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  3. Erzsébet raised her glass of wine to eye level, met everyone's gaze for a moment, then returned Artus' toast in what she couldn't think of as anything other than her native tongue. “Egészségünkre.” Her dark blue eyes grew distant as she daintily bit into a slice of Moro Blood Orange a crimson as deep as her lips, the sweetest exploding on her tongue. She called herself a Countess, thought of Hungarian as her mother tongue. So much of her life, and her life beyond death, she now knew to be false, and yet, it felt no less true. Perhaps it never would, and she was not sure if she wished it were so. Damned as she was, she would not be able to ask God who she had once been for only Final Death awaited her. Unconsciously, she grimace, flashing a pair of canines that looked suspiciously sharp. How she hated what her Lord, Prince János Corvin Hunyadi had done to her, robbing her of her life and her self, hated him as much as she loved him still. She shook her head and made a dismissive gesture with her free hand, banishing thoughts of him for the nonce. The young, curvaceous Countess dipped her head towards Lily, acknowledging her comment on her attire, a slow, pleased grin gracing her crimson lips. "Indeed. Me, I am coming late to immersing myself in these times, but I try, with the aid of my... sisters. My Lo - no matter. I have found Berlin much to my liking. You area songstress, but are you having other interests you may like to share? Myself, I am fond of playing the idle student at the universities. In my time, advanced education was frowned upon for most women, though my wealth and station allowed me certain indulgences. I have found a keen interest in the student of language and linguistics."
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  5. Though hard too see due to the surrounding structures and shape of the river, a large balcony can be seen on the back of the home, overlooking the river. Nobody answers Zoyu's knock at the door as the notes of the biwa being played inside drift on the wind.
  6. "The entire night of the festival has been odd and distressful," Zoyu amended with a wistful glance back towards the Bridge of Drunken Lovers and the celebrants on the other side. She nodded and gestured for the others to move off a bit so they could see the sides of the residence not backing up to the bay as she strode straight for the door. "Let this be the end of it. If they have been attempting to be unobtrusive, they have failed miserably." The svelte Crane knocked with peremptory vigor on the front door, then stepped to the side, lest a hostile inhabitant attempt something untoward from behind cover. It had been that type of night.
  7. Move - Zai moves towards one side of the street, giving her chance to dash around another building next turn, if necessary. Action - Eldritch Blast, targeting each Vengaurak with one blast. Bonus - None this round 1D20+6 => (5 + 6) = 11 1D20+6 => (2 + 6) = 8 Missed with both!
  8. Zai bit down on her lip to keep from screaming at the sight of the horrid, nightmarish creatures that would have haunted her dreams... if she slept or dreamed anymore. Not seeing any cover to hide behind within immediate distance, the slender girl moved to one side of the street as she pulled out her long knife in one hand and brandished her other at the minions of Gaurak in a mystic gesture, launching a beam of purple-white lightning at each one. But in her haste and fear, the girl struck wide of both, the arcane lightning scoring dark streaks on the stone of two other buildings lining the broken street.
  9. Combat Outside The Door Neither side is Surprised. Initiative Order Zai - 24 Sigurn - 19 Kora - 16 Siwan - 15 Vengaurak - 7 Siwan - Arcana 26: You know these creatures are called Vengaurak. Vengaurak are vermin terribly transformed by the influence of the titan Gaurak. Once simple burrowing insects mutated and grown huge by the titan’s fell essence, they tunnel up from the depths in search of anything edible — and they can consume almost anything. Totally fearless, they chase down anything that moves, but they have a special, unnatural hunger for those who worship the gods. Their bite is acidic, but more dangerous is how they constrict, crush and cut with their long, articulated, sharp edge bodies. Vengaurak - AC 14, no particular Resistances that you guys have to worry about, I believe.
  10. "Weren't you just lecturing us about the dangers of relying on magic for everything?" Safyre asked dryly. "Does Ravenhurst not even have a bank account?"
