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  2. Warren was easy to ignore, he wasn't part of their anime magical girl clique. He slipped away to his room to get his charging cable for his lap top (because Matt couldn't be right), and stopped suddenly as he heard the twins talking in the kitchen. Years of sneaking and prowling around the streets had left him quite adept at remaining undetected. Quietly, he listened, because eavesdropping was the least of the sins the boy had acquired so far in his life.
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  4. Devin held the phone away from his ear, giving it a wincing grimace. When he could hear out of that ear again, he brought it back. He was trying not to laugh because everyone was looking at him... also trying not to laugh. "Woah, chill, you don't have to shout. Yeah, yeah... Sean's fine. Battery died on his phone, lost the charger, you know how it goes." Sean thumbs uped the excuse, apparently Devin was a pro at lying to women. "Anyway, so, how are you? How was the dance last night?" Clare looked at her phone and the voice coming out of it then she put it back to her ear. "Why are you calling me? You don't even know me." "I know, and we can thank the gods for small favors later," He spoke so fast he wasn't even sure she caught that. "But at the moment, I need to talk to you, Sean's cool, he's with me, so don't wig out. I just wanted to know... uh... what do you remember about the dance last night?" "Well for starters," he could actually feel the vitriol in her voice. This girl hated him. "You are probably Shelly High's biggest prick. A position everyone knows that Chet used to hold. You ruined Laurelei's night and mine when Sean left to take her home. That's P. R. I. C. K. All capitals" "Okay, yeah... so, mistakes happened, not denying that." He completely dodged the responsibility of his actions, the only super power he managed to retain in this new reality. "So you don't remember hopping through an inter-dimensional wormhole or battling aliens with the local flora?" Silence. Sweet, sweet, silence. That told Devin all he needed to know. "Kaybye." He hung up on her and slid Sean's phone back to him. "Yeah, she's not our Clare. As to why Marissa is here, Sara, dimension hopping 101: when ever you wake up in a strange alternate reality, you always bring along a familiar native to help point out the differences between your reality, and theirs." He waved a finger between Abel and Sean. "These two might be the big brains back home, but when it comes to sci-fi survival, I. Am. The. Man." "Wait, wait..." Marissa interjected. "You guys all actually believe you're from another world, or reality, or dimension... or whatever?"
  5. "Yeah that's a good idea Kat. Why don't you all go on out on the deck and me and Maria will finish up in the kitchen." Said Matt "Nothing in the lake but fish. We'll be out in a little bit" Chimed in Maria answering Kat's question as she and her brother went into the kitchen.
  6. Kaitlin was clearly impressed by the arcane eye-thing Safyre and Siobhan had created, it wasn't a magic she had every done or attempted. But her broad shoulders slumped a little in disappointment too when its gaze revealed... nothing. No four-eyed frog, no nothing. Whatever had groped her in the lake hadn't felt frog-like, but who knew? "Doesn't look like there's anything here," Kaitlin agreed with 3J, taking another quick glance around before settling her amber-eyed gaze on Safyre and Siobhan. "How'd you guys know how to do that? It wasn't anything they showed us in any of the classes I've been in." At Cheshire's question, Kaitlin sniffed the air, catching the scent of charcoal and the steaks Matt had set down on the grill just before all the anticlimactic excitement. "Steaks soon, at any rate. Cheshire, right? I'm Kaitlin, most people call me Kat." Kaitlin nodded at the new girl in greeting. "I can take of the grilling the steaks Matt, if you have to look after things here." She started to move towards the patio before looking back over her shoulder at Matthew. "Hey, Matt, what with the thing Safyre thought she saw and warnings about the grounds around Ravenhurst, are there any stories about anything weird living in the lake, like the Loch Nest monsters or mermaids or something?"
