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  2. Devin, I'm going to ask you to not do that. Not because I disagree, her attitude is problematic, So lets go get what we need to get, and fix the damage. I will reach out to her, and try to convince her to return, and help fix what she did. You say she could have gone after you, well she didn't. She didn't come after me either, when I revealed the nature of my powers. No one here did. She was pissed, as were others, but all of us are in this together. We can work on this together. We might disagree on things, and that's fine, but we need to still support each other. Don't let her impulsive mistake be the first proof of our existence." "Give her a chance to admit the mistake, and repair the damage herself, that's what I'm really asking." They were all teenagers, hormones were still a thing, and tempers could flare just as easily for most of them. He was certainly counting on Sean already reaching out to Cajole Sara into coming back to fix this, she had a better shot than he did.
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  4. "Abel, of course I push her buttons," he motioned to the ceiling. "Look at what she does when I push with words, imagine what she's gonna do when people do it, or someone actually pushes her, or threatens her! She's not sane. It's only a matter of time before she kills someone." "I can take a hit from her, regular people out there can't," he picked up his phone and began sifting through his contacts for Bunnie's number. "She could have gone after me, I expected her to. Instead she went after Bunnie's property. She doesn't think. This is his livelihood, man, this is all he has, and she blasts a hole in the roof because fuck him, right?! Just one more pathetic human for her tred upon. Those are repairs the dude doesn't have the cash for, let alone have the means of shutting down this place while the repairs are done. This is how he pays his damn bills and he's been good to us, to me, and that's how she thanks him. That's how she is. Self centered, selfish, and crazy. She's an animal and I'm done with her. And I don't care if she make gem sprout from the ground, she can't throw money at this problem." "You guys better go," he nodded his head to the door. "I'm calling Bunnie, and I'm filing a report and you guys probably don't wanna be here for it. If I have to beat her into submission my self, she will answer to the law for this, and Bunnie. She wants the world to know about us, fine, she can be the first super-criminal we, or I, hunt down."
  5. OOC Thread for AWS Discussion

    forgot that edited.
  6. OOC Thread for AWS Discussion

    Hey, Justin. Keep in mind that for those repairs to be permanent you need to spend a point of permanent willpower. I'll reply once you decide whether cleaning up after Sara is worth the price. OH THE DRAMA! Jaunt's reply is going to be close to the same either way, I just don't want to do a continuity edit.
  7. He looked at Jaunt, but there was no malice, or really any emotion in his voice. "While I agreed on the need, I do understand the desire to finish school. It's why I haven't stopped going, even if all I do is sit in class bored." He looked over to Lily and nodded. "If you'd like help studying, I can help with that, with or without powers." His gaze shifted back to Jaunt. "Look we'll only end up fighting her if you keep pushing her buttons that hard. I get you don't like us making weapons, But what we have right now is woefully inadequate for what is coming next Devin. I'd rather we develop it, perfect it, and the means to reproduce the technology before we turn it over to the government. As for some being exclusive, That's to protect them more than anything." "All these jibes about us, making this tech, how long before someone else does, The only way to control the mob is to be out in front of it. Right now, all of us are literally the best in our fields, the most powerful of our kind. Will it remain that way? I honestly cannot say. I've never made things to block anyone's abilities other than my own. Can I do more? Of course, so can Sean and Alec. You aren't the only one at this table who's going to have a massive bullseye on their backside. So what's your point needling us, needling Sara? You act like none of us have considered our actions, And I can assure you that's not the case." He and Sean both knew that Sara had indeed already killed other people she deemed bad, but he betrayed absolutely nothing of that.
  8. S1:E3 "Homecoming"

    "Yes." Fisher put up a smile though in truth his heart was nowhere near in it. True, the awe and respect from the adult-Scions was staggering, but the victory looked far better than it really had been. It had occurred through a combination of luck and sheer numbers - especially when you added in the non-Scion additions. Sure, one might argue Fisher was being an unnecessary downer, but he had his neck broken. He probably only recovered from something like that because Izanami's son, and given the face-regrowth in the past, he had a much higher bar that said, 'you must suffer this much to die.' In short, he really really felt they should have had a plan. Rachel, their leader, had jumped the gun - and yes, he got that the kids were in danger, but odds were if Spear-Finger was going to eat the kids, she would have done so well ago. Fisher did not mention this, because it was a thing to be discussed in private, and not in the hearing of Eric and his thug brigade. "There's a nest of harpies in the forest. We're going to have to deal with them at some point."