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  12. Maria answered for Matt. “You don't have to go to the norm school if you don't want to but it's the only way to get your diploma unless you GED.” Matthew took over the explanation, “Two day out of the week those of you who decide to go will be transported in early in the morning. The Staff will have put spells up that will make any of the norms who see and interact with you remember knowing you and the magic will fill in the holes in their memories with suitable information.” “But don't worry, you don't have to worry about the story or what you say or tell them about yourself the magic will adapt.” Finishes Maria. Everyone is kind of staring at the two of them, whether because of what they were telling them or because it was like only one person was talking. Finally 3J raised her hand then quickly put it down when she realized what she was doing, and said,”But why?” “Well, Ravenhurst doesn't have and normal Teachers, All we do there is sorcery. But if you intend to live and function with any kind of normalcy in the normal world after leaving Ravenhurst, you need to have the normal things other people have, like diplomas and collage degrees.” Said Matthew as he parked the van at a large Grocery Store with a big sign saying Hannaford Supermarket. “And before you ask,” Maria took up Matts thought, “yes it is possible to fake all of those things with spells but the more you do the more complicated the sorcery becomes. Just like a lie,” She smiles at Warren, “ the more embellished and complicated the easier it is to mess it up.” Everyone gets out of the van and Maria leads them to an ATM. She stands in front of the machine but doesn't pull out a card instead she holds her hands waist high and makes some very strange movements with her fingers after taking a deep breath, while doing the gestures she is mumbling as well then she punches some numbers and the machine spits out some cash about 200 dollars. She grabs the cash and turns to face the group, she looks at each of them standing there and then hands the cash to Siobhan with a big smile. “You take care of the money ok hun. Now let's shop!”
  13. "Don't care," Warren said softly. He was still fuming from his confrontation with the Dean. If Warren had one sin that haunted him, it was Pride. Any slight against him, especially from authority figures and the young man felt the urge to defend himself immediately. "Pardon?" Mathew asked. "Don't care," Warren said. His deep voice was firm. "Don't care who you are. How far we're walking, and who we're rooming with. And seriously, quit smiling, you look like an idiot. They're just girls. You act like you ain't seen a pair of tits before."
  14. "Hey, I'm far better than cute, I'm cheeky, and fun." He shot Sean a playful wink and grinned to Kia. "Sorry, Giddy Lu Wu," he played on name of the little girl from the Suessian tale of the Grinch. "I don't think Blink Dog is quite up to snuff, unless, you know, we use like, 'Dawg', and make me sound all urban and gangsta..." "Of which you are niether," Lilly said with a teasing smirk while moving past him to get something to drink. She patted him on the shoulder to help console him after her sarcasm. "If your boyfriend wasn't here, I would so sexually harass you right now." He replied, glaring at her with an equal amount of humor. "Oh, come one dude, since when has that ever stopped you?" Sandy grinned and the two young men offered each other a greeting and a fist bump. "Yeah, fair enough," Devin shrugged, reveling in his reputation for douchery. He and Sandy weren't the greatest of pals, but since he'd started hanging out at Sean's they'd had a few opportunities to talk. At first Sandy was pretty defensive of Lilly and the way Devin would talk, but in time he came to understand that it was mostly in fun. As an act of truce, Devin kept his antics towards Lilly minimal in Sandy's presence. Of course, Lilly was far from needing any protection, but guys had to feel chivalrous when to the ladies they cared about, even if that lady could bench an eighteen wheeler. "Sojourn is a cool sounding name," Abel added. He was organizing his place on the table, getting his assorted dice and note books ready. "You're Rarely in one place very long these days anyway." Kia perked right up from her place on the couch. "Oh, yeah." She beamed a smile. "I like that one, it's fitting too." "If we're going for fitting," Sara chimed in. "What about 'Captain Pervert'." "Also fitting," Kia agreed with a polite and totally innocent nod. "Not helping, Kia." Devin offered in a monotone deadpan expression. He then capped his hands together. "I got it. Jaunt. Because it's what I do." "So all this time we shoulda been calling you 'Masturbate'..." Sandy asked with a smooth, subtle squeeze of the trigger of his 'burn' gun. The room erupted in a sudden explosive laughter with Devin at the center of it rewarding them all with both his middle fingers on proud display. "Sandy, out of nowhere," Sean managed through her laughs. The moment subsided and Devin, a bit flushed in the cheeks form being blindsided by Sandy, was tossing a few bags of chips on the table while still giving the bird to anyone still chuckling at his expense. "Seriously, though," Sandy offered between laughs. "Jaunt. I like it. It sounds like a Metal Gear code name. Roll with it, I would." Devin held his arms out at waist level and looked to Sara. "And just like that, Jaunt is born."
