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  2. It had been two weeks since they returned from their fist mission, and Everyone was enjoying life at home, the calmness of normalcy. Each of them hadn't been called that entire time, so when they received a text from the Gamemaster, it was met with varying responses. "Come to the shop, we have a new Level open to us, one that I think is right up your alley. Also I have a new surprise." For Ryan's part, he closed the phone and sighed. He was at his old home, and quickly head out to the shop to await the others. He'd not really seen any of his fellow players since coming home, mostly he just spent his time catching up on the world's progress since he was last there. "I wonder what he's got in store for us this time." he spoke softly as he head for the shop.
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  4. Abel Cross

    AWS: Mind Games

    "There are a good number with mental abilities of some sort. The exact number is somewhat difficult to pinpoint, but over thirty percent of active keys, at the very least, have active mental abilities of some sort, though most are quite weak." He said without concern. In truth, he really needed to do a full scan again, but he'd not really seen it as worth the time, or risk. As to making more, well it's something that could be researched, but I'd not given it much thought, as I figure nature would sort it out. With more and more keys active, we will see more people unlock as keys. Now that we know there are those who have powers, but aren't keys, well, that's yet another area of research and study to delve into." The handsome young Key looked to his best friend and nodded. "Yes, it is. It's not the exact same process, but it takes the same tools. Once I am inside, I can do nearly anything, and those with enough power or skill can do the same, that's why the shielding is important. The shields I helped you all develop initially protect even when you don't know you need to, because you are correct, there are those out there who can use their abilities without anyone knowing."
  5. My mother and siblings told me about the stars before, the shapes, the power they once held. I never saw them, at least not that I remember, so it would be something new for me, which I'm normally pretty game for." She smiled but it seemed somewhat sad. "It's sorta weird though, seeking worship from others, that's not why I do what I do. I get wanting to guide others to a better life, and if they choose that, great, but what about those who don't listen?" She was no stranger to revering a God, Bahamut was thought of as a Dragon Deity after all, and there were others, he was just the one that was most well known, and spoken of. She thought about going home, knowing their would be many who would revere her for her position, but that wasn't the sort of Dragon, or goddess, she wanted to be. She wanted their respect for things she did, the good she did, and to learn from mistakes she made. It made her think, and realize how long the road ahead would be. "Maybe we can keep working together, You love the night and the stars, and me, well, I'm definitely a "Day" person...." She gave Kamala a happy smile. They could help each other, it's what friends did.
  6. Kamala Kuhn

    Blood and Steel

    "Me? Get back out into the wastes, spread the word, and if I'm right about this new feeling I have, track down the people who already worship me," the dusky healer answered with an embarrassed laugh, "Give them any of the knowledge they need to succeed and see if they're on the right path. Crazy as this is, it honestly just makes my plans bigger, doesn't really change them. Whatever word we use to describe ourselves, there's too much bad out there and too much good we can do to bind ourselves to any one place. Not forever." She gestured dramatically with her arms, indicating the whole arc of the sky above them with a twirl, "Stars, Maia! Can you imagine it full of them?! Sure we have the moon and the five planets, but stars… Anyone could find their way with that many lights in the sky! No one would ever be afraid of a sunset again, not the way we've been since the First Night." Kamala recovered from her outburst enough to resume progress towards the van, still positively floating with happiness.
  7. Sean Cassidy

