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  2. "D'aww. Papa Black Armor. How sweet." BB mused out loud, drawing what despite the helmet was sure to be a cold glare from Adam. "What? You don't like it, you shouldn't be so adorable when doing it." He turned to give Future Psi-Stalker his attention. "So in other words, we got temporarily dropped into the future long enough to know things get to be great, but no, we belong in the shitty time, about to get even more fucked sundae with a Splurgoth cherry on top. Could you at least be able tell us how long before the Coalition and the Fed starts swapping Dead Boys and demons?" Namely, so he and Fi could plan their itinerary to get out of the war zone in advance, of course.
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  4. Adam looked at his adopted daughter. For the briefest moment his modulator made his voice sound almost remorseful. "Kenzie, we must. We do not belong here. Were we to stay to long, we could cause more harm than good to the time stream. The era in which we find ourselves will not bring your life happiness. Happiness in life is in how you live it, and when we get home, we will find a place where you can live in peace. Fear not, child." He gently ran his gauntleted hand through her hair, comforting her.
  5. Kensie kicks the ground and watches the pebbles fly away. "What if we don't want to go back?"
  6. D&D 5e: A New Age - Combat, Saves and so forth

    The gout of flames seared past Dread, his skin reddened and his teeth clenched to fight off the pain, but still he moved on to the task at hand. The pain only stiffened his resolve as he entered the fray with new found vigor. With violence in his eyes he spun about and lashed his sword downward across the back of one of the ghoulish children that seemed to have something against the sorceress. No, he and the Sorceress had some words to share, and no one was killing her until then. "This kobold is not for you, children..." The little bastard slipped swiftly beneath the arc of the swing skittering about the floor with speed and agility that was beginning to irritate the swordsman.
  7. Krusk moves his sword over his head, all the way so that the tip of the blade comes close to hitting the ground. He loses his focus for a moment, becoming angry and feeling hatred within him for the woman in front if him. "Stop moving and just die already!" he screams to the abomination. Attack with Greatsword = 7+7 = 14 Frustrated at himself and furious at the mockery of life that the evil being in front of him presents, he roars to the woman.
  8. The evil knight turned his attention to the stranger. "Praytell, Stranger, what's the purpose of all this? Were we summoned? Is our arrival just some accident of the time stream? If there is no purpose to our being here, then by all means, send us on our way. However, if there is purpose, then out with it, tell us what is required of us."
  9. Maya - 'Literal Issues'

    This is not normal, Maya told herself in disbelief as she read, and reread, the envelope. It wasn't the first time that day that she'd been forced to question what her own eyes were telling her, and she wasn't happy about the potential reasons. Once, maybe twice could be written off as coincidence, but... There is something wrong with me. Glancing up at Mrs. Richards, confusion writ plain upon her face, she half-expected to see the other woman's features shift and change as well, revealing an Other Coleen behind a human mask. Naturally, it didn't. This did nothing to alleviate the bewilderment of an assistant librarian having a very unsettling day. "Yes," she heard herself say, as if from a great distance. "I'd love to. Thank you so much."