  15. Gods of the Fall - End of the End"I told you not to feed it after midnight!" When does the Apocalypse end? No, I'm not just asking a silly sounding question (though I agree at first blush it seems a bit much), but really, at what point does the Apocalypse transition into the Post-Apocalypse? In the case of the world of Gods of the Fall it seems that transition was about 42 years in the past, but who decided as much and what is it that signaled that change? The timeline in the back of the book says that Elanehtar's Fall marked the first year AF (After the Fall). The Fall of the world lasted a bit longer however. War and strife and death as mortals bereft of the gods who once walked among them spun out of control. For me the end of the apocalypse and the beginning of what comes next is seven years after the Fall when Nulumriel comes to power. Nulumriel began the process of stabilizing the Nightlands and the rest of the world began to follow, slowly. For all of her apparent evil (maybe I'll get into that in another column) she did help stabilize the region by proclaiming herself empress, and having the power to back that claim up. What's my point here? Well, much like how the end of the world takes time so too will the end of the post-apocalyptic. Case in point: along come the players and depending on how things proceed they may well put in the effort to kill Nulumriel while proclaiming themselves gods. Doing so is likely to be the capstone of a campaign. The final event that fulfills prophecy of the Return. But what about what comes next? As GM you can wrap up the story with simple narration, you could leave it open to the imagination, you could even allow the players to take it in rounds to describe how their gods save the world thereafter. Narration on your part isn't a bad thing, and leaving things open can be appealing for parties with varied views, but I think that a collaborative narration in the round is probably the wisest choice for many groups. It will give the players a chance to say goodbye to their characters by putting them through their paces. The player a of god of death can describe how they restore the underworld. A player of a god of crafts may describe how they build a new kind of seraph to serve their pantheon. This kind of open ended storytelling will bring out a richer ending than any single player could describe, and allow everybody at the table to put a touch of their own into the setting.Inspiration Strikes
  16. Fiction Friday: The Fallen World ChronicleThis week we take a trip back to the post-war period as a couple of mages get down to a little detective work in Eddy Webb’s Crimson Lips, from The Fallen World Chronicle for Mage: The Awakening 2nd Edition. They took Rick’s Buick, partially because it had an auxiliary heater, and mostly because Early didn’t have a car. Traffic in Detroit was usually bad in the winter, but for now the roads were clear and they were making good time. “Why does a mage need to live in a mansion?” Early asked, pulling his scarf down as the car warmed up. Rick winced a little at the word mage. “Can we have this conversation a little more discreetly?” he said, a cigarette between his fingers while he gripped the wheel. “Why? There a Guardian hidden in your heater I should know about? You got a Sleeper in the back seat that might run screaming into the night?” “It just bugs me.” “And that’s why I do it.” Rick smiled while he took a drag. “You’re an asshole.” “And you’re not answering my question. Why a mansion? If you can control reality, why do you also need to be rich?” “Not everyone thinks they should live on the streets, getting by on their wits and their magic alone.” Early grunted and wiped the fog off the windows. “World would be a better place if they did. That’s what Rosie thought, at least.” They pulled up to a closed iron gate in front of a well-plowed driveway that curled up to a big house on the hill. Some poor guard was standing by it, bundled up for an Arctic expedition. Rick rolled down the window and gave his name, and the guard moved his arm as much as he could to indicate they should go in. “That’s convenient,” Early said. “The Council are paying me to do a job. They made sure to put me on the guest list.” “Next you’ll be lining up to join an Order.” “No need to be vulgar.” Rick pulled up to the front door, and the two men got out. The front door was large enough to let the Buick in for a tune-up if they wanted. Over it was a stained-glass panel showing a knight in dark armor, helping out a woman tied to a tree. She didn’t have any clothes, but she did have some very convenient hair. Rick rang the bell and stomped on his cigarette before they were met by a butler named Wilkins. He took Rick’s hat and tried to take Early’s before whisking them down hallways that were two stories tall, and through a couple of French doors. On the other side was a man lying in a bed three times too big, and his pajamas looked almost as sharp as Early’s suit. The way