    AWS: Mind Games

    Sean's lips twitched at Jeane's substitution for Abel's name. The substitution was seamless. Reading the big blonde's micro-expressions and body language, there was no struggle or hesitation in using the new name. Smooth... and disturbing. As disturbing as Abel's ability to capture a mental snapshot of someone. She glanced a question at Abel, who nodded and sent the technical specs on the recording devices and their implementation to her phone, while she collected one of the recorders for the case to give it a physical examination. Seems like there were some definite restrictions that prevented them from become a sure death insurance policy. The mental snapshots couldn't be used to overwrite a different individual's mental identity, they didn't seem compatible. It was like the mental snapshot was unique software that would only function on a specific piece of hardware, that it, the identity's original body. Looking at it, she wasn't even sure a cloned body would be acceptable - it might be genetically identical, but the neural pathways and development might not be established in a sufficiently similar pattern. Which did leave a concern that is one was mentally/psychically altered to too wide of an extent, might the mental snapshot not be able to be imposed? Something to consider. "Physical enhancements and psychic enhancements seem to be the most common quantum expressions, Jeane," Sean offered, pursing her delectable lips in thought. "And considering what Sara has suggested, psychic capability likely isn't limited to Keys. Interesting that you ask about how long it would take to someone to train others to be psionically active. Once Sara made the comment, I've been musing on how to develop a training program or regimen to do just that." Her lips curved in a half smile as she nodded at Abel. "Perhaps not this, exactly, but mental communication, telekinesis, psychic defenses and the like. If unlocking as a Key isn't feasible and becoming psionically active is, I'd like to see the opportunity being available. The more enhanced individuals there are, the less likely we'll see an us-versus-them scenario. Plus, there would be more people able to detect and disable psychic chicanery, which I think we all believe would be a good thing. I would conjecture there are few, if any, of Abel's power, but subtle use of more limited abilities could present their own problems, especially if they go unnoticed." The gorgeous genius gestured at Abel. "Is it as easy for you to change someone's perception of their own name - or other personal details - as it is for you to change their perception of someone else's?"
  8. BB thumbed his nose at the retreating SAMAS, or gave that sort of air, since he didn't have a nose. So these were the Tomorrow Legion people. Funny mixed group. Didn't seem like mercenaries. Hearing Phere and Squidge's story didn't really change anything - there was that sense they were former Coalition to begin with. At least they got out of those jackbooted Dead Boys. "I'm me, BB Rodriguez. Not much to say. I'm a cyborg, I wandered around for a bit. Fi helped me out so I've been tagging along with her." "That's it?" Beef Warrior asked dryly. The cyborg shrugged. "Well, yes." So he didn't remember anything before waking up a cyborg. No big deal. Probably some Average Joe Schmo who could only dream of being as awesome as BB was now.
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  10. Jeane

    AWS: Mind Games

    "That's messed up," Jeane replied, eyeing James and Mariah to verify for herself they weren't fucking with her before looking back at Abel, "But great. Yeah. You *can* snap my memories around like Legos. I didn't feel thing. Glad you're a good guy cuz if I couldn't get the drop on you before you tagged me... Game over." She frowned, considering something warily, "So how many people with that power should we expect coming at us, and how long would take them to train more?"
  11. Aurea ran a finger lightly over the diadem of flowers resting on her brow as Sigil approached the temple and lectern first. Power. She had power, though it was not what she had sought. Not directly. It was union, communion. Every lover she had, everyone she lay with, she loved to some degree, in some manner, even when she only did so to seduce or influence. She could do no less, and would do no less for those seeking her blessing. The Fey... they were souls made manifest, pursued their desires with every fiber of their being. It was a rich and intoxicating wine to her. They Fey were immortal, but when their road ended, it was final, whereas mortal souls traveled anew. Twilight's desires had consumed her when she could not offer as much as she demanded, and now she was no more. There was only her, and it pained her still. She would offer the Fey, their souls, any who sought her, a new path to walk down, a way to a Paradise in the hereafter if they wish it so. The world had been wracked beyond recognition. Many were rebuilding, forging it anew, seeking to make it a better place. Some did so in grand fashion, building cities, healing the sick, killing the wicked, protecting the weak. But just as important were the little gestures, a smile freely offered, tears shared for a loss, a helping hand up with no expectation of reward or recompense. An embrace when it seemed all hope had fled, a kiss when love appeared unobtainable. Aurea glided up to the writing board after Sigil, a rhythmic, melodious beating of a heart following in her wake. The strains of soaring violins joined it, then the mournful, lonely howl of a wolf. The tinkling strings of a piano and a baby's cry. The gasps and whispers of lover's coupling and a wailing horn. More and more, until Aurea strode with the music of life. Rose-gold tears welled from her eyes. They throbbed and flowed in time with the music, and settled on the nib of the feather quill. She took up the quill in a lover's caress. I would be Desire, inflaming it in others. My Voice would be the Song of the Heart, giving them the audacity and determination to seek out their Desires. I would be Hope. *Mortals do not understand compassion. In each moment of their lives, they betray it. Aye, they know of its worth, yet in knowing they then attach to it a value, they guard the giving of it, believing it must be earned. Compassion is priceless in the truest sense of the word. It must be given freely. In abundance.* No sacrifice. A gift. I would share their pain and give them my compassion and love. Freely, and in abundance. Aurea stepped back from the writing board, head slightly bowed. Vibrant, multicoloured hair fell forward to shadow her face, a luminous tear tracing the exquisite lines of her cheek and jaw.
  12. Maia smiled, "I really don't have many people here, just the staff at the embassy, and You have to remember, I'm the "Assistant" emissary. I'm the one who does the lifting, while Janelle handles all the actual paperwork." She chuckled, thinking of the bespectacled woman, who unlike her, was actually human, and the official emissary of Dracian here. She was also the only one who knew Maia's secret, as she was one of the older children found by the Dragons after the Incident, and had thus been raised around the other children. "Whatever you need me to do though, I'll help however i can. I actually wanted to talk to you too, about your plans after we find the seed." She smiled, and was glad she could fly, it did let her escape some situations like being in a crowd her in the Arcology, of course, it made her stand out alot...
  13. Kamala Kuhn