  7. "Sean! Wait.. Devin? Devin Jauntsen? Why are you on Sean's phone OHMYGOD IS SEAN ALRIGHT!?!" came the rapid fire voice of a distraught high-strung girl when the phone was answered. Everyone could hear the shrill voice coming over the phone speaker. Sara looked around and finally saw Mari she frowned. "What is she doing here and where is Laurie?" ELSEWHERE Laurie's stomach lurched this was by far the worst teleport Devin had taken her on. "Oh fuck" she said out loud Above her she could see stars flashing rapidly by to her right and behind she recognized Jupiter, again. She froze. She was surrounded by little green men? With wicked looking ray guns (at least she figure they were ray guns they looked like something from an old 1950's scifi movie) pointed at her.
  8. Sean breathed a sigh of relief as Devin called Clare on his phone, giving him a grateful - yet dubious - look for taking the hit. 'Thanks, Dev,' Sean mouthed. He hadn't forgotten how Clare had reacted after being enhanced, nor had he forgiven her for attacking Laurie, only her green skinsuit saving her life. And it seemed here, whatever here was, Clare was even more of a nutbar. The skinsuits were also a puzzle he was annoyed at not figuring out. Sean took a sip of coffee and glanced over at Lilly. Under the table, he held Sara's hand. "I'm not sure about Laurie - she was coming with us, but maybe doesn't remember anything because she wasn't, er, like us. As for looking up Stepping Stone or Guardian Shield online, if there's anything to find, then the cybersecurity here is balls. But I can see about black-hatting my way into more secure databases or see if any of the passwords I know work here."
  9. Naturally Warren was down a hallway and didn't see any floating eye. He's exited the room to go get a Coke from the fridge right after his long introduction. Once he was away from earshot of the newest of his Crazy Dwarves when he unleashed on himself. "So, yeah. Good talk. Glad to have at least one sane person in the hou- oh, no, wait... you're crazy too. Come to wherever this is, I said, get away from Dad, I said, it'll be fun, I said... Jesus..." He'd even been witty too and all she could do was that weird shit retarded people do with their fingers when you got too close to them. Crazy. They were all crazy. He leaned against the rooms threshold sipping his carbonated sanity juice right as Matt exclaimed it was all perfect. "Of course it was, yaaay," His voice was monotone and the sarcasm of his 'excitement' was, as usual, insulting. He waved about his free hand, as if to celebrate. "Food, now?"
  10. Zoyu did indeed prefer the sweeter sorts of sake, but Kobei had been most helpful, just as Yuzo had suggested. She had gotten what they needed, but the Mantis deserved something for his efforts and knowledge. Zoyu bowed her head towards him and smiled softly as she smoothed out her kimono and haori. "Thank you, Kobei-san, that is exactly what I wished to know," Zoyu said. "I will not keep you any longer from your lessons, but if possible, I would be interested in procuring a pair of casks of each." She pursed her lips in consideration. "Depending on certain circumstances and when you may depart, might it be possible if I and a number of my companions accompany you? That is all for now, unless, Yuzo, you have anything to add?"
  11. "That's just it Lills, I really don't know," Devin said. He lost the mirth in his expression for a few moments while thoughts of all this being his fault poured in like Sara in from the cold. "I bring the points the two distances to zero. I can't hop time or alternate realities. She was with us when I jaunted us, but after that... I can't say." He extended his hand to Sean, curling his digits in the universal 'give it here' gesture. "Phone, bro. Lemme her number and get this whole mess sorted." "Dude, be my guest." Sean handed over his smartphone, relieved and eager to dodge Clare's special slice of crazy cake. Happily Devin dialed the numbers and then waited, after a few moments... "Hey there punkin', it's Devin."
  12. At the feel of release in the room after the two spells went off, Cheshire unclenched a little. Whatever had been here was gone and either she was totally bonkers or the whole magic thing really wasn't just in her head. Either way, ", steaks now?" She glanced around for Warren, to see if he'd stuck around for the Diamond Eye light show or if he'd taken his own advice and gone out to make dinner. She was personally putting her hopes behind dinner because steak sounded a.w.s.o.m.e. now.
