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  2. "I don't believe you," she said flatly. It was her brother, so it was impossible for her to accept word of mouth as any sort of valid evidence. "Either way, what do you expect me to do? It's not like I have him on speed dial," she lied and continued. "You ass hats left me in Virginia, it's not like I can do anything form here."
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  4. "To answer your questions in reverse order, no idea, nothing, and if you don't believe me, take it up with Sean, because what she showed us was pretty damning." Charlie responded in a cold level voice. "Incidentally, Kia and Lilly were denying it as much as you. But the fact is even if you think Jaunt wouldn't, Ronin did do this. Even I could tell the change from first meeting to Tahiti. So whatever the fuck happened, he's no longer the person you think he is."
  5. "What the fuck are you talking about?" As always she put the emphasis on her swearing like a spoiled Cali brat. She gave Darrin the universal 'one second' gesture and walked away from the table. She took several steps away and did her best to keep her voice down. "Bullshit," she said flatly. "My brother wouldn't hurt anyone unless he had good reason, let alone, kill someone. What did you guys do to him? Where is he?"
  6. Level 1: Mecha and Monsters

    When the creature had come apart under the Therion's scythe blade, Vesper felt a chill run down her back. She'd thought it might distract the creature, or weaken it so the giant robots could finish the job. Instead it had slaughtered the monster completely! That was what this thing that dogged her steps could do, if it was moved to. Then more of the giant, bizarre leviathans showed up and when one of them came at HER, she nearly lost it and ran. It was HUGE. Did they even feel her powers? She couldn't TELL. What she could tell was that it was moving a lot faster than she could. Those long legs carried it with terrifying speed. So Vesper lifted her arms and crossed them at the wrist. Rocks and gravel and bits of twigs and old dried leaves began swirling in circle around her feet, whipped up by a sudden and contained wind. The breeze wasn't what she was protecting herself with, of course. The dust storm and wind were just byproducts of the barriers she was creating. It still felt pitifully weak compared to the size of this brute, but it was all she had. "Therion!" she yelled. "Help!" Then she locked eyes with oncoming doom and flung as much malice at it as she could muster! (Force Field is 20 points of armor) Mind blast (30 damage, psychic, drain mind 2, drain 25 energy): 2d6+6 12 Almost immediately there was that roaring, rushing, whooshing noise. Even invisible, the sun overhead Vesper seemed to ripple and dim as the spirit's influence fell over her. Perhaps to distract the creature, the Therion exploded into visibility, coalescing from nothingness into a smoky figure of a billowing, hooded dark robe that concealed all the features of the thing within it, wielding a huge scythe of molded black iron and shadows. It dove down onto the monster charging Vesper and swung its implement around in a full circle, fast enough that the follow-through slashed at it again before Therion stopped moving to survey the results. Therion attack/attack, 72 damage/hit, Spreading 3: 2d6+8 15 2d6+8 16
  7. "Your brother has murdered Lilly's dad." One giant bulldozer, coming right up. "So reschedule a new appointment."
  8. She looked at her phone again, flipping to swipe right on Abel's name again. With an exasperated sifh she swiped left at the sight of Charlie's name. She knew they were trying to reach her, she wasn't dumb, she just didn't like Abel. "What?" She asked Charlie through grinding teeth. "I'm in the middle if a job interview." They'd just left her not but an hour ago and here she was setting up roots? Charlie learned early though that when it came to Tease, self-centered insanity was just barely scratching the suface.
  9. "She's not going to pay attention to you, Abel." Charlie said dryly, far more than he should. To hear was Ronin did was horrific, even if on some level he'd felt this coming, and felt that the main Irregulars weren't really listening to him when he'd described Devin on Tahiti. That his words and behavior had reflected something more dangerous and chilling than 'hurt and angry.' But Charlie was nowhere near as heartless as to consider saying 'I told you so.' He in turn made his phone call to Tease, hoping she would pick up.
  10. Starfinder Episode 02 - INTERMEZZO