  9. "And she bought it," Devin said calmly. "A few harsh words thrown her way and that's her solution: destroy other people's property and wreck shit until she's happy, she has the basic maturity level of the common seven year old. She's out of control and it's only a matter of time before she turns her powers on the world and hurts people because she doesn't like them. Soon, we'll be battling her and her Brotherhood of Keys in a valley somewhere." Without a care he flipped his burger and sprinkled on a few spices. With his other hand he dialed on his phone. "So, now I gotta call Bunnie to let him know Sara just wrecked his roof, and call the police to file a report. And Sean, the next time you two are playing Slurp Jockeys, let he know she's not welcome in here any more. If she can't respect people's property she can play in the street. You guys may not wanna be here when I bring up the eye lasers."
  10. Sara sat stiff as Devin made his speech, no not speech... his verbal attack on her. She sat a million things she wanted to say ...to do ran through her head. She felt Seans hand come to rest on her arm. She glanced at that then brushed that beautiful hand off and stood stiffly and stalked toward the counter and the opening to the kitchens where Devin was playing grill master. "Do you even hear yourself, Devin?" Her voice was cold, full of menace. Her eyes had filled with fire. Devin had seen those eyes in action. Had seen Alien war-machines reduced to smouldering wrecks as she had played beams of pure heat across and through them in Man of Steel movie fashion. They all had. He thought he could feel the heat coming from them. "If not, this is me quitting and running away, consider yourself lucky." She said as she look up at the ceiling the twin beams from her eyes cutting and burning the ceiling creating a hole through tile and roof with ease. In the same motion she shot up like a bullet through the smoking hole, a sonic boom shaking the town seconds later far enough away to do no damage.
  11. "Hardly a big reveal," Jaunt said, finally. He spun his hand about on the grill and shimmering disc appeared on the horizon of the communal fry bowl on their table. Another batch of spiced fries dumped from thin air, raining into the basket. Apparently he'd been practicing his new portal creation abilities. "Quit if you wanna quit, Hutch, it's your life. You obviously don't care, so, why should we?" They all waited, reaching or the new batch of hot fries. They knew Devin by now, it was never that easy with him. If there was one thing he loved, it was the sound of his own voice. "Pretty much par for the course, right? Edgy, chain smoking, drug dealer as a normal person... high school drop out as a super powered one. The bar is set so low for you Hutch that you barely register on anyone's radar anyway." "Devin!" Sean glared at him, letting him know he'd crossed a line. "No, she brought it up, she's gonna hear, in all honesty, both barrels," He glared back at Sean. "And I'm not talking to you, I'm talking to her. Don't fight her battles." He was set back on Sara now and he continued. "I don't care what people think. You've all heard me say it, and it's actually a half truth. I don't care what they think but secretly I don't want to be that guy. You know the one who could have done something, could have said something, could have inspired, could have made a difference." "That'll be you, Hutch. I've got your back to the end, girl. Ride or Die. No matter what though I'll always see that person who just quits. We're a team and we need to rely on each other. How can we do that when you get a flavor of the week hair up your ass and bug out? How long before you find the lie in you and Sean and just quit on that? How long before you find the lie in us and just quit on that too?" He flipped a burger and it landed. He pressed it and it sizzled loudly. "This," he mockingly flailed his head about like she did. "Is not a lie. This," he flailed his head about again. "Is just you seeing a convenient excuse to run away. Because that's what you do. You run away, because you're oh, so edgy and rebellious. Take it from the awesomest and dare I say, sexiest, travel agent in... oh... three hundo light years: If you don't know where you're going, any road'll get you there, and your problems and fears are always there waiting for ya. Hell, mine help me unpack at this point. Just send me a post cards frequently and keep in touch." "With that out of the way," he continued on. "Hutch is right. Look, I know you guys like your normal lives but it is very soon going to be a nightmare out there. Especially with the idiot trio building QEH exclusive weaponry in their basement." He looked at them with a disappointed and rather unimpressed look. "Yes guys, I know about it. I know everything. I see everything. I hear everything. And I hate it. I know that Lilly's underwear is a comfortable cotton with 'Pink' written in white across the waist band. Not because I looked, but because I can hear the cotton rubbing against the denim and it makes a distinctive sound, also I can still smell the black dye and detergent," He pointed to Sean. "I can hear Ru Paul's Brazilian growing back as we speak. I can smell Kia's conditioner... from three showers ago. This shit is weird." "I digress," he went back to his cooking. "The point is, we're all gonna be outted eventually. People are gonna freak out and we're going to be stuck finding the new 'Keys'," that was Devin's word for QEH's. He always thought it sounded like 'Key', not 