  10. "Well, I've no idea what the rest of you want but I'm as curious as a - I'm curious." Tamika made her way outside. The uniformed woman bristled at being called a psi-stalker, but kept it to herself until everyone was assembled. She ate a bit of the fruit bar, which was a deep pink in color - and Phere could sense a small amount of magic radiating from it. The label on the wrapper read "PPE Bar." It was "noonberry flavor," whatever that meant. "Wow," she said, upon seeing the group assembled before her. Then she nodded. "Okay. Wow. All right. Okay, here is the bad news, good news, bad news and good news, in that order. "So the bad news is you have been displaced in time to a future era that you're 100% not going to understand, and you're in a museum dedicated to Prince's Landing and various other historical events I can't tell you the nature of. I help maintain the place because I care a lot about history. This is the closest you're going to get to a place that you'll recognize. If you go outside these walls you'll get future shock and probably an anxiety disorder and that's bad. Sorry." She shrugged, her mouth an askew 'what're you gonna do' frown. "Now, the good news is that unlike temporal and spatial displacements from before the stabilization of the mana fields of Earth, this is a temporary displacement - anything displaced to this era that isn't through stabilized rifts gets detected and sent back to where and when they came from. You might have sensed the stabilization matrix in the air itself. Usually it acts like - hold on, I'm consulting an appropriate period-specific metaphor..." She rubbed her temple, then nodded. "Like a condom that stops sperm - that's you - from getting into a birth canal - that's this era. The rift event that sent you here must have been something else if it broke the metaphorical condom, even for a minute." She nodded, proud of having explained things capably. "Now, the bad news again is, well: you're getting sent back to your era. I've studied that era, and, well, you have my sympathies. I can't keep you here because it would really mess up the timestream, and that's not good. And I can't tell you much about what's going to happen next in your era for the same reason. But if I'm right about where you're from, I imagine it feels like nothing's ever gonna be good ever again. "But the good news is, this era's just as real as your era, and things are gonna be good again. Better than ever before, really, in a lot of ways. People are more inclusive and tolerant; we've mastered magic and technology in ways that let us live in harmony with the world; we still have our problems but I think we're gonna be okay. Like, I pass out at the sight of blood, so in your era I'd have starved to death with no PPE or ISP to feed on, but someone invented a new type of fruit that stores a small mount of PPE - " She pointed to the fruit bar she was eating. "And now I get to be alive and help curate a museum and research history! If I wasn't here you'd be talking to someone else who might not know about history, so hooray for progress." She gave the group a double thumbs up. "So listen, the stabilization matrix is gonna send you back any second now. You might wanna stick out here so there's less chance of you displacing someone when you get back. So if you have any questions, well: you can ask! If it's gonna mess up the timestream I probably won't be able to answer, but you can give it a shot."
  11. OOC Thread for AWS Discussion

    I have not spent my project XP, I will spend it when I complete the project (to keep me motivated). Just a heads up. However... It's been 6 months since Keys have been outted. So to try and get everyone on the same page I wanted to offer up my point of view of what I think would happen to the world so we can discuss exactly how messed up things would be. Instead of long paragraphs detailing geopolitical bullshit no one cares about I'm just gonna use bullet points. Mind you I'm not saying any of this is AWS canon, I'm just spit balling ideas. A lot would be put on some sort of recruiting drive. Once you're outted, someone's gonna want you to work for them... and extensive testing is necessary. Lots of needles. A few slip through the cracks, some idiots in our day and age would honestly believe they were honest to god super heroes and would act accordingly. Religion would run rampant... some would believe them to be something they're not. Hard core fanatics would label them as hell spawn or whatever contrived title they can give to them. Laws to control Keys would become the first order of business. The WORLD would be torn. On one hand people all over would see the good Keys could do while on the other hand people would see them as menaces and we all know it'd only be a matter of time before people protested, and anti-Key rallies began. In six months, at least one dumb ass (not including Ronin) would do something stupid or go super villain, labeling all Keys dangerous and Capitol Hill would be dealing with the fallout. Opinions? LEt's try and get on the same page, because I'd prefer us to not all be writing a different world view. We all know there would a TON of great things that come from the next six months in game time, but there would be a shit-ton of negatives. I wanna hear your point of view.
