slammed there was an awkward and eerie silence.
  18. Listening to Izona's explanation, *now* Yuuki was concerned, chasing a few last grains of rice around with her chopsticks to gather her thoughts. "Not that I don't want to help still, but I need to ask: Just how reduced were your abilities after casting this... gate spell or however it functions? Even after we succeed here, we'll probably have other worlds to help if our Patron asks us too. I can't..," she began before stopping and violently shaking her green-haired head and looking up again, old chains of duty put aside for more honest chains of want, "No. I shouldn't increase the burden on my teammates by recklessly injuring my ability to contribute to the fights to come. It wouldn't be right, and possibly even risk the missions failing if the cost is too high to help one person no matter how grateful I am... If I even could..." The shrinemaiden took a deep breath to stop the flow of word vomit and plaster a sickly smile on her face, "...But I'm probably getting ahead of myself, aren't I? Please. Explain.
  19. "A shyadow, shyarply drawn," Tessereah repeated after Firanis, almost as if tasting the words. For a fraction of a second her eyes seemed distant, as if she was processing something internally. Then, as quick as it went, the gleam in her eyes returned. "Too many variabels, but still potentially orgyanic in nature." Her mind was racing at the opportunities. If it had no discernable thickness it might be an energy pattern radiating from a central source, or maybe a transdimensional shadow cast by a disaster in some coterminous existence. If it did, it might still be some form of living nonsapient entity, consuming all around it in order to expand its size. Did its blackening indicate heat, cold, or acid? Was its spread linear or exponential, focused on one location consecutively or simultaneous among its borders? Did it consume biological or also mineral material? Too many questions, too many exciting possibilities. She raised her hand enthusiastically. "I volyunteer as well to investigate. I can contribute." She lowered her arm, pointing down at Cheslet Street. "For the science of Numenera, but also becyause if that shyadow reaches Entropy Zero, the results would be inconceivable." Catching sight of Sigil she craned towards the pale young woman. She had noticed her when Firanis pointed her out as 'this one' before, but only now her mental checklist seemed to have caught up sufficiently to process her. "Ow, hyello. And you are?"
  20. I'd be fine with a return within a day or so of the fight against the Bear. I do question whether that would render all the talks on the Keys, and the actions Sean and Abel took to prevent further unlocking moot, and whether we'd all retain the memories of those talks and actions. I will admit that I, the player, never liked that whole aspect of things (keys are aberations outside the original irregulars), but it certainly added some real drama to what the Irregulars were doing, and hammered home their ability to affect the whole world. There are still so many unanswered questions about Keys in general, admittedly I would like to explore that before we go Scarlet Witch with "No more Keys." Another thing for everyone to consider, the Sara who pushed for those actions was Pandora in disguise, Meaning that was something "She" wanted to happen, and we potentially have a chance to correct the mistake we made with our course of action. God only knows what it might change, but it's something to talk about, to be sure. Also if we did that, would that create copies of us, or would we be essentially superimposed over the Us of that time? I am confused, in what would actually be so chaotic about what you listed, as we didn't fight Pandora on Earth, and outside the project I don't recall anyone knowing about her. Goals 1) Global Advancement- Abel seeks to continue gathering and educating Keys, hoping to help them reach their full potential, both for their betterment, and to the betterment of the entire world. He also plans to work alongside Sean and others advancing Earth's technology and societal levels, helping humanity rise from endless war towards Enlightenment and the Stars 2) Exploration, Eventual Colonization- Both in this Universe, and others. Abel's been to other planets, but he wants to continue seeing new ones, and the Gate technology is still there for humanity to use. In addition, Abel wishes to continue exploring the multiverse with Jeane, starting with the Underverse. This wouldn't be some exclusive deal, Other Irregulars would certainly be welcome. Eventually he'd like to have humanity be worthy of joining the Sentient races of the universe in colonizing new worlds. Yeah, full on Star Trek. Another facet of this is that while the titans are dead, their subordinates aren't (Possibly) and they could still be out there, so The Irregulars and humanity need to be ready for that potential meeting. 3 Mastery- Abel knows he's lacking in some aspects, and seeks to become stronger. Refining his mind, enhancing his powers, Just as he wishes to enable others to reach their potential, he seeks to do the same for himself, striving for excellence, To always continue learning and growing, and fighting against complacency and stagnation.