he kept giggling and drooling on himself made Wilkins nervous, and with a quick “Mr. Francis Evans,” they were alone. Early walked around the bed, looking at the man. Mr. Evans watched back with wide eyes and a rictus grin stretching his face so wide it almost snapped. Rick looked at Mr. Evans himself, using his Mage Sight to see anything unusual, but his sight fell away same as with the others, like throwing a nickel down a wishing well. Frustrated, he looked at Early. “See anything?” The older mage walked back, absently pulling on his beard. “Not much. Mr. Francis Evans was a Mastigos of the Silver Ladder, and used to be quite a good Mind mage. He made a lot of money and a lot of friends investing in war bonds, which means everyone looks the other way when he goes off to see other men in hotel rooms.” “You said he was a Mastigos. Why the past tense?” Early knelt down to look into Mr. Evans’ eyes. Rick could see his hands shaking. “Because he ain’t a mage no more.” “You mean something took his magic?” “No, it’s more…” Early waved his hands vaguely, as if he could pluck the explanation from the air. “Magic is a fire inside of us, right? Something that we kindle with new knowledge. It’s not all lucky lottery tickets and convenient car crashes. It’s about finding things out, and using that knowledge to make ourselves stronger, and maybe make the world better.” He stood back up. “But that’s gone now. That desire, that drive to know and do, it’s just missing.” Rick nodded. That connected with what the Guardians had told him. He started searching the room, hoping that maybe there was something in the bedridden man’s effects that would tell them something new. He hated being Watson, but that was the role Fate assigned him, so he played along. “So you’ve seen this before?” “Nope.” Early reached behind Mr. Evans’ ear, and pulled out a penny. The bedridden man smiled at that, and drooled some more. “Penny!” Both men looked, surprised at the bedridden man’s outburst. He put a hand on Early’s suit and looked into his eyes. “Need penny!” Rick snorted, looking inside a shaving kit. “Man wants money even when he’s brain-dead.” “Told you no good comes from being rich.” Early handed Mr. Evans the penny, and the bedridden man snatched it hungrily. “Penny for your thoughts,” Early said, watching the man carefully for any tick, any insight. “Lips,” he said, as he carefully studied the penny in his hand. Rick closed the lid of the shaving kit and looked over. “Lips?” “That’s what the man said,” Early muttered, still watching the bedridden man. “I need more than that, Mr. Evans. A penny don’t go far these days, but it goes further than that.” “Crimson,” the man said. “Crimson lips. At the club.” His eyes grew sad, and he wiped at his chin, leaving a smear on the sleeve of his expensive pajamas. “Before the end.” “Great,” Rick said, opening a dresser drawer. “All we have to do is find out which club he went to. Maybe he has a matchbook or something.” Early stood up. “You read too many crime magazines. Look at his fingers. No nicotine stains. And there wasn’t a single ashtray on our way up here. Why would he have a matchbook? Just go ask one of the servants.” Rick closed the drawer. “Are you too good to talk to the servants?” “Nah, you’re just prettier than me.” Early handed Mr. Evans another penny, and the bedridden mage squealed with delight. “But I’ll come with you if you need help with the bigger words.” They found Wilkins in the study, dusting the books. At first, he claimed he didn’t know how his master got in his condition, and Mr. Evans certainly didn’t go out to nightclubs. But Rick ?ashed his movie-star smile. “Don’t worry. We know.” “Know, sir?” Wilkins asked. He sounded like he was trying on the English accent, but it didn’t fit him right. “He has a secret life,” Early said, looking at the books. “We won’t tell anyone,” Rick added. “We just want to know where he goes.” Wilkins looked at the feather duster in his hand. “I understand that Mr. Evans sometimes does… dangerous things. And I hate seeing him in this condition.” He looked back up at the two men. “Will you find out who did this to him?” Rick looked at Early, who nodded. “We’ll try,” Rick said to Wilkins. The butler nodded. “He sometimes goes to the El Dorado. I don’t know who he sees there, but once in a while he doesn’t come home until morning. He never says anything, but, well, one notices these things.” “Yes,” Early said dryly, pulling a book from the shelf. “One does.” Rick ignored him. “Did Mr. Evans talk about a woman in his life? One that might have worn lipstick?” “Certainly not!” Wilkins said. “Wouldn’t be proper being seen alone with a woman,” Early said. “Quite right,” Wilkins agreed, sailing past Early’s barb. Early turned to look at the butler for the first time. He had the open book in one hand, and a letter in the other. “Which means this love letter you got from ‘Dearest Jeanine’ probably belongs to you.” Wilkins snatched the letter from Early’s grasp. “If you