  13. The two young woman Concentrated and Siobhan began speaking again. Matthew was about to say something then he stopped. Safyre's pendent began to glow with a pale purplish light and above the two girls the same purple glow seemed to emanate from the very air. Slowly a form began to take eye! It looked as if it had been carved from a single huge diamond the size of the girls head. Slowly the eye began to revolve casting a beam of purple light like that thrown of by a black light lamp. the eye turned and the beam swept the room. The girls, now both mumbling the same words that neither knew before they had started, had their own eyes closed tightly but they could see perfectly as if the great diamond eye was their eye and in effect it was they saw all that was revealed. The eye revolved the beam covered every part of the room, the rest of the kids could see the beam and what it revealed as well. Nothing. The room was empty. If there had been a four eyed frog it was gone now. "Holy Moly!," Matt exclaimed "That's perfect Ocular!" "So... does that mean that there isn't anything here?" asked a timid 3J who was sort of hiding behind know just in case.
  14. "Did you even bring her along?" Lilly asked Devin, unsure of who exactly he was going to bring along to China with him. "Because if you did, then I am sure she would freaking out too. And that's not cool to be alone and freaking out in the Twilight Zone. So somebody needs to call her. And even if Laurie does not remember anything, do we still need to have her with us, like if we end up finding a way out of here?" she asked as she pulled out her phone. "For now though, we might want to see what we can find out on the web and then go from there. Like if the project is happening at all maybe, or where Kia's dad is or whatever. And we got to remember our S.O.'s or whatever and play along, I guess. I mean, the less attention we draw, the better, right?"
  15. "Welcome to the unlife, Fraulein." Olaf said with a grin and a little flourish of his hand. "So how is it different, if I may be so bold as to inquire?" he asked, appearing honestly interested.
  16. "Did you guys hear the voice? You had to hear it that time!" Siobhan asked, almost pleadingly, but received only blank stares. "There really is a voice! I'm not just hearing things. It knew my name, and was, like, tempting me to the Dark Side or something, offering me power. " she said emphatically, her frustration ringing in her voice. Siobhan looked at Safyre and blinked in surprise as she took her hands and calmly encouraged her, which was one of the last things Siobhan thought she would ever hear from her. Safyre's bitchiness was probably just a defense to keep people at arms length,probably due to some hurt or something, Siobhan decided. She could help her though, and show her the power of friendship, even if it would take some effort, and this moment... this joint casting or whatever.. could be the first step in that direction. "Okay." she said to Safyre with a nod, clasping her hands in return, trusting in her classmate. Once again she closed her eyes, took in a deep breath, and slowly released it, trying to focus and clear her head. She focused on her sight, even though all she could see was blackness with her eyes closed, and once again reached deep down, trying to draw the magic forth.
  17. The wind popping through the house made Cheshire's skin crawl. Maybe they were getting to the ghosts after all, and she wanted no part of that . She glanced behind her to where she was suppossed sleep tonight and sighed, pulling up what little hope-and-pray she'd learned about warding on the streets. She didn't wiggle her fingers like the others, but she did pace a grumbling circle around the room and wondered just how much her life was about become Supernatural because these other kids couldn't keep their hands out of the magical cookie jar in their own home . She actually was twitching and tracing her fingers as she walked, but she didn't notice.
  18. Lily glanced at Olaf as Artus was led away by a walking, talking Nagel portrait. Or maybe a Parisian high couture model, fresh off the catwalk. Normally it was the sort of thing that might make her irritated or vaguely insecure...and thus irritated...but right now there was a werewolf singing on stage. And...she was actually pretty good. Like, Lily could actually see herself doing a cover of that song, it was kind of her style. The guy who'd bit her...her Sire as the others said...had known a thing or two about the lupines. He hadn't been super-forthcoming about why he'd known it, but he'd told her some basics. It hadn't been much, but every last lesson on the subject had concluded with, '...and then get out of there.' Watch for their territory markers, and then get out of there. Respect their power, and then get out of there. Back down, and then get out of there. Thing was, Lily knew he'd gotten into scraps with them before. Somehow he'd managed to survive. But what was one doing in Berlin? Didn't they avoid city even more than the other 'country vampires' did? "This," she understated, "is not how I expected this to go. It's not worse exactly...just...a lot weirder in every possible way."
