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  2. I have added the campus write up as well as the faculty. I've included the character sheets for the faculty in case you would like to use them for your own games at home. Of course this comes with the GM caveat disclaimer that says just because a character sheet is posted, I don't have to do what it says. I have tons of NPCs on my hard drive and honestly they aren't doing me any good just sitting there so I thought for once I'd include some material for everyone to use.
  3. "Well, ah do declare," Keiko purred in her best (not super great) imitation of a Southern drawl, "Mah hero." She clicked at him, then sauntered over. She had on a knee-length skirt and a white blouse with a blazer. Not quite a 'school uniform' but clearly patterned after the old classic. Another perk of being blind? You got to feel people up and it was no problem! Keiko reached out to feel Bastian's face, then whistled. "And a handsome hero to boot." She lifted her sunglasses, showing her eyes a little off-focus, and winked at him. "You have a good morning too." With a grin, she clicked around some more, then went to take a seat in the back row.
  4. Sebastian Stone was easily six foot and change, and half that at his shoulders. He wore denim jeans, tan steel-toed work boots that looked like they'd seen their fair share of the 'work' part with a black tee shirt covered by a red and white flannel, the sleeves were rolled tight around his biceps. Country living on a farm had done the boy wonders, he looked like the peek of physical perfection, with tightly corded muscles threatening to escape the tight black of his tee. His parents and sister had already dropped him off over the weekend and he'd said his goodbyes. It wasn't going to be easy, he knew, to leave home and come to here and try to learn more about what life held in store for 'people like him', but his father had raised him right, his mother armed him with all the manner's he'd need and his sister... well, she taught him tolerance and patience if anything. He could do his. The city sure was different from the small farm in Montana where he'd grew up, yessir... he wasn't accustomed to so many vehicles and hustling, and not to mention the quality of the air. Not to mention city girls dressed a whole lot different than the girls back home, and by that he meant the girls back home actually dressed... he wasn't sure some of some the clothing the students were wearing... like one girls' shorts barely qualified as shorts, well ,they certainly got the 'short' part right. That's not to say it was all wrong, a lot of the ladies were quite modest, or carried their manner of dress in a way that was tasteful yet still attractive, but overall it was just a severe a culture shock for him. He was used to denim and flannels. Completely unaware that the young Japanese girl could see just fine, he did what most young men his age wouldn't normally do when a blind person was walking towards a crowd: he took charge of the situation. He was raised proper, and when a young lady with her sight impaired approached, you made darn sure she had all the room she needed to get where she was going. It was just the right thing to do. "Ladies and gentleman, would you all mind making way, please," there was an accent in his voice, northern, if she had to guess. He sounded like a Yankee cowboy. "The lovely lady needs to get by y'all, would you mind makin' some room." And just like that, Keiko was the Moses of Claremont as sea of typical inattentive teens parted for her. Keiko moved through the crowd, and 'Bastian (he preferred that to Sebastian) mentally chastised himself for being dumb enough to nod to her as she walked by him. "Y'have maybe ten or so more feet before there's a row of seats if you'd like to sit, just off to your left there. You try and have yourself a good morning." She was pretty sure if he had a hat on, he would have tipped it.
  5. Today was the big day, if nothing else, it marked a new beginning of sorts. With all his mother's training, a part of him felt as though he were ready for anything, but he knew the unexpected abound when dealing with other people with powers. As other students began arriving at the quad, he was one of those who didn't stay in one spot, his general preference was to be in motion. It wasn't so much that he couldn't remain still, no, his mother made sure he could, he just liked to move around. Seeing some of those who were already here, he gave everyone their space.