    Blood and Steel

    "Maia! I was hoping to speak to you before we departed," Kamala greeted with an incandescent grin of her own, the smaller woman turning on one heel at the dragoness-in-disguise's words. A last few fireflies of invisible information flew home to convey good news of good health, cheering her even more. She gestured at the van as it forged it's way to the designated side of the square, the milling crowd that was not-so-covertly listening to the pair of godlings. "I actually need your help with a few things. Much as I'd love to stay here and help here all night, I have preparations to make. Think you can help me get clear once we take care of the refugees and their needs? Also, I have a meeting to organize with my people about what we need to have them do so that we can help them the most. I'd love to share that meeting with you and your people so that we can start getting all the help we can," she continued in a softer tone, working her way around the words 'god' and 'worshipper' in the best way she knew how, tucking a lock of blue hair behind one ear, "And of course, catch up, too. It's always too long between times seeing you."
  14. Seeing the group break up, at least for now, Maia went after Kamala. She'd formally invite her to see Dracian once they'd gotten the seed, and tell her the truth about herself. As she neared the square she felt the power Kamala'd sent forth into those nearby, and smiled. She drew near to her friend with that almost Divine smile. "One must always be true to their nature..." she chuckled softly. "Or at least that's how I've heard the saying goes." She looked around, and sniffed the air, "It is totally different here than home, but one day, I imagine it may not be quite so."
  15. 'Dread' Delgath

    OOC Discussion Thread

    The game plan is simple. Dread needs dominion to invest in his power structure. He won't actually be a war god until 3rd level, when the Word becomes his. Once this whole Genesis Seed business is taken care of, he will go to Eden, Arizona. If occupied, he will conquer it. Once there he will rename it to Warrior's Rest and begin scouring the land in every settlement for the bravest and most skilled warriors and women and men who have the potential to be great. He will gather them at Warrior's Rest and begin training them to be an unstoppable army. The city will expand and more will be trained, until there is no one qualified to train (eliminating weakness in his people, and among the populace once the conquering begins). Once he hits 3rd level and acquires the Word of War he will begin to sweep across the country side, moving West first, conquering every settlement, village, and 'kingdom' that he and his forces encounter. Those who do not wish to fight will be given the option to include him as part of their worship, or have it be done by force. Until everyone, everywhere recognizes him, The Rider, as their war god, he will not stop. He'll sweep up the west coast, conquering everything in his path and eventually sweep East until the entirety of North America wholly understands and accepts that his teachings and his writings on war and combat are the penultimate faith when it comes to warring and efficient destruction of one's fellow man. Warrior's Rest will eventually be upgraded to 'New Sparta', a city where only the finest and most blessed of the Delgathian faith are permitted to reside. A place where every citizen is a soldier, and when called upon to do battle is the most capable fighting force in the multiverse. Profit. Repeat as necessary upon other continents until Dread is love, Dread is life.
  16. Don't let festivities stuff slow down the thread, Krul. If you want to move past all that and fast forward to the search for the Genesis Seed, I'm cool with it. Dread won't be spending much time at the Arcology anyway, he needs Dominion, which means there is conquering to be done.
  17. Abel Cross