are quite finished, I would ask you both to leave now.” Rick put his hands up in mock surrender. “We’re leaving. Thank you for your time.” Early tipped his hat at Wilkins, Rick took his back, and they walked back to the Buick. “What was the point of that, Early?” Rick asked as he drove back down the driveway. “He was helping us.” “Man had secrets,” Early said over his scarf. “Maybe some secrets should stay secret.” Early rubbed the fog off the windows again. “Nothing stays secret from me. That’s what you wanted, ain’t it? The man who asks all the questions? The one who can see everyone’s secrets?” Rick stopped at the gate and stole a glance at Early while it opened. “Can’t you just keep them to yourself once in a while?” Early ignored the question. Instead, he opened up the glove compartment. “You still got your gun in here?” “Sure,” Rick said. “I got papers for it, too.” Early closed the compartment again. “Good. I got a feeling we’ll need it.” What’s causing Evans’ illness? What connection does it have to the woman with the crimson lips? Find out in The Fallen World Chronicle, now available from DriveThruFiction in ebook and print. Onyx Path
  17. Sean's eyes were narrowed to mere slits and she was making a sound low in her throat that was almost a purr as she basked in Sara kneading her back. While with her enhanced physique and physiology, she didn't really suffer from stiffness or tightness, like all her other senses, her sense of touch had also intensified and Sara's ministrations felt wonderful! If Sara wasn't nearly as strong as she was, she made up for it with inhumanly deft and quick fingers and Sean being able to think at her exactly where to go. She didn't even make a sound of protest when Sara unhooked her bra. Instead, she slipped her arms inside her sleeves, made a few wriggling, eye-catching motions, then popped her arms back out as she tossed her bra - a sexy magenta number - over her shoulder into the clothes hamper without looking. She chuckled in amusement at Kia's antics... and the efforts of the boys trying to avoid being caught staring - except for Devin of course, who didn't bother trying to be circumspect. "Mmm, nice... Kia, I think you've always been a nerd," Sean commented. "You just needed the right environment to peel back the layers and let everyone see it. And one more thing, while you may believe the Blink Dogs were cute, Devin is hardly a puppy or cute," Sean stuck her tongue out at him in teasing playfulness, "and in D&D, not all dogs go to Heaven. Really, with Worgs and Hellhounds, Cerebus and Garm, and many more, it seems very few dogs go to Heaven."
  18. Kaitlin's cheeks reddened when Maria gave her bicep a squeeze, remarking at it's solidity despite the fact she wasn't even flexing. "I work out some - more than some, really," Kaitlin admitted with a proud yet self-conscious grin then gave Maria a nod. "I'll be careful when I go out for a morning or evening run, then." While magic had helped, she had worked hard to earn her muscles. It was one of the only spells she had made that had worked as intended, not like the hair dye spell that had turned her hair blond and black, though she had grown to like it. She still shuddered at the thought of her first attempt - she had tried a sort of metamorphosis/transformation to get instant muscle gain and had ended up paralyzing herself for hours in crippling pain. Her second attempt at the spell - Pain for Gain, she called it - multiplied the effects of working out and exercise, though it also multiplied the effort required. She didn't know what the precise multiplier was, but if she had to guess, over a year of hard bodybuilding and cardio had turned into the equivalent of five years or more of physical development. All without the deleterious effects of steroids or of working out at or before the onset of puberty. She didn't know what she felt about sharing a room with someone else. She didn't have any siblings, so had always had a room to herself. 3J might be fat - she herself had always been wiry and athletic and now her bulk was all muscle - she was all stuck up or unthinkingly privileged like the other two girls. Hopefully, they would get along, or at least, not rub each other the wrong way. Sitting in one of the rear seats of the minivan, Kaitlin pressed her face to the window, peering about the town. She'd been to a city before, but not often, and never out of state, and Middlebury was still nearly ten times the size of Dubois, Wyoming. It certainly lacked the rustic, frontier feel of her home town. When Matthew mentioned that they would be taking some classes at Middlebury High School, she sat up straight, the seatbelt pulling tight against a shoulder and between her breasts. "What's wrong with a normal school?" Kaitlin retorted, reflexively taking the opposing view from the standoffish girl. "What kind of school did you go to before Ravenhurst? Besides, it's not like we need to go to a magic school to learn Math or Science or whatever."