    "Can we focus here?" Echo demanded petulantly. "Who cares about the vending machines?! This thing is going to 'repair' our ship, which...by the way...is not in need of repairs! We could easily find ourselves stuck here, so lets get it together. We have to figure out how to stop this thing. The place looks abandoned, it's probably running on some kind of automatic program. We need to find a terminal so I can get access." That said, the android picked one of the open ends of the room, the one on her left, and started to venture further down, scanning the walls for any sign of a computer terminal.
  11. Safe. Okay. That was all she needed to know. Move on. "Thanks but I'm good here," Jeane replied, fighting heroically to keep an inappropriate grin of triumph off her face and mostly succeeding, "I'll get my phone call when they're safe and sound. Much as I need a change of clothes or two, Mom'll be too busy having it out with me to get the brat and the baby ready by the time Dad gets home if she finds me there. No one needs that right now." Especially not her. Long as they weren't actually dying...
  12. Starfinder Episode 02 - INTERMEZZO

    "Careful," Evana mentioned softly in her smooth accent. "I'd not trust a single 'snack' in that machine. Gods only know how long it's been there." She paced about, her heels echoing faintly with every step, impatiently and afraid to sit down on anything for fear it may stain her pure white outfit. "And for the love of all that is holy, what is that smell? I'm already hating this..."
  13. Starfinder Episode 02 - INTERMEZZO

    Like Jordayn, Sunshine couldn't read the names or anything on the packaging but due to her expert snack knowledge she could recognize several of the foods as being the same or at least closely related to snacks she was familiar with. She frowned when she looked at the mechanisms for payment. Jordayn had just looked at them and hadn't seen any slots that would fit a standard credit stick, but Sunshine found herself staring right at a slot which was a perfect fit. And not on one machine but a quick check showed that all of the machines had a central slot. "Hey Jordayn come look. Didn't you say our sticks wouldnt fit?"
  14. Completely oblivious to anything and everything not involving her (and seemingly content to stay hat way), Tease flipped over her phone as it vibrated on the table where she sat, still speaking with Darrin. She saw who it was from and her lip curled in a disgusted twist and she set it back, face down. "You need to take that," Darrin politely added. She smiled and shook her head. "I assure you, it's no one important. So, back to me... what kind of movie is this?"
  15. Sean looked at the others most still in shock and processing. "Okay, McKeller is waiting." she pressed some buttons and the hum of the transporter filled the room and Lilly and Kyle faded from view. "The rest of you grab what things you need from your quarters and get back here so we can beam down." "What about the crew?" asked Charlie. "Their already gone, we are the only ones here now. Hurry. Don't worry Jeane we will get your family to safety." Sean started resetting the coordinates and shot a thought to Abel the the link he had established. <You need to warn Tease.> Abel moved quickly and nodded, even as his hands flew across the keyboard of one of the communications panels. <Yeah> was his only reply to Sean, even as he quickly made a connection to Mari's phone, waiting for her to pick up. It was true he could simply send it telepathically but he didn't really want to alienate her any further. This wasn't going to be easy to hear, and unless she let him show her exactly as they'd seen it, then it was somewhat unlikely that She'd believe him. He waited for her to answer, even as he thought about everyone's families.
  16. Lilly stood there, still holding Kyle on her hip still, as she watched things play out in her mind. Despite all of her nearly limitless strength, speed and invulnerability, she had to stand there... a silent, powerless witness to the death of her father... at the hands of somebody she called a friend. Lilly, who the other Irregulars has always known as so tough, steadfast and confident, dropped to her knees, clutching Kyle close as her face twisted into a silent mask of anguish. She shut her tight, so tight that she was not sure if she if light would ever reach them again, as if trying to block the image of the fear on her face of her father. All her life he had been there. He helped her fall in love with sports and athletics, instilled in Lilly his work ethic, patriotism and sense of duty. He coached her and taught her so much that has helped her, even now, or especially now, that she was a Key. She never doubted his deep, unconditional love for her. He was her mentor... her protector... her superhero. And now he was gone. And for Devin be the one to do it, to take his life and rob her of her father, and to do it so casually, made it hurt even worse. She knew he was hurt and angry, but this was a new level. She had thought that Devin would never do something like this that would hurt her so bad. Not Devin. Maybe it was the naivete of youth, but she thought that they had something special, at least on some level... that he cared for her. This though, this was cold and uncaring, taking the life of her father with unthinkable casualness. It just wasn't right. Lilly opened her tear-filled eyes and looked to Sean. "I know you will." she said, nodding as tears began to streak down her cheeks. "I need to see my mom, to tell he-" she said, as her voice cracked. Sean nodded. "Mckeller said you would. I can beam you to him and he'll get you to her." ""I want to go with Lilly." the little boy in her arms said. Lilly forced a smile as she wiped her cheeks with the back of her hand. She hugged him and nodded. "Don't you worry about any thing. Remember what I said? I'll make sure you safe. You'll get to meet my mommy too. She's really nice." Kyle nodded and rested his cheek on Lilly's shoulder, closing his eyes as she held him close. "I'll leave a Vanguard with you guys, or more if you need. Either way, I'll be back. Too many are in danger." she said, trying to regain her composure, even if it were just a thin facade. She then looked to Jeane. "Sorry you had to see that." she said, even now still thinking of others. "We'll make sure your family is safe too. If you want to stay with them for now, then believe me, we understand. If you want to stay with us, then you are with us." she explained.
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  18. Level 1: Mecha and Monsters