  12. Maya - 'Literal Issues'

    The children all booed and hissed at every mention of The Bedlam while Maya read every page with the loving enthusiasm of a natural story teller. They cheered on Coraline as she tricked Other Mother and the more the cheered and booed Maya's reading became more intense. They laughed, she laughed and they all shared in the magic of the story. And for a little while, Maya's life wasn't so bad. With a wide smile her words came to a conclusion and the children cheered. Coraline had won, she learned her lesson, and lived happily ever after (one was left to suppose). There in the audience of happy children she could have sworn she saw strange movement from the corner of her eyes as she scanned the room. More children than she originally counted in the beginning. They always seemed to stand just outside her field of vision and when she turned to acknowledge them, like any good orator would, they seemed to no longer be there. “Thank you so much, Miss Flynn,” one of the parents, Coleen Richards, said with a wide smile as she approached Maya. She was one of the more well off patrons of the Library, well traveled, well educated, and surprisingly, a very caring mother. She was a rare breed of parent who didn't think Baby Mozart was actually a thing and if you wanted your child intelligent and well adjusted all you had to do was teach them, love them, and... this was the kicker, be a parent. “These children positively adore you. Every time you read I can see in their eyes where ever it is you've taken this week. Oh!” She seemed to remember something and smiled. “I've been to thank you for all the work you do with these kids and I thought maybe...,” she handed Maya a thin envelope. “There's an art gala coming up in a few weeks, and it features a lot work from mythological and... how to put it... fantastically inspired artists. I thought it might be something you'd be interested in attending. Very exclusive, so I asked my husband to get an extra ticket for you. Please tell me you'll try to make it?” She looked at the envelope. It read 'Maya Flynn' in a very carefully penned calligraphy. An uneasiness fell over her as she watched the letters move and shift... 'Yes, I'd love to. Thank you so much.' Confused she squinted and shook her head, only to see the letters shift again... 'Say it.'
  13. Mel - 'Deb By Dawn'

    Seconds became minutes... minutes into nearly an hour. Nothing. Earbuds in hand, he waited, quietly observing everyone and everything that seemed out of place. His training had taught him many things, how to fight, how to kill, how to cope... but it never covered having to use all those skills on his home soil against what seemed like dog walkers, joggers and people playing with their kids on the grass. He scanned the area, feeling for a moment that he was suddenly in some poorly directed Ben Affleck spy, conspiracy theory movie. Nothing. With a deep sigh Mel returned to his run. His door opened and he stepped through, making a b-line for the fridge where he grabbed a bottle of water and twisted off the cap. The radio was on. Did he leave it on? No, he usually wasn't that careless. “Good run, Soldier? I hope so. Running is good for the soul, helps you focus, helps you think. I don't know about you, listeners, but on a treadmill at the gym I can go for an hour or so and just let the worries of the day just fade away... but enough about what Deb's does, let's get back to the music. This one's for the runner in the park, a little 83' in the house, with Rockwell, Somebody's Watching Me. Here's looking at you, kid.” He could almost feel the wink in her words. What the hell was going on?
  14. Casey - "Hear I Am"

    “Most certainly,” Mr. Mourne said with a smile as he opened his car holder and produced a business card for her. “My office number is on there, you'll most likely reach my assistant. Actually, here,” he popped off the cap of his pen and held it tightly in his lips as he scrawled on the back of the card. “That's my cell, call or text, doesn't matter. It'll be faster than waiting for my assistant to get me the message.” “It was a pleasure meeting you, Miss Mason.” After the obligatory hand shake and departing smiles Mr. Mourne was gone from the shop and Casey as left to leaf through the proposal. By her estimation, after all was said and done, her shop stood to profit by nearly twelve grand for a single evening and that was certainly something the business could use. Undoubtedly there was some excitement but also that pang of apprehension that went along with the possibility of something going wrong. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Casey sat down to review the information... not able to get the issue with the office out of her head. Who cleaned it? How did it get cleaned? Was it ever actually messy...? “Aaaand, I'm back, listeners. Deb here again, and for all those out there, wheeling and dealing today, here's one for you. Taking you back to 93' with a little Wu-Tang, C.R.E.A.M..” What the hell kind of radio station in New York played this wide variety of music? One second it was rock, then hip-hop, then pop... Casey waved it out of her mind as she went back to work.
