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  3. " Cuilibet fatuo placet sua calva," muttered Safyre, then she turned her attention back to Matt, waiting for his reaction.
  4. "Nah, think I'll stay. If only to piss you off." Warren smirked evilly. "Besides, the Wi-Fi here bad ass. Zero lag."
  5. Safyre looked at Warren coldly. "Then go home," she said. "I'm tired of you bitching and moaning. Nut up or shut up. Get with the program, or crawl back to the world where your willful ignorance isn't holding you and everyone around you back."
  6. "Oh, for fuck's sake," Warren rolled his eyes. He'd followed Kaitlin under the pretense that there might actually be a problem that needed punching. "Four-eyed frogs now? You people are off your nut. Over the river and through the woods, snake-fuckingly crazy."
  7. Safyre glanced at Kaitlin and shook her head. She still had her little amulet gripped tightly in her hand. "None of us are. Maybe. There's a presence in the house. I'm..." she grimaced slightly. "...not sure exactly what it is. It looks like a big four-eyed frog, and has a strong ice elemental resonance."
  8. "Baked Potato!" Kaitlin had called out over her shoulder when she jerked her foot from the water at the sudden icy cold and unexpected touch. She jumped to her feet and glared down into the small lake, trying to see what had touched her. That had been no fish or snake. They had been warned about the grounds around Ravenhurst, but had they said anything about the lake? Despite the sudden biting cold of the water and the likelihood of Warren creepin', Kaitlin considered getting her swimsuit and getting into the water and trying to find whatever it was. She had been considering a spell that would let her hold her breath for longer or breathe water... "Matt-" Kaitlin began to ask as she turned around, when Siobhan started talking about a voice and Warren bitching about his laptop. She didn't understand the technical problems he was having - the only videos she had ever played were arcade and pinball machines - but she started looking around with a frown at Siobhan's exclamations. "I didn't hear anything, Siobhan, except Warren talking at his computer." The overly athletic girl's frown deepened as she glanced back at the lake. "Hey, Matt, is there anything we should know about the lake? Because I swear-" "Now what?!" Kaitlin growled in exasperation. She was hungry and was looking forward to the steaks, and now this. Kaitlin started moving towards the dorm. "Safyre? Are you alright?"
  9. Glint looks wistful, twirling a single lock of hair around his index finger "But I want to look my absolute best for our date." He snorts, tossing his hair back over one shoulder, returning to at least a semblance of serious. "You're probably right. Not really gonna be able to conceal all of this" he gestures to his face and hair "without some serious work ahead of time. Echani may not get the flak most non humans get from the Imps, but they never let us forget that we're not "entirely human", and I can't remember the last time I saw an Echani in Uniform. So yeah. Without a serious makeover, that's probably a non-starter. As for slicing, no. Wish I could, but Slicing isn't something I've ever picked up. Might ask Kel for some lessons to rectify that shortcoming later, but not anything I'm going to be able to sort in time for it to matter for our little jaunt. But one of the others might be able to use it the tech."
  10. I'm having trouble with how Erza's magic would work if I applied it to Kaori. Her assortments are objects that she equips and the cost of a wardrobe of items is incredibly prohibitive. I was only considering starting her with 3 equipment swaps. I'm not sure if I should buy her gear as equipment, or abilities she 'equips'. I considered a dynamic effect where each of her suits were linked to the effect, and the set bonuses were etched in stone to the theme of the armor. As she purchase more points in the Dynamic Effect, her weapons and armor increase in power (upgraded). Acquiring new sets of equipment are left to the GM, since Erza can literally just find a magic blade and add it to her repertoire, she technically bypasses the need for spending points. So, for example Kaori starts with 3 sets. 3 weapons, and 3 armors. I design all three sets using the dynamic effects points I have. Then that's it, when she summons a suit those are the statistics she gets, based on the theme of the set. Regardless of what Dynamic Effect allows, she can only use what's been assigned. After some adventuring the ST decides "Kaori, you've unlocked/found/purchased the Shadow Demon Set". I would then assign the Dynamic Points to the Shadow Demon set and now Kaori has 4 sets to choose from, still the stats are set unless I upgrade Dynamic Effect and earn more points to spend on the set. This allows 'Dynamic Effect' to act as the 'storage space' for all her stuff and still allows her to advance at a level on par with other characters. If I have to maintain and upgrade dozens of sets of weaponry and armor then the entire character will hardly be worth doing, it'll be more book keeping than anything else.