    AWS: Mind Games

    It was a simple change, and yet at the same time a profound one. Changing a person's name throughout their entire mind, So simply and easily, it was a perfect and somewhat scary display of his powers. "Jesus, Abel, you did that so easily." James said quietly. Mariah nodded "Indeed, it seems as if you hardly need work with that." Abel grinned. "It is the ability I've had the longest, or at least part of it." He closed his eyes, and Then looked to Jeane. "Humor me, tell me my name." "You're Abel." The others looked on, and he nodded. "You just Asked me that though Abel, why ask again?" Abel sighed. "unfortunately such a change still overwrites all instances, so you remember me asking, and your answer, but If I were to show you the memory from one of the others here, you'd see you called me something different." With a nod, James gave his assent, and Abel showed Jeane Jame's memory. "See that's another reason I want to at least do these excercises in pairs, so that notes can be compared."
  18. AWS ST


    Pulling her eyes back to...somewhere else Rosa felt a heat in her cheeks as she blushed and hoped neither of the two noticed. "Well at first we were getting what amounted to trash data but then i noticed that several of the anomalous readings were repeating and deduced that the problem wasnt the data but rather the software we were usin gso I had to do a complete rewrite of the the algorithms were using. First i started..." Kia coughed and bit her lips to keep from saying anything as Lilly balled her fist and glowered at the young scientist. Rosa paused eyes darting back and forth between the two Keys. "Yeah I just had to do some software stuff, which is what delayed the results. But I got them back and they are really out there." She swiped at her phone, behind them all Lilly and Kia heard a rustling and a slow jingle like metal clinking on metal, both of the Key's glanced back at the empty gym and at each other as Rosa continued. "We have no less than Eleven DNA strands only one of which is terrestrial combining to make up Kyles DNA. We have only encountered two of them before this. T'tauri and the Asheen. The other nine are a mystery...!?!" RIIIIIIIPPPPP!!!!!!!! Rosa's eyes grew huge and her voice stuck in her throat. Lilly and Kia were already moving taking a defensive stand in front of the human and beside each other. What they saw would have defied reality anywhere else! The bag Lilly had been punching had ripped and pouring out of it was sand! Sand that moved and coalesced into a semi- humanoid form legs, arms a featureless head the sand kept pouring and kept forming a lot more sand than could have fit in the bag. As it grew it lunged at Lilly arms form into huge hammer like ends which swung at her with terrific speed