  19. Gods old and new, she was going to get possessed or something. At the same time though, the girl had some power. Safyre felt a stab of sick jealousy...what she could DO with that kind of magic! Safyre quickly goes to Siobhan and takes hold of her hands. "Keep doing what you're doing," she says in a distant, almost clinical tone. What Siobhan was doing, of course, was just radiating magic. But for Safyre's purposes, that was perfect. She just needed to grab as much of that as she could and work it into the revealing spell. Another chill wind. ...and maybe some kind of warding or something too. Yes. That would be best.
  20. "I could go talk with her," Devin offered up. "For all you know she's super pissed. Not that I blame her, since, you know, you've had her number all this time and STILL. Haven't. Called. Her. Just sayin'." He slurped his milkshake, Devin was never a coffee guy, and shrugged. "Seriously though, if she's mad at you, it raises our chances of her doing something dumb. If someone else goes, and she remembers, no sweat, she'll remember us too and I bring her to us. If not, and she's just all kinds of barmy, you dodged a crazy bullet bro. Besides, she totally kissed me. We have a rapport." Marissa just sat there, watching, listening. She had resigned herself to trying to take all this in, see where the rabbit hole was leading her. "Wait, what? You made out with Clare?" "Long story." Dev just shook his head, blowing it off as something he'd care to forget. "Tell you later."
  21. Siobhan mutters and twists her fingers, Safyre's pendent pops and crackles again, a clod wind blows thru the house. "It will take more than that to make me reveal myself child, but you have talent much more so than these other fools. I can teach you Siobhan, I can give you what you want..." the voice drifts and fades on the wind and only Siobhan can hear. "Siobhan!" Cries Maria, "Be careful hun, if you don't know what your doing it could be dangerous."
  22. [All dialogue is in Italian] It was refreshing. He spoke not only Italian but he spoke it the Old Way. Every syllable was nothing unto a symphony in her ears. His words were a melody that only the oldest and the cultured could truly appreciate. That merited him a certain measure of Grace in her eyes. Firstly, she was used to the stigmata that seemed to follow her around, so she thought it necessary to get the elephant in the room out of the way. "Peace, Artus. You no doubt know who I am, so know that I am not here in any 'official' capacity. Worry not for yourself nor those close to you." "I am instead, taking a beak for awhile, a vacation so to speak," her voice was enchanting. She spoke with every word being a seductive invitation. Every inflection and accent was a gentle nibble upon his earlobe and a sensual whisper to the pleasure centers in the theater of his mind. "I know nothing of modern Berlin, so when I reached out to our clan here, Alessandra referred me to you." She spoke as much with her hands as she did her voice. Gesturing with inflections to better express herself. "Now, how this all works, I'm not entirely sure. I'm, as you may have guessed, used to doing things alone. However, I grow tired of 'getting by'."
  23. She had of course drawn his eye the moment she entered the club, and he had had his suspicions as to her identity. Allesandra had given him some notification when he had seen her the night before. It was only polite, after all, to inform someone when you are about to dump a claymore into their lap. He idly thumbed the silver signet ring on his left ring finger. The embossed Jerusalem cross on the broad head as ever providing him a measure of calm. He was not afraid, as such. He knew enough of himself and his dealings to know that he was unlikely to have gained her ire on this night. But still. If she was here, in this city, it meant that someone, somewhere, had made an unholy mess of things. That she was talking to him, it meant it was either one of the kindred he knew, or she thought he could help in some way. That alone was worthy of a modicum of wariness. He regarded her dispassionately for a moment. Mentally debating. Before mentally resolving himself. If she were here asking for help, he would give what he could. His own honour demanded it. If she merely sought information, he would provide as much as he could. A small smile curves the edge of his lips as he nods at her from where he sat. "Naturalmente, Ravenna" [Of course, Ravenna]. He turns to the other kindred at the table. "Please excuse me a moment. I will return shortly." Standing, he gestures towards one of the alcoves along the walls and leads her over and slides into the darkened booth. "Adesso. Come potrei essere di servizio questa sera?" [Now. How may I be of service this evening?]