    Yuuki was only peripherally aware of the fight, the lion's share of her attention on a nearly-dead tree next to the downed mech. There. That was the way. Still hanging from her whip on the side of the building with her feet bracing against the wall, she pointed at the forlorn plant, green glow building in her whole body. The magic rustled and fluttered through her veins, denying aid unless she did one simple thing. "Bounded Field Blooming!" the shrine maiden called, shaking her head as the glow pulsed out into the ground and structures around her before collapsing into her woody target. For a moment, nothing. Then new leaves sprouted on branches bearing fresh, strong bark. Concrete shattered as the tree exploded in girth, depth, and height. Yuuki's free hand directed the unnatural growth to purpose, swift sure movements that had the mech securely braced and pushed onto it's side with an almighty clang.
  19. Level 1: Mecha and Monsters

    The unseen assailant's attacks were the final straw, the cuts were deep and cut through organs the creature needed to live, and it haplessly flopped into a pile of tissue on the pavement with a wet impact they'd not forget. With one creature down, and given the way it died, the reaction of the other creatures was somewhat surprising. They charged, 3 going after Tori, one going towards the downed mecha, and the last going towards Vesper, who was seemingly undefended. It was right then That they saw Ryan Leap from high up on the building, The sword in his hand growing larger, nearly six feet in length, even as it's shape changed from a normal blade to a huge dual edged daiklaive. He hit the trailing creature going after Tori, and with a single slash, separated the head part of the creature from it before landing, standing on the side of a building across from it, as the creature fell. His hands and feet were wreathed in blue runic lines of script, and he smiled. "Headshot." How exactly he'd pulled it off was a matter for later, but it did significantly cut the odds against them.
  20. Starfinder Episode 02 - INTERMEZZO

    Upon seeing the vending machines, Sunshine disappeared, leaving a Sunshine-shaped cloud of dust where she had been standing as she dashed in the blink of an eye to the vending machines. She peered at the display, seeing if she recognized any of the snacks, or if any of them had gone bad, or if - assuming she couldn't get a currency converter to work and they didn't accept universal polymer base - they were easily cracked.
  21. Starfinder Episode 02 - INTERMEZZO

    "Insistent, aren't they?" Jordayn commented with mild amusement as he stepped lightly into the room. It seemed rather... banal now, considering how they had arrived to the station. He arched a brow at the circle made of hundreds of jagged red slashes, noting them going black one at a time. Some sort of chronometer the priest guessed. Jordayn wondered over the vending machines , curious to see if they were operational or even stocked. They seemed to hold various prepackaged beverages and foods in a not quite completely clear film. He arched his other brow. He had travelled a fair deal, but he didn't recognize anything. Even more surprising, there was a panel clearly meant to accept a wide range of physical or digital currency, but it didn't seem it would accept his credstick. The design for credsticks in the Pact Worlds were generally standardized. "This is interesting, guys," Jordayn said, giving a vending machine a rap with his knuckles. "It doesn't seem to accept credsticks, not any I'm familiar with at any rate. Suggests whatever this place is, it isn't of Pact Worlds manufacture, not contemporary at least." He gestured down one of the halls that curved out of sight. "Anyone else want to take a look around while the Solenya gets serviced? Who knows how long since this place last had visitors."
  22. Level 1: Mecha and Monsters