    IC: Starfinder Episode 02 - INTERMEZZO

    Free free at last! Goomba ran a electronic search locator algorithm to lock down his masters whereabouts and started that way at full speed as he rounded the corner his legs froze and he skidded to a stop. Directly ahead of him were seven tentacled space-balls each about three feet across they too had been startled by seeing the drone and they had abruptly stopped. The seven started down at the one. Then with a high pitched electronic squeal which sounded suspiciously like YEEHAW!!!!! Goomba dropped low and raced forward a door at his front swinging open and down revealing the seven barreled Gatling gun which began spewing lead with a roar. Time for some fun! Beams and bullets arcs of electric death flew from the weapons of our galactic heroes and pierced, zapped, pummeled and blasted the ginormous Space-ball and last as Gorunta charged forward swinging his great blade over head to plunge into the creature and as he ripped the sword down sliced through the beast leaving a huge open cut from which purple and yellow fluids sprayed. The space-ball writhed and pulsed shimmed and shook then with one last wail... deflated as a rush of air vented from the cut. For several moments the hero's stood waiting ready in the distance they could hear the sound of the military grade chain gun slinging round after round at whatever it was the drone encountered the buzzing gunfire grew closer and closer and then stopped. A door at the far end of the engineering section slid ope and there was the drone smoke curling from the red-hot barrels. Behind the drone the party could see dozens of space-ball bodies littering the shot to hell hallway. At that very moment a deep toned bell rang “Attention Patron 00195726431009178634121, your vessel is ready in the maintenance zone. Thank you for your business.” Sunshine pulls up a small plastic card she had received when the bay door had closed behind them she read the number lips moving as she mumbled. “That's us.”
  20. "Squidge and I have been partners for some time. And like she said, our eyes were opening. The final straw was the war. The Coalition was no better than their enemy. Both doing horrific things and justifying it to themselves." Phere said, as she rose and cradled her rifle, stepping closer again. "The final straw was when we were needlessly sacrificed on an opp. The order came down and we obeyed because we thought that command had intel and knew what it was doing." Phere explained. "Squidge and I made it out, barely, but I lost my entire pack that day." the large, intimidating psi-stalker sighed, with the loss she felt was apparent both on her face and in her voice. "After that, command thought we were all dead, so Squidge and I saw no reason to correct them and left, making sure to stop at a supply depot on our way out." she said with a shrug. Phere held out an arm, looking over the armor plates as she spoke again, "This is the new, advanced prototype stuff. Even better protection than what the Spec-Ops boys get."
  21. "That was a pretty good summary, Phere, you did fine," Squidge reproves. She then looks at the newcomers, the 'legion.' "I was an interrogator," the psychic says, and quickly adds, "Not torture. Telepathy. For awhile, I bought the state line about how the evictions and purges were to protect people. But...the thing about living another person's memories is that it's really hard to see them as 'not people' after that." She shakes her head. "For awhile I went on, because if I got information then they didn't necessarily get remanded to another unit for other kinds of interrogation, but in the end...I couldn't justify it. For every legitimate threat my unit went after, there were dozens of people who's lives we ruined, or just took away. As long as I was part of that, I wasn't protecting anyone, no matter how...nice I tried to be about it." "So! Phere and me are trying to get a new start. Like she said, we only just met these others but they seem like decent people..." The psychic eyed the towering dark knight for a moment, then shrugged. "Decent enough."
  22. 'Dread' Delgath