'Kweh'. "And making sure they're safe. Governments will try to exploit them, like our is doing to us right now. Hate groups will form, people will lose their shit. Good thing the Three Dorkateers are making us an armory, that'll endear the people to us. We have an obligation to help them, and make sure the transition from normalcy to a Keyed Future is a smooth one." "Do you guys realize what'll happen when the world discovers us? Take me for example: I'm a security risk and a threat to national security. I can go anywhere with no passport, visa, nothing. The paranoia of the 'what ifs' from that alone could land me in a cell, which isn't a concern unless these geniuses haven't already designed them one that could hold us already. Thanks a lot if you have..." He flipped the three of them off anyway. "I won't lie, I've thought about it. Cleaning out a bank vault. Breaking into the basement of the Pentagon, opening a portal into the ocean and flooding terrorist caves... I've thought about it, I have, but all that my mind keeps telling me is that we need to be better than the humans are, after all we used to be them. We know how badly they've messed things up. We have an opportunity to usher in a new era, I think we should do it by setting the example and being brave enough to not hide." "Oh, and I don't want to hide the valley event. I need that book deal to pay for college. Not all of us can raise pretty rocks out of the ground like Ludo over there. We saved the damn world, that's gotta be worth a scholarship or something."
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  13. BESM Blaze Heart Chapter 1 Mistal

    "This is going to take a bit." Darrik summed up, letting a knot of hounds have face-fulls of his black shards.
  14. BESM Blaze Heart Chapter 1 Mistal

    Two of the hounds were hit by mutt's aura, harming them and getting howls from them even as she tore into one with her blazing fist. Her keen senses could tell Iratos seemed to be heading to the spring, and away from the Inn.
  15. Gorunta grabbed up the female Halforc and the Lashunta , Echo and the others wrestled the remaining orcs out to the ship and stashed them in the hold. The port employee had been found hiding and a few words and a second credit chip (from the halforcs pocket) had kept him quiet, at least for now. He even showed echo which panel controlled the alarms so she could shut them down. Even as the adventerers boarded the ship to wait several ground vehicles with flashing lights could be seen approaching the port... At The Casino Clevus stared at Evana his demeanor had changed he was much tenser but Sunshine didn't think an attack was coming cause the cats tal wasn't twitching much. "Hmm, well it's not my call."said Clevus as he pulled a communicator from his pocket. He pushed a couple of buttons. "You there, Fleng?" "Yaeh what ya want?" came a curt reply the voice kind of squeaky. "Ovav ran into some trouble at the port. Your marks made it back there and stuff went sideways. Get over there, smooth things with the cops and the port authority and then see how Odav and the others are. The marks have them." "Okay Clevus what ever you say." the cynicism couldn't be missed. ""Fleng, no more trouble there. I will handle this from here." without waiting for a reply Clevus cut the com and slipped it back into his pocket. "Alright Evana, if you will come with me we can go find that Poolphin." At The Port Ten minutes passed, no one had bothered them on the ship although they could see several beings in uniforms, police they assumed, milling around the scene of the fight. At this time Echo who was on the bridge saw a Goblin and two more Halforc's walking toward the ship... At the Casino Clevus led them into an area of new construction, no one was in this area and it looked like it had been weeks or months since and work had been done. They came to an open elevator and descended several hundred feet. when the elevator cleared the shaft it was still a couple of hundred feet up in the air and now descending into what appeared to be a large cavern underneath the casino...no, make that underneath the city. The Cavern wasn't Large it was huge and as Sunshine and Evana adjusted to the dim light they could make ruins of what could be houses or other types of squat building and in the distance what looked a multi-stepped pyramid rising almost to the stone roof above.
  16. "It's already prototyped, and works fine, though it's strictly a locator at this point." He looked at her, and sighed. "i have yet to actually go seek out any of the QEH i've found, I figured we should talk about this first." He looked to Alec, and then to Devin. "I'd need one of you to help me with that, in any event."
  17. Sara shakes her head and leans forward putting her elbows on the table resting her chin on the intertwined fingers. "Kia it is a lie. All of this," she gestures with her head at the diner and beyond, "is a lie. every day we pretend to be normal is another day we are lying to them and to ourselves. Look I'm not trying to tell anyone what they should or shouldn't do. If you still feel some sense of accomplishment at what you do here, fine, go for it. Me I don't want to waste time here or with them. Jaunt you asked why we gathered here tonight. The same reason we all end up together most nights. Because we are what we are and we are not what they are anymore. And I have news for you, they know it too." Without waiting for anyone's reaction, she looks at Abel. "How soon will you have this detector thing working?"