  21. They'd won, Undeniably, Utterly. The Titans were gone, Leaving the Irregulars victorious, though Devin would likely never recover from what Pandora had done to him. He had no way to fully assess the damage immediately, but with a little time, he could at least keep him alive, and work to help him come back to them. He moved to Kia's side, and casually slipped an arm around the petite shapeshifter, a smile on his face. He'd had a thousand different sappy romantic comments to make, but in an instant, Jeane snapped him from the reverie. "That sort of thing is really best done at home Jeane, just in case there's some sort of backlash. We should all get some rest, and then if any of you want me to do as you just asked, I will." He didn't care that he was admitting he could actually do something like that, They were his friends, and if anyone should know what he could potentially do, it should be them, as they'd have to stop him if he ever went too far. He planned to keep his own memories, now that he could process, sort, and store them all without going insane. There was a danger, but getting to experience so much, so many lifetimes, was something it would take him some time to ever duplicate. He looked to each of the other Irregulars, and smiled. Quietly, he opened his senses to the world, testing everything he knew about the real world against where he found himself, using every means and metasense at his disposal, reaching out and touching minds he knew well.
  22. Timeline: A day or two after the Bear Fight at most. 1) Less time for something to go wrong at Irregular Solutions Inc. We've had enough angst on that front for now, IMHO. 2) Groundhog's Day Scenarios can be comedy gold. The big montage post ficlet practically writes itself. Jeane's Goals 1) Re-rebuild her life (family, professional, social, educational) now that things are apparently no longer virtual. Even better, maybe. Pandora's little hellscape has shown how bad things could get if they isolate and let things break down, so Jeane's going leverage her abilities into connecting with friends (key and otherwise), family, and the people she can influence without being Sean-level pretty or Lilly-level strong. 2) Seek, engage, and dismantle as nicely as possible any and all conspiracies threatening to the long term survival *and* future growth of Keykind. This includes other Keys. No need to go full lockdown on an entire branch of the human race when we've potentially pissed off all the Titan's followers by slaying their gods. 3) Get Abel away from his desk and into the Underverse for some no stakes exploration now that the world is no longer on fire. At least as soon as she can take him along without having to hurt herself. This is her one big talent no one else seems to have at the moment, barring Kia using her copy abilties, so she's going to try and develop that one's effectiveness. Lots of quantum training to sink into that project as well as teleportation in general now that Devin is definitely out of commission as a provider on that front. Unofficial 4th Goal: See if Actual!Sara is 1/2 as much as a bitch as Pandora!Sara was. Punch her in the nose if she is.
  23. we are at a cross roads in AWS. in game your characters are returned to reality from the quantum construct created by Pandora. the fact that you reappear in the Canadian mountains does not mean that you are back in time but it could if that is what you all wish. Here are the facts: 1 - Pandora and the other Titans are dead. that threat is finished. period 2- Devin is alive but his mind is gone broken by a vindictive and sadistic Pandora. y'all can care for him but you cannot save him. however if dave ever decides to come back well i have that covered. 3- Keys can still unlock 4 - once the word of this gets out the world will be well chaos will be an understatement. those are the only things that are set in stone what want is to know what y'all want going forward. the first thing is let me know when you want the group to have reappeared in the timeline from the end of the giant grizzly fight to the activation of sean and abels satellites then I want three goals each of your character has for the future... these can be personal or broader in scope thye can be short term, medium, or long but I do need at least one that is long term. once i have everyone's entry, who is sticking with the game, posted here I will sort through them set things up oh and no "whatever you decide" entries I want real answers thank you
  24. When Camila asked after the people of Rell, Firanis shook her head sadly. "The people, perhaps they -- but no, I couldn't see them, nor if the Blackening had already taken them." Firanis pursed her lips as she regarded the petite, brass-hair woman peering up at her with a cocked head. Her accent was one Firanis wasn't familiar with. "No, it is more like a sharply drawn shadow moving across the land, swiftly enough to be seen."