  19. Artus offers Lilly an easy smile, no hint of fangs present among otherwise gleaming teeth. He had fed well before his arrival and so his beast offered only most sedate of responses, both to being surrounded by food and having a stranger present. It coiled lazily at the back of and underneath his thoughts. Ignorable. For now. Answering her leading question with no hint of anything other than a Berlin accented German. He had been speaking German for a century before the city was even founded and had spent so long living here that his grasp of the language was unpolluted by his mother tongue. "Of course, forgive me. In Annalisa's home I am just another kindred spirit. You may call me Artus. Outside these walls, I own Berghain and Panorama." He didn't know if the name would mean anything to Lilly. His latest pet project, despite it's wildly popular reputation among the Kine as a(The) temple to techno and electronica in the city was nevertheless regularly overlooked by most kindred embraced for more than 10 or 20 years. He could understand it, he supposed. The music itself was something of an acquired taste, but there was something viscerally satisfying about feeling the thundering beat all the way down to your bones. Panorama was much more to most Kindred's taste, despite occupying the same building. "Well, if you have already spoken with the Prince about residing in the city, let me be the first to welcome you as a resident. I look forward to getting to know you." The arrival of the dish provided a decent excuse for a lull in any conversation, though one corner of his mouth quirked up in a slight smile. Taking a strawberry along with some cream he raised the treat in toast to their host. "Salute!"
  20. Annalisa gazed at the beautiful countess but a small frown curled her lip for a second at the sight of the vulgar jewelry the Hungarian wore. She shook her revulsion off and turned her attention back to their newest friend. She gestured to a waiter who promptly delivered and large bowl of fruit Apples and oranges, all sliced, as well as strawberries and cherries. He also places a tray of dipping sauces, creams and chocolate. "Please my friends help your selves and if there is anything else you wish I see that you are accommodated after all it is what Spoil is for. Our pleasure"
  21. Kia grabbed a pillow off the couch armrest and leaned over to smack Abel with it a few times. "Nooo! You're so mean! We didn't kill the puppies!" Laughing, she put the pillow back and leaned against it, covering her face. "Oh my god I'm such a nerd now."
  22. And there was the downside to implementing a new plan to try to get on the good side of the locals. Sooner or later you had to talk to them. Shit. Lily shrugged at the Countess' question. "I haven't been here long yet, no. Not really." Because what was long or short was relative, Lily knew by now. It could be decades or more before anyone saw her as more than an interloper. "It's a great city though. I love the history of it, and the art scene is far out. You've got this whole 'new world meets old' thing going that I'm really into." She nodded at the Countess, taking in her apparel. "You know what I'm talking about." Without thinking...she had gotten into her speech enough to forget herself for a moment...Lily picked up the wineglass that had been set in front of her and took a swallow. She was used to hanging out with humans. "So yeah. I'm thinking of putting down...well...roots is a strong word, but you know. Taking a break from bouncing around so much. For awhile." Her eyes flicked from face to face around the table, and she added, "You know, if things work out." "So. Countess." Lily nodded at...Erzabet? Ersy...fuck, that was going to mess her up forever. She went on to nod at Annalisa, "Club owner." Finally she leaned forward a little to spot Artus, on the other arm of Anna. "And...?" (OOC - Images: Lily in color:
  23. "American, no?" Erzsébet confirmed in fluent German, though her surprisingly husky contralto still held a strong Hungarian accent. "I have heard you sing, but have not had the pleasure." Slim fingers ringed in silver and tipped with stiletto nails painted a glossy black caressed the stem of a glass of dark red wine as she nodded graciously to the rustic chanteuse. "Well met. I am the Countess Erzsébet Corvin." The petite woman was quite the sight, not the least for her claim to nobility. With huge, dark blue eyes and the exquisite, fearfully symmetrical facial features of a doll, she barely looked old enough to be admitted to CLUB verwöhnen, yet she held an aristocratic bearing that belonged to someone decades older or more. She wore a corset as deep a scarlet as her lips that emphasized her minuscule waist and high, full breasts and shiny, leather pants laced and embellished on the sides. Her black boots looked expensive with impractically high heels and red soles and her long, sable hair was pinned up in an elaborate updo, held in place with silver pins and combs. Erzsébet glanced around the night club with the eyes of a predator, though there was fondness when they rested on her near twin, though one dressed more flamboyantly in a patterned party dress, hair dyed a glaring red, orange, and yellow. Another Erzsébet - No, she prefers Lillian now, Erzsébet reminded herself for the thousandth time. The wicked, unholy, seductive Hunger stirred inside her. She had not sated it this night, though she had been eying the tall, trim man Lillian had been vulgarly dancing too close with. But Annalisa's suggestion offered potentially more delicious delights. Erzsébet gave Lily and her host a subdued grin with just a hint of teeth showing. "And perhaps, more than nipping if the night goes well? Have you spent much time in Berlin, Lily? It is a city with history and much to see, much culture. I have found it quite welcoming in my short time here." Her red lips curved down in a faint frown, considering some of the other Kindred that inhabited the city, particularly the ostentatiously rebellious members of her own clan. She took a sip of wine, heady, if not so tasty as something thicker, redder. "For the most part, to be sure."