  11. I'm interested. Definitely interested. As for what, I'm unsure what exactly I wanna play, but knee jerk reaction is Dragonslayer Magic. Because of course it is. Heh
  12. Hm! I was thinking of using 'summoning' to represent creating/unleashing little magitech drones or constructs...but that's clearly different than what you have here...
  13. Abel reached over with his other hand, and prevented Kia from completing her call. "Wait Kia, we really shouldn't tell anyone else about this. They're not going to believe us as it is, and we can't prove any of it. Whatever happens, we will have to do this ourselves." He looked over to Sean. "Between the two of us we should have everything for the project, but as you said, it's finding the materials we'll need. You need to call Clare, and we need to bring her in on this, if only to see if she's changed, or remembers like we do."
  14. Safyre's eyes widened in sudden terror. Whatever she'd been expecting, this was not it! She grabbed her pendent defensively, and the vision granted by her third eye vanished as her focus was thoroughly shattered. She backpedaled away from where that...frog thing?...had been perching and nearly tripped over part of a chair. "Matt!" she yelled. Where was he? Had he been outside with the others? Safyre quickly ducked around the table and made for the glass door to patio.
  15. bump for edit to original post, adding magical rules
  16. Safyre opened her eyes and the world was blue. The light which came not from the bulb of the lamp or the setting sun through the window but from the very air itself, was blue. The kind of blue you imagine the coldest ice to be. And ice was what covered everything in the living room. it frosted the furniture, the walls hung as icicles from the celing. snow dusted the floor and an eerie wind blew through he house. But it wasn't the cold that captured Safyre's breath it was the frog like monstrosity which the size of a large dog which stood infront of her it's forelegs propped on either side of her, it's it four (yes four) eyes looking at her pendent. The...thing was a bluish grey and it had a strange smell of absinthe and clove about it.
  17. Safyre looked down at her pendant when it crackled, fighting off a spike of panic. Was it breaking? Had someone done something to it?! The cold air was nearly a relief; reassuring her that something else was going on. It might not be good, but it wasn't scholastic suicide. Cold air could mean a lot of things, but it often meant energy was being transformed. One of the easiest transformations to accomplish was harnessing heat in a medium, like air or water, to power other physical effects. Even ghosts could do it. Was that what this was? She could hear the others talking out on the deck...they'd experienced something too, though different things. A voice. Interference on a screen. The heat could have been taken to do those things. Very small effects. Maybe there was a way to tell. Closing her eyes for a moment, Safyre brought to her mind the invocation of the Ajna, and placed her hands together with her middle fingers extended and touching at their tips while pointing downward and the rest of her fingers curled. She envisioned a triangle within a circle that had little winglike brackets on either side. To open one's third eye could let them see the movement of energy and power in the world around them. It could also be a harrowing thing, in a place where the unseen world was dangerous or polluted. But surely noplace on school grounds would be like that... (Using a spell to try to figure out what's going oooonnn...)
  18. "I would be able to wear an Imperial uniform convincingly," Arcata says dryly, "Though I'm a little concerned it would be something they're watching for from me."
  19. "Most spacers do not use uniforms unless they are part of some transport company, so street clothes are fine. I doubt they will be sending security. My guess is maybe some sort of security droid." Brant clarified. "You can slice? If so, I can probably get something together. Explosives would not be too difficult considering the mining equipment you will be bringing in." "Imperial uniforms or one thing, but if you do not know how to play the part and know procedure and all that, then the uniform is not going to do much. And an Echani in an Imperial uniform might be a bit odd unless you cut your hair. That is not regulation length. Any code cylinders with the uniforms would probably not hold up to much inspection since this is a rush job. I might be able to get some together though." "Makeup? But you're already so pretty." Brant joked
  20. Matt had to tug a little more than he was expecting to encourage Siobhan to release the pot and as he sat back on the shelf, she stood looking around. "Because I am." she confirmed, crossing her arms beneath her breasts to hug herself protectively, her eyes still darting around. "Some voice.. like a whisper on the wind... asked me about the plant, but it was in some accent that I can't place, but I know I've heard before." she explained. Siobhan then shoot at a look at Warren before he could even say something. "And no, I am not hearing things. it was clearly a voice asking me about the plant. And it called me 'child' too." she added.