  15. With it's force-field down between cycles the barrage of laser and arc bolts lashed into the undead priests body send him into a spasmodic dancing jerks as he was driven backward up the pyramid side with each shot, small blossoms of fire lighting up his desiccated form. With a scream of feline pain and fury the Priests spun away and his body seemed to swirl into particulate matter, like sand, and flowed, rapidly back toward the top of the Pyramid where the spell to rais bastet was still processing. The Heroes managed a few more shots but having no effect on the sand form of the mummy they were force to follow. At the top of the pyramid the came upon an alter lying prone on the alter was the perfectl preserved body of a female felinoid dressed in intricate robes of gold, it's arms crossed across her chest hands grasping two ornate scepters. Above the body a shimmering globe of magical force from which rays sprinkled down upon the reclining form bathing it in soft light. Above all of this the ring of floating canines wailing in terror as thier lif foce is slowly sucked from them and fed intot he dead cat god. As the heroes crested the top they took all of this in as well as seeing the newly reformed Mummy priest in front of the dead god now wielding a weapon, a long thin staff topped with a crystalline spiral around which four glowing stones orbited. The staff is of obvious technical manufacture but to those with the means of detection, it also gives off a powerful magical aura.
  16. Kensie nods and leans into the arm of her foster father allowing him to lead her outside. As they go out the door she looks back at those still in the tavern giving them a toothy smile full of enticement and menace
  17. "Your ill preparedness is none of our concern," said the Black Knight. She knew that 'our' meant him and the red head, no one else. "I'm loathe to turn my back on strangers, considering your innocence in all of this, while certainly proclaimed, has yet to be proven." "However," he gripped the hilt of his sword readying himself while he placed a loving arm across the shoulders of young woman. "If the answers are outside, then none in here are of any use to us. Come, Kenzie. Let us investigate this person who claims to have answers." "And if they don't?" she asked, reluctantly turning her back to the patrons of the bar. "Then I weep for their future." He replied coldly.
  18. Yesterday
  19. Okay, so Shayuri takes no damage due to her shield spell. Krusk, you're up!
  20. Shay spends a 1st level spell on a Shield, raising her AC for the remainder of the turn to 22, causing those two attacks to miss.
  21. As the witch hisses at Krusk, he was taken slightly aback as he drew his weapon and pointed it toward her crouching form. "This will be the last time you fool someone. How vile and terrible of a creature are you to abuse the sanctity of a person's good nature? No more... and now..." he lunges toward the witch with the large sword... "time to end you". Despite the paladin's best effort, the witch slipped to the side, demonstrating more agility than he was expecting, leaving his blade only to find a bit of her skirt as she smiled at him smugly. A litany of curses spewed from Dread's mouth, 'whore', 'harlot' and several others that would have been enough to make a Celebrant of Sharess blush. In a dizzying blur he kicked at the witch, which she dodged as well, only to end up leaping in the direction of his blade as he swung the heavy steel directly to impede her escape from him. It was a decent enough feint on Dread's part, but he knew she wouldn't fall for it a second time. "Cursed whore!" he belittled her as his blade bit deep into her flesh. "Back to the Hells with you!" The witch looked down at the blade buried in her flesh and then up at Dread, shooting him a sharp-toothed grin as she used her impalement on his weapon as a means to limit his movement. Her claws hands slashed at the warrior, catching him somewhat by surprise. Reflexively he kicked her, knocking her back and off of his blade, while simultaneously ensuring she managed to only claw at the air. "Look out!" Shayuri warned. "We need to thin this group out before they can start freezing us!" She summoned magic, and exhaled a torrent of flame that swept through the room! All three creatures... and Delgath... were in the cone of devastation! But knowing that she had an ally in front of her sapped the sorceress of some of that vital will to do harm, perhaps. The flames were relatively tepid in temperature as she held back her worst, but still managed to cause the creatures to hiss and howl in pain, adding the scent of seared flesh and burnt hair to the air. Almost immediately Shayuri nearly regretted her actions as the two 'children' snapped their heads around at the half-elf and hissed. They charged at her, nearly falling over each other to get at her first as their flesh still sizzled and smoldered from her flames. The boy leapt at her first, claws swiping at at her, forcing Shayuri to the side to avoid his strikes... and unwittingly into those of his 'sister', though the girl's talons, instead of tearing into her, scratching deep gouges of crimson in her flesh, were instead deflected by a mystic barrier, reflexively summoned by Shayuri in an instant. The room itself was already quite small and filled with a half dozen combatants wielding cones of flames and huge blades, which led Eon to stand in the hall with Arturs behind him, as Rhosh checked their rear, ensuring this was not simply a diversion.