  25. Inside the Bar, Dan finished his drink, and set the money for it on the bar for Darrik, even though he knew they'd be back in momentarily. He'd always paid his debts, and wasn't going to take anything for granted now. He moved to head outside after Karen, only for her to open the door and let the two missing girls in. Mellody and Meave smiled at Dan but he was watching as the vampire named Trini stopped just inside the door and held out her, "You got the phone?" dane shook his head, "No the Regent has it." "What!?!" "The Regent, your boss had me give it to her. The Regent asked Darrik to make sure everything's fine, then she left that was about twenty minutes ago, so why don't you all come inside for a moment." He noted the look on Melody's face, and just smiled. "This won't take too long, then we can get you home where you belong, Melody." "Fuck!" Trini glared around the run "Fuck!" then spun and stalked passed Karen out onto the sidewalk and away from the bar.
  26. Izona chuckled as yuuki stepped in to help cook. She was getting things together to make something simple, a spicy chicken curry. The fact the preparations looked the same as in their home wasn't lost on either of the two apprentices. Izona had Yuuki get the rice going. Soon enough everything was ready, and the meal was surprisingly good. "To answer what you didn't ask earlier, I can't show you the spell, because I can no longer perform it. More than that, It was never something written down, it was something only I could do. I had hoped this world had such magic, or that someone here might create it, but in all my time here, I have yet to hear of such, or meet someone like that. Then Siluca comes by wanting me to teach two young women from another world the magic of this world. Of course I would agree, I want the chance to study you, to see if the mana you possess has the same capability as mine once had." She looked over to Vesper. "I learned Light magic from the Sage of Conviction, a Archmage from before the founding of the Grand Magic Academy. From there, I traveled around, searching the other archmagi, and learning from them. I've learned from all levels of magi, As different people have different views, and each has helped my mastery of Magic grow." ------------------------- The Lord Spat out a string of curses, even As Ryan moved, closing the gap in a moment, and batting away the Lord's sword. His blade against the Lord's throat, even as the Lord fell to his knees, yet So precise was Ryan's control that he didn't even nick him. "Surrender, or die." Above Tori was lining up another shot on one of the flying Wyverns, andthe lord nodded, "I surrender." The soldiers all fell to their knees in defeat. Ryan lowered his sword and pulled out the phone. "Tori, put the gun away, just knock out the rampaging one. This is over, they're beaten." She did as she was asked, and it took a single punch to lay out the riderless wyvern. The other two landed, and Ryan stood there. "Have your men return home. Send the riderless wyvern back with the two you've got left. There's probably enough rope left for you to have them carry it in a sling together." Quickly the lord issued orders to that effect, and the remaining soldiers did as they were bid. The lord was still kneeling, and Ryan was standing there with him. Tori was using the banshee to help rig the sling to carry the unconscious wyvern. "Why spare them?" "My lord has his own aspirations. Killing your people would only make them harder to achieve. If You'd have at least been civil when We first met, None of them would have had to die. We pulled the trigger, but you have the order that made it necessary. Still, we don't want to kill anyone if we don't have to, so there's no good reason for your men to die. There will be other battles, and now that your title and lands belong to Lord Theo, your men may be called upon to defend them still. All the better then that they live through this encounter." "That is not the way things are done here..." "And I'm given to understand you've only known constant war for at least a century. This way, well, Most of your men live to return to their families, to protect their home instead of attacking others. Which do you think they would prefer?"
  27. The vampire shrugs at Karen and holding the door open looks over at Dan "You got the phone," she asked holding out her hand?
  28. Karren followed the vampire in, having left the bar to a) get some air and b) give the ghost/illusion/whatever it was of her Father a chance to deliver his/its message in solitude ala Shakespeare. The thing had gazed at her sadly as she walked through the doors, silent as ever as she glared at it, mouthing 'Well?' at it over her shoulder. The cold of the outside was settling fully around her when Jack's image faded and broke up and faded away. No clue. No revelations. Just dull blade to her heart when she had needed her wits about her the most and ruining her one first impression. God, the second she could secure what she needed to protect her daughter, she was leaving this city behind her faster than anytime she'd had to skip out of anywhere in her entire career, if this was her *second day*, the place was pure bad juju and could go rot. The arrival of the two younger girls outside the bar jolted her from her melancholy, and the first words she uttered, after seeing that they were more bubbly than visibly hurt or upset, were to the vampire, dry as the Sahara, "Thanks for returning them in one piece. We'll take it from here."
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