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  7. The Faculty Jericho Drumm, Headmaster - Male, 44 years old. Charming and charismatic, Jericho Drumm lost his wife and newborn daughter during the Terminus Invasion over two decades ago, he never remarried. Once a high-profile reporter who's writing focused on cutting edge medical science and gene therapy break-throughs, his charisma and unshakable character brought him to the attention of Duncan Summers. He humbly accepted to be the new headmaster of the Emerald City Claremont Academy Campus. He holds several degrees in medicine (although not an accredited doctor), social sciences, and even psychology. Ms. Denise Childs, Assistant Principal - Female, 35 years old. Lovely, but completely devoid of personality, Ms. Childs seems to have no complete or accurate file that details when and where she was included into the West Coast Claremont Academy Campus project. She came to the academy early in its first year after the original Assistant Director (Cassidy Malone) resigned suddenly. She, along with Headmaster Drumm, handles all the administrative work involved with running the academy. She seems to take a great interest in the disciplining the students, coming down harshly on any student who violates the school's protocols. Headmaster Drumm is usually the only one who can save student's from excessively harsh punishments. She'll make a day of detention into weeks. Instead of suspending privileges for one student, she'll punish the entire student body... the list goes on. Her daughter, Cassandra, is a telekinetic and a student at the school. Eileen Gomez, Head Counselor - Female, 33 years old. Compassionate and determined to a fault, Ms. Gomez works very closely with the powered students who seem to display mental abnormalities or have a difficult time coping with their new found abilities. Eileen herself is a competent empath, and her 'soothe the savage beast' approach to therapy has made her a very welcome addition to the staff. She is also quite adept at conventional hypnotherapy. Prof. Myrna Jensen, Calculus Teacher - Female, 27 years old. A brilliant and talented mathematician who joined the school just over a year ago. Professor Jensen is that teacher the students love to hate. Arrogant and filled with righteous self-importance, she teaches calculus with effortless disdain and makes going to class utter hell. She won’t just ask questions. She’ll ask the questions you can’t answer. Some students think she just plain hates them, but Prof. Jensen sees it as her job to teach them never to underestimate the human mind; a weaker opponent can always beat a stronger opponent by outwitting them. Dr. Leslie Chase, School's Doctor - Female, 34 years old. School Physician. Dr. Chase got her first PhD from the University of Hawaii. A brilliant mind and capable medical doctor she spends most of her time treating injuries that a vast majority of the students get while playing with their super powers. Kind to a fault with an impeccable bedside manner she's found herself playing counselor to the students just as often as she's been their doctor. Prof. George Fallon, Science Teacher - Male, 39 years old. Serving as the science professor the school, Professor Fallon is a brilliant man with a small library of papers dedicated to his field. Although a stern and tough teacher, he pushes students hard in the hopes that it will help them to develop the mental fortitude necessary to control their abilities. His demeanor makes it somewhat difficult for him to connect with the other faculty. Before accepting the job at Claremont, he worked for MarsTech, developing state-of-the-art, cutting edge nanotechnology. Prof. John Keating -Male, 61 years old. Professor Keating is a rare find in the world of higher education; he makes the subject matter fun. A professor of history, literature and theater, Professor Keating is a joyful and witty man in his sixties who is never wanting for a joke or witty retort. Arguably the school's 'favorite' teacher his one-liners and antics are legendary among the students. It is even rumored that his unbreakable mirth and comedic talents once made Mrs. Childs break out into a fit of laughter. She denies this rumor. He doesn't.
