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  2. I knew you were that time So far it's 3 female-1 male regarding characters I've actually had proposed so far.
  3. I'm kidding. Although, as always, I'm waiting to see what the plug/socket ratio is. Last thing I want is an all female team of Superheroes.
  4. So you're out to remake Prodigy's Ultimax, Dave?
  5. I was thinking a powerhouse. Ex pornstar who became endowed with great strength and invulnerability, and a magic 'lasso' in the form of his junk that extends to several hundred feet. 'Pornacles Shagndropolis' reporting for duty!
  6. Interested. Just need to get my hands on some game books to see what's possible.
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  8. Working on a rough super-soldier project - you know the kind of thing.
  9. character with cosmic power based loosely off of Starbrand/Green Lantern/Nova/Captain Marvel.... but mostly Starbrandesq
  10. Personally, no clue. I'm not familiar with the system, so I figure I'll have to figure it out as I go along. On another note, are we just playing with the core rulebook, or are we allowed to use any supplements?
  11. Like I said already, with some minor modifications, Exalted's social combat system works great for Aberrant.
  12. Coming back into the system...I want a large scale social combat type system option. Rumor wars, information dissemination and the like.
  13. So, I've been reading through the rules, and trying to work out how the game expects the players and DM to resolve problems through social means. The rules for resolving problems through physical means are pretty clear; there's rules for chasing someone, climbing up stuff, making unreasonable jumps, picking up heavy shit, punching people in the face, and plenty of other stuff we might need. But the rules for resolving problems through social graces aren't. If you open up your copy of the core rulebook to page 237, that's where the dramatic systems for social skills starts, and... ...frankly, it's all a bit crap. I don't like any of it. It's very patchwork and not completely clear what most of these systems are used for, or what they accomplish. They're also pretty shallow and unengaging, and for a White Wolf game, I think the social stuff should be a bit more involved. So, in order to come up with a ruleset that the rest of you, y'know, people who actually play Aberrant, will like, I'd like to ask you: What situations do you want this ruleset to handle? Be as specific or as general as you'd like- do you want it to be able to handle convincing someone to let you into a place you're not supposed to be in? Do you want it to handle convincing someone that they've got the wrong guy? What kind of stuff do you think a social-inclined character should try when solving problems that you want them to roll for?
  14. NIIIINNNAAAAA! Tell Jaunt to share the kwontum powers!
  15. Hey, just a heads-up that I'm working on a post for Maya, but it'll be a day or two before I'm satisfied with it!
  16. "You left out the distinct lack of getting shot at." Mel added, almost despite himself. While part of him begged the implications of Ravenna D'Sombra getting a full listing of Rangers and then having the resources and pull to track them all down - it fit with everything Brent was saying about her - the rest thought it seemed like the too good to be true opportunity. So why wasn't he reaching out and taking it? Oh, right, that gut intuition and odd images he saw, which emphasized with everything else, that when a too good to be true offer was being given - ultimately from a dangerous person like D'Sombra even if Brent was the proxy here - it probably was too good to be true. Mel had little good fortune in his thirty-something years of life. One piece of it was Cecilia, and she was taken from him. The other was that deal... "This is about as good as you're going to get, Mel." Despite the pantsuit, it was the old-fashioned glasses and lines on her face that made Marsha Williams look more like some moralistic school teacher than the public defender that she was. "Oh, sure." The teen sitting across from her scoffed. "Get-out-of-jail-free card, just snitch on my dad, his associates and then automatic sign-up to get shot for my country." Did she seriously think he didn't know the unwritten rules of the community? Be a nice little boy, say I'm sorry and walk away? The vitriol passed off Marsha like water off a duck's back. "Mel. Is this what you really want? To throw away your life for a man who beats you and your mother at the drop of a hat?" Mel's mask cracked at the surprise and shock - she knew?! "Yes," the African-American matron continued, "I know about that, I take my work seriously. Mel. There are times when you feel you're trapped in a black pit, with nowhere else for your life to go. But you can climb out of it - and when someone offers you a hand, boy, you take it." Mel remembered that. And Brent was offering a hand - whatever his intuition said, his heart knew he couldn't go on like this. "All right. I'll give this a shot. D'Sombra's got herself one former Master Sergeant."