    Vesper stared in dawning horror as still more of the horrible creatures came scuttling around and over buildings, like giant cockroaches somehow both terrifying and icky in equal measure. She put her left hand to her forehead and swayed a little as vertigo swirled around her. "Help them Therion. Therion. Therion," she said softly. Dust exploded in a straight line outward from nearby Vesper, making a beeline for the creature attacking the fallen mecha. There was a hollow sound, like the wind sighing through dead branches, or the last exhalation of a terminally ill man. Then a ringing noise, the song of metal scraping against other metal. Deep, broad slashes appeared on the monster's hide then from something unseen! Meanwhile, Vesper herself continued to glare at the creature with steadily growing anger. "No really," she assured it, her voice carrying unnaturally in the wind to its ears. "You're the worst. And not just at one thing, you're literally the worst at everything you're trying to be. I've seen five-year olds more threatening than you. I've seen grandmas at the beach that are uglier." Vesper blew another puff of smoke out. "You're nothing."
  23. Starfinder Episode 02 - INTERMEZZO

    The Heroes for Hire all gathered at the airlock ramp and waited for the mechanism to cycle before heading down into the huge bay. The flashing arrows in the floor led off to the left of the ship. Looking all around the bay appeared empty with only the Solenya and themselves being present. "Attention. all biologicals must vacate the repair bay while repairs are underway. This includes artificial lifeforms with biological components. Please follow the indicated path to the main promenade and enjoy your stay while repairs are underway. Thank You." Blared the bays speakers at a volume that made the crew wince. The crew advanced in the direction the arrows indicated and soon came to a featureless wall. As they approached the voice boomed out again. "Attention. all biologicals must vacate the repair bay while repairs are underway. This includes artificial lifeforms with biological components. Please follow the indicated path to the main promenade and enjoy your stay while repairs are underway. Thank You." At that moment a section of the wall slid aside and revealed an opening and at the same time the floor upon which the stood slid forward carrying them through the opening and sliding shut as they past. Our Heroes found themselves in a darkened room, lights flickered on suddenly then went dark and then tried to flicker on a gain. The flickering cast eerie shadows across the room. Behind them on the wall/door a large circle made up of hundreds of crooked red slashes started blinking with each blink one of the slashes turned black. The air was dry and stale. There were seats lined up in rows of various sizes and shapes as if to accommodate a multitude of species along the walls there were a half dozen large vending machines their internal lights flickering, adding to the chaos of shadows. Both ends of the room were open and curving hallways could be seen beyond.
  24. Minerva E1: P-Days

    So far, so good. But Grace had insisted on targets, so Patrick had to move forward a bit more down towards the labs. Again, he moved cautiously, with lighting so bad and the risk of happening on AI frames without warning. Just a little further, and regardless of what he found, he would report back. Being caught alone out there would be a lethal prospect.
  25. Casey - "Hear I Am"

    Casey pulls back hard trying to get out of Mr Mourn's grasp. "Hey Let go of me!" She twists her arms and then kicks at his legs. "What the fuck do you think your doing! Are you on something?"
  26. Phere waited a few moments, until she was relatively sure that their camouflage was working, to finally sling her rifle. She motioned for the others (who could not fly) to follow, and approached the hive fragment. There were no entrances at ground level, but there was a decent enough prospect not too far up. "There. That entrance is our goal. Everybody stay close. If anybody has a rope, I'll take it up." she said, pointing it out to the others as she walked over to the fragment and began to climb up. Her pace was somewhat slowed, as thinking of others, she would alternate, extending her forearm vibroblades, one at a time as she climbed, to cut simple hand and foot holds in the surface, making the climb much easier for those who followed. The psi-stalker, for as large and brawny as she was, was also surprisingly nimble. Climbing up the hive fragment without too much difficulty. She slipped once, but caught herself, and continued up. Once at the top, she pulled herself up and crouched, checking down the passageway and then nodded, guarding and helping the others, as needed, as they made their way to the entrance, by whatever means.
  27. locking the thread for today while I work somethings out. take a break have some coffee we will be back
  28. As soon as Squidge found the right frequency, the xiticix settled down somewhat. They were agitated - the death-scent still hung in the air - but the various tricks they'd pulled to blind them had paid off. Instead, they began to fan out in a general search pattern, looking for prey that was right under their noses. As they did, the ports and cracks that they used to enter and exit the hive became apparent, as the hunter and warrior bugs flew into and out of them, and the lowly land drones scurried through. It'd take some flight, some climbing, or some athletic skill to get far enough up the side of the hive to access one of the ports, but once inside, finding and killing the queen should be relatively easy...
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