  8. Claremont Academy Emerald City Campus THE SCHOOL GROUNDS Despite its colorful history and resulting tragedies, Claremont Academy is a beautiful campus set atop a hill in Lakeview with nary a visible blemish from its past. Surrounding the school grounds are a light smattering of woods with beech, birch, and oak trees. A short ways away from the walled academy is the scenic Red River Road, a stretch of road that travels along the eastern shore of the Red River and north into Emerald City. [ITEM: So get this, there's this place up near the new Claremont Academy that young people are calling 'Peter's Wood'. So apparently people going up there are getting scared out of their wits by some beast living in the forest. There are area's that people say are covered in webs, so bang for the buck is that people believe giant spiders have moved into town. Now, the authorities say it's just webworms spinning large webs trees, and that's not uncommon for this far north, but let me ask you folks: when was the last time a webworm web turned you white and scared you the point of forgetting your years worth of practiced vocabulary. Facts don't stack up, sorry local authorities. -Exerpt from the Ghost Sightings Blog] The campus itself is carefully manicured and always green when the season calls for it. Paths and driveways curve gently and seem to meander through the property, but that’s more a testament to the skill of the landscapers. There are enough trees to soften the terrain without blocking the sight lines, but they also lend a sense of age to the already venerable-looking brownstones. The campus looks like a well-maintained slice of 19th Century life, but the truth is, it’s a convincing mock-up of the campus that Dr. Charles Claremont envisioned, with some extra touches in the way of modern amenities. The school is divided into three main areas. The first is the school proper with its chateau-style buildings surrounding the main quad on all four sides. Behind it is the second area upon which sits the gardens, three dormitories, and the Administrative Building. Behind that is the third area, a large open field with its tree groves and open green spaces for playing touch football, Frisbee, or just sitting and relaxing. Beyond that lie the baseball diamond and the Academy’s swimming pool. Inside the buildings, the same attention to detail and decor remains. The walls are half-paneled using maple and cherry woods, while the floors are made in the rustic style with maple floorboards. Carved plaster ceilings adorn some hallways and rooms, while various paintings hang from walls. Some of the windows are etched, while brass and copper trimmings and fittings can be found throughout the buildings. The school grounds and the building interiors look very much like the touches on old five-star hotels. That’s not to say there isn’t space for the modern touches, but Duncan Summers ensured that they were relatively hidden in comparison to the decor. The multi-story buildings contain elevators, and all the buildings are fully wheelchair accessible for certain teachers students. 1. THE MAIN ENTRANCE From the moment someone approaches the main double gates, they feel engulfed by the portico-style gate tower. The double gates are for vehicles, while visitors entering or leaving on foot can use the door set into the gate itself. On the wall next to the entrance is a plaque that reads: “The Claremont Academy for the Gifted, Scientia Potentia Est” (“Knowledge Is Power” in Latin, the Academy’s motto). The double gates open to reveal a parking area with doors leading into the building on either side, and a driveway leading through to the Main Quad. The parking is mainly for teachers and for parents with appointments. Otherwise, the visitor parking lot is outside the main entrance. A security booth at the gate admits visitors or directs them to where they need to go. All visitors must enter through here first. Spanning either side of the Main Entrance is the Main Foyer, which is discussed in Section 3 of the tour. The building’s second floor corridor runs uninterrupted through the gate tower. 2. THE MAIN QUAD The Main Quad is an open air courtyard surrounded on all four sides by school buildings. A circle of grass is stamped in the middle of the yard; at its center, like a spoke in a wheel, is a statue of a proud-looking Dr. Charles Claremont. The Main Quad is the lunch stop for students looking to enjoy a beautiful day or just read, generally under the supervision of two or more teachers. The quad also has wood benches for students to sit and relax during lunch or personal breaks. 