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  18. 1945 changed The world in so many ways. There'd always been rumors of superhumans before then. Legends and myths people would say, they weren't real. Those who said this, are wrong. They just weren't as common as they are now. That's not to say the world is overflowing with people with special abilities, but they aren't hiding so much anymore, indeed, more than a few cannot hide who they are, or what they have become. Technology advances ever onward, and along the way produces new and strange creations along the way, and some that are uniquely powerful and dangerous. The world at large still thinks of Magic as fake, the sort of show that people use to draw attention to themselves. True magic exists, and it is powerful. The harnessing of the Atom, the exploration of space, these drew the attention of Other spacefaring races, and while humanity at large still remains unconvinced they exist, There are certainly those who know otherwise. Not all who have come are friendly, mostly they simply react to the antics of humanity with amusement, and some disdain. What most separates this world from what we know is a sort of Tolerance for Vigilantiism. The public sees their heroes taking down badguys, fighting the Good fight, and they cheer. Few know real details of the Agency behind the scenes that's actually regulating things. Assessment and Emergency Global Initiative and Security, or known simply as the AEGIS agency is one that carries the primary backing of the United States, as well as many First world Nations, and it is solely responsible for regulating the activities of the Metahuman population. For every scene of a Hero taking down the badguy that gets play in the news, there are five instances of AEGIS agents doing the same that never see the light. Everyone knows AEGIS exists, and only the unwise garner their attention. AEGIS has access to nigh unlimited funding, and the bleeding edge of technology. All of this serves to let AEGIS see the big picture, and react at the Strategic and Tactical levels, Often working with the various heroes. Now this is where you all come in. You may be any sort of hero, save Alien. You must have a form that is looks completely human. You may have any sort of powerbase, though I reserve the right to say no to anything I think will not fit this game. This game is meant to resemble Marvel, let's be honest, AEGIS is SHIELD. Don't expect me to follow it precisely, or to not put an homage to the comics or movies we've all come to enjoy over the years. I intend for us to have fun with this, and will probably be going fairly rules light on it. -----------------Chargen rules------------------- You may choose your origin p56 those that give bonus powers must be rolled as normal. I am not allowing actual Alien races, if you want to play an angel or a demon, fine, but no outright aliens. What this means in game terms means you cannot trade in your unearlthy origin for 2 other origin benefits. For attributes we'll use the following A La Carte atributes Roll 2d6 8 times, dropping the lowest 2 and assign these to your attributes Powers Atts beyond 6 don't count as powers (you are allowed 1 att beyond 8 free, any beyond that will be counted as a power. I am giving you all 4 powers. 1 of these, you get to choose what it is. All 4 will require rolls to determine how powerful the abilities are. Specialties I will allow you to choose your 3 specialties (nothing can be +3) Qualities choose 3 Determination All PC's start with 2 Determination Please post your interest here. We Will be using Orokos for the die rolls, so include the links in your character submission PM, please. We will not be starting as a team, but with the assembly of said team. What this allows is a chance for me to offer you all +1 to any stat on your sheet (that is in a stat less than 10) for an origin fiction. If you choose, you may collaborate with another player and write together and it will count for both of you. This +1 can only be earned once. My plan is to begin the game officially on May 31st, making May 30th the cutoff for character and origin submissions. Once I have 3 character submissions, I will create the game, and a character profile thread. If all character profiles and fictions are posted by the cutoff, I will award an additional +1 to everyone.
  19. Casey blinked. That made no sense whatsoever, and lent credence to what D'Sombra had been hinting at. She blinked again and couldn't understand why she felt irked that this Maya woman was with her date and how now all of the sudden her date admitted to knowing, ok maybe not knowing but recognizing her, when not ten minutes ago.... A flush of red suffused Casey's cheeks and she stormed from her hiding place with the intention of bracing the pony tailed charlatan and giving him a solid piece of her mind. But thats not what happened. Before stepping out Casey had taken her phone from her clutch and activated the recorder then blanked the screen. She transferred the phone to her left hand and her small purse to her right which put it against the large potted plant and when she stepped forcefully from hiding the clutch caught in the voluminous leaves of the plant which of course began to tip. Spinning back Casey tried to catch the tall plant but with both hands it became a trial which left her entangled and in plain view of the two she had been eavesdropping on. They in Turn had heard her first curse and the string of expletives which followed as she wrestled with the tree like plant. Neither said anything as Casey finally arrested the plants fall and disentangled herself, then smoothing her dress and brushing back stray strands of hair she marched right up to Horation and stood squarly in front of him ignoring Maya. She stared up at him but her words had been lost and he was so damn attractive and... "Are you alright Casey," he asked innocently? "Alright? Am I alright?" Casey shook her head, "No I am not alright but I am not the one answering questions here. How is it that not ten minutes ago you didn't know here from anyone else here," with out looking Casy stuck her left hand out to point at Maya with the phone in her hand, which added a few inches to Casey's reach and firmly poked Maya in the boob. "Yet here you are telling her that you have seen her at the Pot along with the security guy and you just assumed we knew each other. When starngly enough I, who am always there in the morning when these two get their coffees and lattees had never seen you before the day you came into my office. Not once and I have a dammnd good memory for the little details I will tell you." Her voice was rising as she spoke, " And for that matter how is it that Miss D'Sombra knows the 'story' you told me about your fathger and him bringing you to the Full Pot when you were a kid. That is so much Bull shit!"
  20. No! I'm immune to layz0rz! You're cheating. I'm telling Nina. NIIIIIIIIIINNNAAAAAA!
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