  22. Boy and girl attack Shayuri. Boy Attack #1: 1D20+2 => (5 + 2) = 7 = Miss! Boy Attack #2: 1D20+2 => (6 + 2) = 8 = Miss! Girl Attack #1: 1D20+2 => (16 + 2) = 18 = Hit! Girl Attack #2: 1D20+2 => (18 + 2) = 20 = Hit! Damage 1D6+2 => (5 + 2) = 7 slashing damage 1D6+2 => (1 + 2) = 3 slashing damage Total of 10 slashing damage to Shayuri Order of action so far... 1) Krusk 2) Dread 3) 'Woman' - AC 16, 7/25 HP 4) Shayuri 5) 'Boy' - AC 14 with 9/16 HP 6) 7) 8) 'Girl' - AC 14 with 9/16 HP 9) Krusk, you are up!
  23. The trip of the River of Gold took several days, each filled with activity on the deck of the ship as the Tortoise adjusted sails to make best use of the wind and aided their trip up river by rowing for hours with large oars. The current was rather lazy in most spots, allowing for a relatively quick tip of days up river, rather then weeks overland. The to call the accommodations 'spartan' would certainly be an understatement. It was painfully clear that the Steady was no passenger ship.The majority of space was allocated to cargo, with the peasant sailors sleeping in hammocks or on straw mats on the deck, while the Magistrates were given room in the cargo hold and mats to sleep on, though the Captain also offered to anchor in a town or village each night if possible, but doing so would increase their travel time by days. Even though Captain Michiyo offloaded most of his cargo to make space for the Magistrates and their horses, space was still at a premium and contributed to the general crowded feeling on the ship.There was a smell too. The combination of horses and sweaty, peasant sailors, for whom bathing was not a daily activity, mingled with the scents of their gaijin influenced food as they cooked, giving the ship a unique aroma. The Captain and his First Mate were the only Tortoise samurai on the ship, with the rest of the crew comprised of peasant sailors in service to the Tortoise Clan. Even though the Tortoise, and their peasants, were not generally attractive, by Rokugani standards, one had to admit that they were fit and strong from their life spent aboard ship. They were more outgoing and gregarious than most samurai as well, and often passed time singing while, gambling on games of chance, paying instruments and singing folk songs, or simply talking with their passengers, if the Magistrates were so inclined. It did not take long to see that even though the crew was mostly peasants, the Tortoise samurai treated them virtually as equals, which was only seen as even more odd for a clan who's daimyo had always been the Hantei Emperor. For the Son of Heaven to rule over a clan of apparently mixed blood, who accepted in ronin without question, treated their peasants as near equals, gambled, served as merchants and even favored the weapons of peasants over the daisho was certainly a difficult thing to grasp. They certainly honored and respect the Hantei though, and it was that duty to their lord that earned the Magistrates, handpicked by the Emperor himself, a berth on the Steady and their willingness to go out of their way to assist them. It should have come as little surprised though, that Rin, all throughout the voyage, worked alongside the sailors, paying for her lessons in sailing with sweat, sore muscles, and bruises from the work. The Dragon samurai-ko seemed to be at ease among the Tortoise, happily working along side them, learning their songs of work and terminology as much as she was able, while also relaxing with them when the wind was cooperative. Perhaps it was the lack of pretentiousness of the Tortoise, or maybe it was the simple satisfaction in the fruits of a days hard work, but for whatever reason, the other Magistrates had rarely seen their Dragon companion at such ease. Kitsu Kageko happily shared information abut their destination over the course of their trip as well. Built at the base of The Mountain of the Seven Thunders, at one point Kyuden Ikoma (Ikoma Palace, aka "Sacred Watch Palace") served as the outpost on the furthest edge of the Empire, hence the name Sacred Watch Palace. With the return of the Ki-Rin, now Unicorn Clan, that