  24. Abel chuckled and shook his head. "Not yet Kia, you're not high enough level, and besides you guys killed all of the ones you encountered." He was having a good time so far, and it certainly seemed as though the rest were too.
  25. "Classes in a mundane school?" Safyre asked with disapproval dripping from every syllable. "Is that wise?"
  26. "Blink dog!" Kia piped up, beaming at Devin. "They were in the game, like little puppies that can zoop around and they were so awesome." She gave Abel a pleading look. "Can my character have one? I think I get a pet, right?"
  27. Soon after Sandy and Lilly arrived Alec and Telena showed up by simply appearing at the door. Talena giggling as always at the teleporting. Before Abel could get everyone to sit and get ready to play Sara, who had been arguing with Devin trying to convince him that the money wasn't drug money led them all out side for a demonstration. "It easy," she picked up a couple of rocks which she quickly colored on with magic marker she had brought from inside." All I have to do is move the ground." She tossed the rocks on to the ground and almost immediate the ground rippled and the rocks disappeared. "I can move the earth however I want. I can bury things and I can mover thing to the surface even stuff I cant effect with my power as long as there is earth around something I can make the earth push it up. all I have to do is know its there. And with her," she points at Sean," it's pretty easy to find things since she can like see through stuff." The ground rippled again this time by Devin's feet and two rocks pushed there way out of the dirt. He didn't have to pick them up to see the marking she had put on them earlier. He scowled. "There are several places, parks in Nevada, California, Colorado, and a few other states, where you can go, you pay an entrance fee and you can hunt for diamonds and gold and silver if you find anything you get to keep it. Ok so in away it's not fair that we have an advantage but I say if we can do it, why not. beats selling dope." They went back inside as Sara continued, "As for the lost treasure it both easier and harder. The hard part is locating the ship wrecks but once I find one i just sift around until i find something. Sean's been doing research to find some of the bigger wrecks." Abel had his books and things set up already "So are we going to play?" They settled around the table and sheets and and dice were brought. Sara giggled at something Sean must have said in their private channel. "It's game time guys, not telepathy" Said Abel a little annoyance coming through. Once settled the game started and things were going pretty good for about an hour when Able called for a quick break. Every one got up and stretched went to the restroom, got snacks and drinks. Alec was playing his guitar and Sara was rubbing Seans back. "Devin have you given any thought to what codename you want?" Asked Sara
  28. Maria came out on the deck and looked out at the woods across the lake. "No, just the usual small things native to the area, squirrels, rabbits, birds, maybe foxes but i have never seen one. You do want to be careful if you go to deep there are barriers which are invisible to normal senses, you want to be care of running into them." She smile and gave Kaitlin a squeeze on the arm. "Wow!, that's pretty solid there." Later after everyone settled into a room with Kaitlin and 3J ending up having to share after straws were drawn. They made a lists of things they needed and Matthew got the keys to the school van and they made the short drive to the nearest big town, Middlebury (pop 8496). Matthew drove them around to give them a look see and pointed out a fairly modern building with a sign declaring that it was a the local High School" Yo uwill be taking some of your classes there." which made everyone snap their attention to him as he drove on by.
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