    Blood and Steel

    "To do what is right, what is easy, or what is necessary," Dread said softly, less to anyone in particular and more to anyone with ears keen enough to pick it up. "The greatest war humanity wages is within each and every one of these hearts. Castles crumble, kingdoms fall, but humanity never stops fighting, when this arcology long falls to dust, it is I who will still hold dominion." That thought pleased him. He ringed his fingers together and blew loudly an ear piercing whistle that instantly caught everyone's attention. There, in the doorway, stood the god this establishment and one could almost hear a record scratch in the background as the music stopped and everyone fell silent. He didn't bother introducing himself, why should he? It was his temple. "Well, what do you think?" Aurea practically cooed. "I think they're drinking my beer," he grunted. It was hard to tell if he was joking. "Alright, listen up. You all have twenty minutes to eat, and GTFO. We're having a private party this evening and rest assured, not a single one of you qualify for the guest list. In this hall, we honor warriors and tonight we will honor the women and men who protect you and watch over. Do them the courtesy of clearing as swiftly as possible and I'll do you the courtesy of not tossing you out myself." There was a sudden and swift river of people gathering their belongings and heading for the door, most didn't bother finishing their food. He could sense it on the air, a scent a feeling, a sensation. In one of the booths not far from the entrance an older gentleman, missing three finger on his left hand, sat patiently waiting to leave as people waded past where he sat. Dread never met the man before, but knew he'd lost those fingers in Gary's Legion... fighting and defending what was important to him: the Arcology. The man sighed, shaking his head at the clamor and rush of people disturbing his meal. With surprise he looked up as Dread's massive hand rested gently on his shoulder. "You, Old Timer, are welcome to stay. You have served your time and will want for nothing this evening, in my hall." The gentleman nodded, patting the god's hand. "You honor me, Rider. Thank you, I accept." Delgath looked to Aurea. "Nymph... find a band. I wanna piss the neighbors off..."
  23. "The details and... volume may change, but all these things can be found wherever two or more people set down roots, dear Dread," Aurea said with a sad smile. "The conflict of civilization is in overcoming greed and corruption to form something greater, that benefits the many without constraining the freedoms and liberties of the individual. You do the citizens of the arcology a disservice. Most fight in their own way against the chaos of the world, if not directly or in ways easily demonstrable. It is not for everyone and such is completely fine. We must all find our own way as we can, do we not?" She chuckled like chimes of silver and gold. "But you did not come here for debate, I am sure. Come, your... drinking hall lies this way." She gave Maia a pat - almost a caress - on the shoulder in passing. "The Seed can wait until the sun rises once more, I think. A night to reflect and prepare on what we have witnessed, and yes, celebrate in whatever matter best suits, will do us all well." The sensual faerie linked her slender arm with the God of Titties and Beer's extremely brawny one and led him to the Hooter's breastaurant that had unaccountably remained in operation since before the Cataclysm when so much else had fallen and been abandoned or was being rebuilt and that had now found itself consecrated to Dread Delgath. The absurdity amused her. She detailed any of the structures they passed that seemed to draw his interest, such as the not-quite-explicit frescoes adorning Liberties, the entertainment venue and base of the Immaculate Dawn Courtesans. She indicated the various embassies belonging to several factions, though she doubted Delgath cared overmuch - or at all - and where traders and markets could be found, along with giving suggestions on how best to navigate the sectors of the arcology. "And here we are, your temple, where I believe everyone at least knows your name," Aurea commented gaily as she strode into the breastaurant at Delgaths side, arching her brows in amusement at marble statue of Delgath towering over the bar in the center of the Hooters and the dedication written on the base. To be fair, with her time in the PV-Arcology and proclivities and with an ineffable figure that any Hooter's girl would envy, it was likely they all knew her name as well.
  24. Phere's vibroblades retracted once the Super SAMAS squad was a good distance away. At the hologram's question, she replied. "I'm Phere, and that's Squidge, Firanis, BB and Tamika." she said, nodding to each. "Squidge and I were part of Psi Bat, but we got fed up with the Coalition bullshit, seeing they were just as bad as the 'monsters' they claimed to fight... probably worse, during the war. So we left." she explained and then nodded toward Squidge. "Squidge can probably explain it better." she said with a shrug of her broad shoulders. "The others we just met, but we all stepped up and took out that hive fragment, so good in my book." she added as she stepped out of the cluster of gathered people. Phere took a knee and brought up her rifle, watching the SAMAS depart through her scope, making sure they were indeed departing.
  25. Verily, the gods went forth into the world, bringing food, prosperity, and wifi passwords for all!
  26. Putting these arcs', especially those with paragons and godbound at them, into contact with each is a major step toward cooperation and reclaiming/rebuilding the world. The network has put the PV Arc' in contact with the Los Angeles Arc' about four months ago, which are now two of the half dozen or so major arcs'/powers on North America. So the network has opened communication, trade and so on between them. Within two years it will reach Seattle and the arc' there. Other, friendly communities who are within range of the network, but did not know it was there and/or lacked the means to access it Sota and others can provide a means of accessing it as they spread out from the PV Arc', making contact with them.
  27. Damn. You're right. If only Sota had a word like "Network" or something, that could give her awesome control over the network to make sure it is a good thing and not used in a way she does not intend. Oh wait. She totally does have the Network word. Not to mention, unless "every psycho, mad man, ad raider tribe" are running around with functional, charged and activated laptops/smartphones/tablets/so on, that they actually know how to use too, they will not even know there is a network to access. This long after the cataclysm that is super unlikely. So no, Sota did not just give "every psycho, mad man, ad raider tribe an instant means of organizing".
  28. Yeah, I was wondering that... Sota just magically gave every psycho, mad man, ad raider tribe an instant means of organizing... Shoulda focused on the Arcology first, then moved the network outwards as we vanquished the baddies and 'civilized' the land... but oh well.
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