changed, but the name still remained. The Venerable Plains surrounding Ikoma's Eye are some of the most fertile land in the Empire, and thus provide much rice and rain for the Lion Clan. The palace itself was home to the vast Ikoma Libraries and served largely as the major point of diplomacy for the Lion Clan. The city surrounding it, known as Ikoma's Eye, was built up as a place for visiting diplomats to be housed until their could be seen by the Ikoma and boasts a large number of tea houses, geisha houses, and theaters as well quite a few sake houses and breweries. Within the city the dojo for the Omoidasu (Historians/Bards) of the Lion Clan can be found, as well as well as the Hundred Scars Dojo, the training place of the Ikoma Brawlers who carry on the traditions of Ikoma, prior to his service to Akodo, who she warns often serve in many establishments of the city, keeping things safe and peaceful. There was once another pass through the mountains besides Beiden Pass, named Shinnomen Pass, and it led right to Sacred Watch Palace. Many centuries ago, Akodo was the last of the Kami, and while visiting the palace heard of a large shadowlands army marching through the pass. So he gathered what few men he had at the palace at the time, and marched into the pass to meet the shadowlands army. They knew it was a battle that they could not win, but every moment they halted the progress of the shadowlands army was more time for reinforcements to gather at Sacred Watch Palace. For each Lion samurai that fell, many times more shadowlands created were felled with them, but it did not take long for Akodo to see that they could not possibly mount a proper defense to an army of this size. So Akodo summoned the last of divinity and let out a mighty roar that caused an avalanche, wiping out the entire shadowlands army and sealing the pass. Finally, after several days, the ship reaches a fork in the river. With a smile Captain Michiyo calls out, "My friends, further up river once can find The City of the Rich Frog, but if you look down this other fork in the river, to the south, you will Kyuden Ikoma! Gather your things, we will be there soon!" The crew burst into hightened activity as the ship turns and makes it way down the other fork, heading to the South with the aid of the current, while drawing quickly closer are walls and towers of Sacred Watch Palace, and the small structures of the sprawling city of Ikoma's Eye all around it. On the opposite bank of the river stands The Mountain of the Seven Thunders at the fork in the river with the rest of the Spine of the World Mountains behind it, serving as a virtually impassable barrier coupled with the swift current of the river at their base. In under an hour The Steady is docked at Ikoma's Eye and the crew sets about offloading the Magistrates' horses while Captain Michiyo addresses the Magistrates himself. "If you like, we can remain in port until your business is concluded, in case we may be of further assistance. If when your business s concluded, you have no further need of us, then we will be on our way." he suggests with a smile and a bow, adding, "Besides, I think the crew could use some time in the city." with a wink to Rin.
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  25. Squidge lifts her eyebrows at the address from outside the building and glances at Phere. "Well. I guess one way or another we'll be getting some answers. I hope no one takes offense if I suggest our two heavily armored individuals take the lead? It's going to take me a few minutes to get into my kit, and you never know how much time you have when folks start shouting at you through megaphones."
  26. Echo snatched the offered pistol and grinned. "Whaddya know. Magic IS friendship." With another dose of hack-unleashed power, she took aim at the rampaging cat-god and unleashed another blaze of electric hell! (25 to hit for 10 damage...a lousy roll on damage :)) Arc attack: 1d20+8 25 2d6+6 10
  27. Worldwide Phase I

    You can get it used on Amazon for $14 including shipping here: http://amzn.to/2CF3Kyp
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