  21. "Whatever, Warren you are the most stubborn sorcerer I have ever met." Matt goes over to where Siobhan is hugging the potted plant. "I didn't hear anything either Siobhan. What was it?" He took the pot from her grip and set it back on the shelving. "You look spooked."
  22. "It's an efficient, high capacity lithium polymer cell," He argued back. That's all he had. The longer he was here the more his stern logical mind was uprooted by all the... the... bullshit he kept seeing. There was a reason for all of this, and he was going to find it. His constant denial was nothing if not cute though. "That sucker could go... weeks, without charging." Who was adding to the bullshit now? "Took me forever to find one that would fit the Otter case I got for it," he managed a slight smirk of pride. "Nothing but the best for my baby." He sure loved his toys.
  23. Appearance: Tall and willowy, with olive skin and dark black hair, Ravenna exemplified the classic appearance of old Italian nobility. Garbed always in black or deep purples Ravenna may appear dressed in regal finery one evening and 'club wear' the next, whatever is needed to close in on her prey, but rarely will she wear the guise of a warrior. Better to look the part of the sheep so one can surprise the wolf. She seems to prefer fabric or material that posses a 'sheen' to it, like satin, 'wet-look' spandex or vinyl fabrics, or leather. Regardless of her chosen attire her clothes are often somber affairs that favor ease of movement rather than stuffy presentability. Ravenna de Sombra Clan: Lasombra Sire: Salazar de Ruiz Nature: Rebel Demeanor: Conniver Generation: 7th Embrace: 1190 Apparent Age: 20s
  24. Matt finish building his charcoal pyramid and faced Warren. He pointed at the laptop with the tongs in his right hand while his left made a little circle in the air. "Warren my young padawan, how many time do I have to tell you there is no internet, no network and no WiFi on Ravenhurst grounds. The magic just doesn't allow it. You are the only reason your computer even works here, I mean come on how often have you had to charge it over the last week?" Warren caught himself with a wisecrack on his lips, but then he thought about it every time he had checked that he could recall the battery was around 75% and now that he was thinking he couldn't remember plugging it in last night...
  25. "Oh, COME ON!" Warren yelled at the screen as the symbols blocked his view and he was fragged... mercilessly. The voice of some young kid was a faint mumble in his ear. "Eat a dick, your mom does. By the way, you're adopted." He pulled the headset off and tossed it aside. Looks like gaming was done for the day. He pushed his laptop off his lap, it was durable, wrapped in one of the cases you could drop from a building and it would survive... supposedly, he wasn't eager to test it. He looking for someone, anyone except Kaitlin who he was sure would try to convert him to a granola diet or something. He noticed Siobhán, just as she asked if anyone heard what she had. "I ain't heard shit," He opened with all the class and tact of a seasoned Ambassador of the Streets. "Who's fucking with my laptop? Someone playing on the network? My shit just got pushed in because someone's making jokes on my screen..."
  26. Siobhan spun around, startled at the strange voice, and in the process knocked the pot off the table. She squealed and lunged for the pat, catching it before it hit the deck. She let out a sigh of relief, but was quickly snapped back to the present and clutched the pot to her, holding it protectively in her arms. "Who... who said that?" she asked cautiously. Siobhan looked around, trying to find the source of the voice or even just anything different or out of order. In her mind though she tried to place the voice and accent. It had a strange familiarity, but she could not recall having actually heard it before. "Hel-hello?" she asked again, taking a step with her fat, clunky heel on the wood deck, still clutching the potted plant. "Did any of you guys hear that voice?" she asked the others, hoping she was not crazy.
  27. Glint snorted. "Moving on. So they're hiring Civilian contractors to haul this stuff. Will we be needing some form of Uniform, or will street clothes cut it? And do you know if they're gonna be sending a security detail with the stuff to "make sure" it reaches it's destination? I can't imagine they would be, not with the numbers we'd be talking, but it never hurts to ask. I've never planned a smash'n'grab before, so I'm a bit lost on what else we might need. Slicing stuff? Explosives in case we want to really throw a spanner in things? Imperial uniforms so that if we get onto the station proper we can explore a bit further unmolested?" He reaches up to trace one of the lines running down his cheek. ".... some form of makeup to cover distinguishing marks? Heh."
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