  18. "I'm staying too," Kia said. "I'm like Lilly said...I need school still. I mean, okay I helped save the world but I don't think 'changing into things' is really a job, you know? I still want to do things with my life. And maybe I'm not the same as other people, but I'm still a person and being with my friends isn't a lie." The words came tumbling out, especially as she finished, and she flipped her hair back behind her head. "I don't really care, I guess, if people know about us. We can adjust, and there's good and bad things either way. But I don't want to cut myself off from everyone except just us."
  19. "She hasn't revealed it because it is her only leverage, the proverbial gun to the head. That is why I suggested to the brass to just reveal us and take that gun away. Though if our actual identities are revealed, it will probably make a royal pain in the ass for us. I mean, you think actors, musicians and pro athletes get mobbed by the unrelenting press? They will be nothing compared to people with superpowers who literal saved the world." Lilly said and then pointed at Sean, "Especially those who look like that." she added. "And then it sparks the whole 'Enhanced Arms Race' too, which I am not even going to get into." she said with a shake of her head while rolling her eyes. "Personally, I want to have my life, to be a teen and have as much normalcy as possible for as long as possible, because that goes away in a flash if our identities are ever revealed. And yes, I would like to finish high school. I am not going for all the other people. I am going for myself. It is something I want to accomplish. I want my diploma. I am not a super brain. I study hard to get and keep good grades. I used to do it because the better grades I had the better college I could get into with the better training facilities for me while I tried to make the US Olympic Team. But now, I am doing really just for myself. I mean, everybody is all big on their gifts and use them all the time or whatever, but what if they go, or are taken, away one day? I, at the very least, want my diploma." Lilly explained and then looked to Sara. Lilly had caught a little by surprised, but really, not all that much. Sara had grown more and more... not necessarily distant, but her powers had changed her, at least from what Lilly could see. "Dude, you're almost done though. You're a senior. You only have a few months left. I know it seems mundane to you right now, probably to all of us really, but it will only help you to finish. C'mon, don't quit with the finish line right in sight. I mean, you are going to do what you are going to do. We all are. And I am not going to hold it against anybody who drops out, but the finish line is in sight. C'mon dude, you got this." she encouragingly as she looked at Sara with hopeful eyes.
  20. "I do actually agree with Sara here. Aside from the need to maintain appearances, None of us really need to continue with public schooling. Saying that however, If we all just stop showing up, Then the suspicions about us will take on a life of their own. We should be ready to answer them, either with more coverups, or the actual truth." He looked at the others with a knowing glance. "The Truth has its own risks. Once it's out there, there will be no going back, for any QEH. I've been working on finding others, among other projects. Soon, there will be no covering up our existence. I understand the need to hide the Asheen invasion, but this, this is us." He shrugged. "To be totally honest, i'm surprised that DeathOtter hasn't revealed the whole entire thing at this point, just for the laughs."
  21. "Of course, Kakita-sama." the innkeeper said with a bow and then shoot a look to his wife who disappeared for a few moments and returned with a small, slanted tabletop writing table. Withing a drawer at the base was several sheets of a paper, an inkpot, a stick of ink and a brush. She placed it on the table and bowed before backing away. "Please, be my guest. If you are in a hurry and so wish, I will hand deliver your messages myself." the innkeeper offered.