  24. Sara had swept him up in her arms so vigorously that his feet had left the ground and Sean felt a surge of relief as he kissed her back. After seeing her ex-girlfriend, Sean had worried Sara wouldn't look at him or care about him the same way now that he was his old self. But she had and she did and the fear he hadn't known was building subsided. At the hobbit comment, the glare Sean shot Devin should have discorporated him into this constituent atoms, powers or no powers. Sean had always been sensitive about his height - though he had endured ribbing from his friends - but it hurt more now after being tall. "Bite me, Devin. At least what we have lasted through realities." Sean's face blushed faintly and he ran a hand through his short, dark auburn hair as he glanced at Sara. "Uh, about that, Sara. Seems like here, um, Clare and I are... are a thing. Probably not a good thing, since her number is blocked in my phone and she's already called my place five times, but I'm probably going to have to talk with her. If nothing else, to see if she remembers anything."
  25. "Oh, for fucks sake, dude," Warren rolled his eyes and turned about face, half shrugging and letting his hands fall to his sides. "You guys play Magic-Play-Land, I don't give a shit about four eyed frogs. I'd rather get those damn steaks cooking so we can eat." He turned to Cheshire. "Sorry, the nerd caste likes to disturb the rational folk around here with stories and pretend time. You get used to it. Everytime they say they see something, there's either no one in the room with them or they conveniently," he air quoted. "Lose the spell. Someone saw a four-eyed frog. I wish I was making this shit up, I do." Since they were away from everyone he took the opportunity to introduce them. It was least he could do. "That one there, Siobhán, pretty cool. Rich brat, pretty, but rich. She's sweet though, and she tries, so be cool with her. Freakishly huge amazon over there is Kaitlin. Also, not a bad person, personable and friendly at least. Over there is 3J, she's alright. Kinda cute and has the whole gamer chick vibe going for her but a list of self-esteem neurosis a mile long. The one who likes to read about revealing, whose face says 'Princess' but her personality says 'Troll'. That's Safyre. She is everything wrong with the world. Her soul was torn screaming from her innocent and baptized in the unholy fires of the deepest darkest pits of the Netherworld where no soul ever knowing love or kindness has ever tread. Aside from that, she's kinda cool. As long as she's not talking, or thinking, or... being." He smiled at his own wit, still breaking the ice, he extended his hand. "I'm Warren, by the way. Yes, I'm only being nice to you because you're hot, and it gets me out of having to be a part of... whatever the hell they're doing. That out of the way... I'm the only man in the house so to hear the women tell it my penis and I are always up to no good. I can be a real dick sometimes, if you can live with that, we'll get on okay."
  26. Siobhan heard them talking about four-eyes frogs and occular spells and she had heard a voice herself on the deck, so the thought of some hidden being, spirit or something, concealing itself from their perceptions did not seem all that unrealistic to the young woman, as her mind gradually began to open more and more to the possibilities of the world that the sorcerers here at Ravenhurst spoke of. Taking a deep breath she cleared her head as best as she could and let it out. She tried to focus on her sight, even though her eyes were closed for the moment and reached deep down, lifting her hands to gesture, making some motions that felt intuitive to her, reminiscent of the motions made with the cats cradle. Siobhan could feel a tingle about her and shivered just slightly. "Sight beyond sight.... See the unseen..." she said as softly as she could to herself and then bit her bottom lip cutely, trying to focus and more than a little nervous that she would just look silly to the others. And then she opened her eyes...
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  28. Cheshire wandered back with Warren after the utterly necessary eyerolling. "What are they doing? Are they seriously trying to summon a frog?" She knew she'd be behind everyone else when it came to learning, but hey, they said three meals a day, some money for clothes, and somewhere warm to spend the winter. And no creeps. That part had been the most important: no creeps. As far as she knew, they didn't have her legal name so they couldn't be claiming her for the money (not that this place looked like it was hurting for cash), and well, she could move things about with her mind so they were probably not actually bullshitting about the whole magic/psychic bit. Still. Summoning four eyed frogs was not what she'd pictured as her first intro to the truly weird. At least Warren seemed like a halfway normal guy so far.
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