  22. Arturs nodded and allowed everybody to exit the inner chamber, saying a small prayer and giving his dead master one last glance before he closed the door, locking it place. They then gathered around the outer door and Arturs reached out, his hands drifting over the carvings and runes, bringing forth an occasional *click* until finally the door shifted just slightly. With a push, the door swung open to reveal... nothing. Just darkness, and the charred corpse that lay on the floor from before, undisturbed. "Who... who would have locked us in? And why?" Arturs asked himself softly as he glanced around, fully expecting some other creature to come storming out of the darkness at then. Instead, there was nothing. "It is this way. Across the market and through the hall." Artus explained, pointing ahead as he began to carefully walk across the massive chamber. Shayuri's glowing rock illuminated around them for several dozen feet in all directions as they moved toward the village hall. What was once a simple marketplace was now nothing more that scraps or wood, rags, tattered cloth and broken bits of wares that were once for sale. It had an eerie feeling, the gigantic room so silent and littered with the detritus of generations of life in the shelter. The light cast from Shayuri's stone caused even the smallest of objects to cast long, dark shadows, only further enhanced the haunting feeling the place had. "This was the market, where the residents would barter with one another for goods and services. It is a large part of why we have such little money. Within the shelter, coins lost much of their value. Over there," Artus said, pointing off in the distance a bit, "was were Lorn would offer the tiny clay figurines he would sculpt. I traded many hours of chores in return for some of them, so that as a child, I could recreate the stories I had heard." he remembered fondly. "And over there, Morina would offer the small bits of sweet root that she would candy with its own juices. She has begun a small bakery in town. When this is all done, you should try some." Arturs said, looking back over his should with a smile that faded as he caught a glimpse of Dread's rather unimpressed expression. "I am sure it will be delicious." Krusk said, giving the apprentice wizard a reassuring pat on the shoulder. The room was a couple of hundred feet across or so, and by the crude map Arturs had drawn, that was the short way across. The wall came into view and was followed for a few dozen paces until the opening to the village hall was found. The former hall was a large chamber, but not nearly as big as the market, and had rows of simple benches made from long, crudely formed stone blocks. At one end was a raised area and to either wide were hallways. Arturs chose the hallway on the right and led the others down it and through what had once been simple living quarters; a large room that has been separated mostly but screens and curtains into individual living quarters of various sizes. "The elders and their families lived in these quarters, off of the village hall, and the quarters for the wizards' connects them both. At one time there was more than one wizard, but over time it became difficult to find apprentices to train, so eventually there was only one wizard." Arturs explained as he pointed to another hallway at the other side of the living quarters as they neared it. "Through there is the Toral's' quarters." Arturs said, pointing at the hallway. "Finally. We are getting somewhere." Dread groaned, which prompted an eye roll from Eon. Arturs drew his dagger and led the others down the hall to a closed, door. He tried it, but the door did not budge. "The wizard's quarters are one of the few places in the entire shelter with an actual door, and a locking one at that." the young apprentice said as he reached into a pouch on his belt, "But I have the key have the key." he said as he produced a key and slipped it into the lock. "Toral gave it to me when I achieved a new level in my training." he added. "Be ready. We do not know what may lay beyond." he warned and unlocked the door, pushing it open. Light flooded out of from the room an into to the hall. it was not overly bright, but it was easily the most well lit room they had encountered thus far. The room itself was large for a living quarters and well maintained with a desk and chair, some smaller tables, a bookcase, an armmoir, and two beds with a footlocker at the end of each. On the ground, near one of the beds, sat a cloth-lined basket with a crusty loaf of bread, a couple of pieces of well overripe fruit, a ceramic bottle and a few other items wrapped in cloth. It stood out somewhat because it was the only thing in the room that seemed to have a lady's touch. On the table was several dishes with bits of half eaten food, but aside from that, the room was very neat and tidy. The light was cast by several glowing crystals set into the walls, making it easy to read withing the room. On the opposite wall was another door and several tapestries of various sizes covered the stone walls, which, along with the furniture and several overlapping rugs covered the floor, softened the room great deal, making it much more inviting. "Trough there is a hall leading to more living quarters and back to the Village Hall. Toral always kept it locked. Hopefully there is some clue here has to what is going on here." Arturs said as he looked around with a faint sadness on his face.
  23. "I guess it comes back to I just don't agree with keeping all of this a secret." She pushes he plate away "Look we want them to trust us, by them I mean the human race cause I just don't think we fit that description anymore. But how are they going to trust us when our biggest accomplishment was covered up with a lie. And that we have been lying to the world since this happened. Us going to school, being with our 'friends' is just perpetuating another lie." She leans back and folds her arms across her breasts defensively. "None of us need to go to school. We are either too smart or we just don't need what they can teach us. It's a waste of our time." She meets Sean's eye, "That's how I feel."
  24. They had spoken about whether to keep attending school or not before. Sean was certainly not learning anything she didn't already know, and she knew a great deal more besides. At most, all school was providing her with was how to socialize as the woman she was now, and she was doing that at school, on the base, and here and there around the world when she traveled with Sara, or occasionally, Devin. So while Sean wasn't surprised at Sara's proclamation, she was vaguely surprised that Sara had brought it up now with the others. She kept the surprise from her face however, finishing her burger and giving Devin a thumbs up for his seasoned fries. She sat back in the booth, turning slightly to get a better view of Sara and the rest of the Irregulars, and took a sip of her extra-thick strawberry shake. "Just because we all happen to be together, doesn't mean there's some terrible doom about to strike, Devin," Sean countered with a grin, "sometimes we can just hang out, even without gaming or anything." Sean did feel a mild sense of melancholy as Bunnee and the rest of the patrons departed, leaving the dinner to the Irregulars. The Irregulars were different, no doubt, and others could sense it, even if they couldn't exactly classify how. Sean had grown used to the deference and attraction directed at her, but it was still different coming from her neighbors and those who had known her for years, if not most of her life. "Which doesn't mean something eventful won't crop up." Sean arched a brow as Sara, pursing her lips in curiosity. "We talked about this before, I'm sure all of us have considered it at least once or twice. Anything in particular come up to make the decision clear for you, hon?"
  25. L5R: Blood and Jade - With A Single Step

    "May your journey be swift and sure, and may the providence of that foul mask be made clear at its end," Zoyu said, offering her well-wishes to Taka, Akari, and Okimoto as they left to make their preparations South. Zoyu collected the few belongings she had brought to Ryoko Owari and made her way downstairs. She was about to make a request to the innkeeper when he presented Kitsuki Jotomon's gifts to her and Rin. She studied them with clear praise and gratitude. She was a swordswoman and daughter of a bladesmith, she knew quality when she saw it, held it. She dipped her head towards the innkeeping, thanking him for delivering them. "Kitsuki-sama has made an impression on these ones as well," Zoyu replied smoothly, a ghost of grin curving her red lips as her mismatched eyes cut to Rin for a moment. "I wonder how long it may be before the wakizashi earns an impression of its own by being thrown and hitting its mark. If possible, could I be provided with paper and ink? I would like to write a missive expression my gratitude for Kitsuki-sama's gift and well as a letter to one other." It was cruel that she had just reunited with Tsukiko and now was leaving the city. Duty was heavier than a mountain, lighter than a feather, but always, it called, regardless of the heart's yearning.
  26. Sunshine took a step back from the drow, whiskers twitching with irritation. Leaving a slave behind rubbed every inch of fur on her head the wrong way, but this was far from the only lawless port she'd been through. Now that she had a bead on the felinoid, and a reason to shoot him so full of holes he whistled in a stiff breeze, she could come back. The situation still felt tense, however, and Sunshine carefully tapped the side of her cheek, carefully clicking the safety off of the laser pistol she had stored in one. If things went sideways, she didn't want to waste any time fiddling with it after she spat it out.
  27. Jordayn sighed at the warning klaxons. He holstered his arc pistol and frowned down at the downed goons as he checked on them, to make sure none had been critically injured, then nodded at Jexa. "Disarm them at least then secure them in the hold. Let's do this quick before the authorities show themselves." Jordayn knelt down to get a shoulder under the Lashunta woman's arm. "We don't want any trouble with the authorities, nor likely do they," he said, giving the huge Vesk a doubtful glance. "Once we have them on board and secured, I'll tend their injuries and propose they agree with the fiction that it was just an unfortunate accident - accidental discharge or mistaken identity or the like - if any questions arise. It was just a small scuffle, nothing to get too worked up about."
  28. "Oh, you know," Evie smiled. "Same ol', same ol'. In the future though sweetie, could do me a solid and not verbally antagonize the seedy villainous sorts I'm standing in front of with little means of defending myself? A little decorum goes a long way, honey." She looked to Clevus, holding out her comm in presentation as if to say 'this is what I deal with'. "See? Like I said. Swimming in mooks." She clicked off her comm, but left in stand by, hopefully Echo could trace it wen Clevus and his goons murdered of slave collared Evana. "So, there you have it, dear. Your boys are alive, and I'll see to it they are returned to you unharmed, of course. We don't take hostages. Nor did we come here to do battle in the streets. Although that would be pretty cool, like in the spy holos." She flicked an excited smirk in his direction. "So, why don't you take some time to consider it? Hmm?" She proposed. Slave collars, kidnapping dogs, something here wasn't right but it was time to leave and regroup. "If you decide it's a good idea then we can meet up later, I'll pick up Queensie, hand her off then you and I can go and enjoy a nice dinner and... desert, possibly." "And if I choose not to?" He asked, purring with confidence. "Me and mine were hired to do a job, darling." Evana shook her head with a mournful look. "You'll do what you have to, and so will we. The fact that this is all over a pet is still completely ludicrous to me. Once he gets this pet back I may just shoot him on general principal. Just in the knee or something, but let's face it, he has it coming, and who dresses in gold lamé, I mean seriosuly? Ugh."
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