3. MAIN SCHOOL BUILDINGS Six buildings form the main academic body of Claremont Academy. They are all connected, and they frame the outskirts of the Main Quad. DR. CHARLES CLAREMONT BUILDING The Main Entrance is attached to the Claremont wing of the academy, on the east side of the Quad. A long, straight corridor opening on either side of the Main Entrance serves as the Foyer’s spine, with school lockers clustered together and interrupted in regular intervals by doors leading to the classrooms, the bathroom, or the stairwell. On one side of the Main Entrance is an office with a counter exposed to the corridor and a waiting area to the side. Allison Humphries is one of the secretaries who answers phones and greets students and visitors. Next to the secretaries’ office is the Honor Wall with its inset trophy case filled with various honors and awards. Along the wall itself are the dedication plaques, class photos (new ones and some salvaged from the East Coast school after its brush with the Terminus Invasion), and school memorabilia recovered from the ruin of the old Academy. This includes battered trophies, half-destroyed books and personal items, the twisted and near-melted St. Thomas Aquinas school plaque, and even the stripped helmet from an Omegadrone. Directly opposite the secretaries’ office is a large engraved wood panel with the names of all the students and faculty killed during the Terminus Invasion. This wing holds the school’s labs and the music department among its many classrooms. The infirmary is also located here and is under the auspices of Doctor Lucia Chase. Doctor Chase is a dark-haired beauty, and there are few boys who don’t have a crush on her. The infirmary is better stocked than most given the fact that some teachers and many students live on campus. MATTHIAS COOKE WING Dedicated to the memory of a senior student who died saving classmates from an Omegadrone Squad, the Cooke Wing stands on the north side of the Quad. The Cooke Wing holds more classrooms as well as the different offices of various teachers, the counselors’ offices (including that of Eileen Gomez), and the teacher’s lounge, which is snuggled away from all the heavy foot traffic. The student supply store is also located here; it sells the required textbooks for class and all necessary school supplies. In the two-story foyer at the center of the wing stands the statue of Matthias Cooke, dressed in graduation robes and holding his diploma, which was granted posthumously (the original diploma is bronzed and at the East Coast Academy with the original, identical statue). Many students touch the hem of Cooke’s robe, believing he’s good luck for their tests. Double winding staircases in the foyer lead up to the classrooms on the second floor. DAVID SLOANE LIBRARY A sizable donation came from the coffers of the enigmatic philanthropist David Sloane. While the donation was meant to be anonymous, Duncan Summers eventually discovered who the mysterious benefactor was and honored him by naming the library after him. Sloane, while appreciating the gesture, also seems uncomfortable by the attention. Regardless, the library is a prize for any large school, much less one of Claremont Academy’s modest size. The three-story building is one of two along the south of the Quad. It contains many fine volumes and works in its mahogany wood stacks, as well as large study tables; the normally quiet library is made quieter by the carpeted floors. It also comes equipped with ten computers for conducting online searches. The computers are all firewall-protected, and they’re connected to the Emerald City Public Library network. The library has six sound-proof rooms for study, as well as a small micro-film and micro-fiche library with copies of articles from the Courier-Express, Emerald City's only newspaper. The audio-visual section has televisions, DVD players, projectors, DVDs containing documentaries, and computers with Internet access. The third floor is currently off limits, and nothing piques a student’s curiosity like those two words. Nobody has managed to sneak up to the locked third floor, but that’s not for a lack of trying. Duncan Summers doesn’t even allow the Next-Gen access to that area. DIANA FALK CAFETERIA The second of two buildings along the Main Quad’s southern facing, the Diana Falk Cafeteria was named for an affluent industrialist who donated her savings to various charities before she died. The Claremont Academy was one such recipient. The roomy interior of the cafeteria is two-stories high, with rows of long bench tables and a well-stocked kitchen that serves a variety of healthy meals. The meals include access to the salad bar. Along one wall are vending machines serving a variety of drinks and candies. Dr. Hunt considered removing them in favor of healthy snack dispensers and 100% fruit drinks, but the school almost rioted as a result. As a compromise, Dr. Hunt removed half the machines and replaced them with healthy alternatives like fresh fruit baskets and bottled water dispensers. The cafeteria only serves breakfast and lunch during weekdays, to serve the day students. On weekends and at night, meals for boarding students are served in the staff restaurant, which was designed to feel more like a traditional restaurant than a cafeteria. On weekends, students are also allowed to order fast food delivery, which is dropped off at the Main Entrance. LEONARD FOX AUDITORIUM The Leonard Fox Auditorium is one of two buildings on the Quad’s west facing. It also doubles as the theater and the weekend movie house. The seats are fixed and arranged in amphitheater fashion, while the stage and back area are large enough to handle decent-sized school productions. The auditorium sees use throughout the week, from school concerts to guest speakers, from school announcements to theater rehearsal and school plays. On Sunday afternoons, a projection screen is dropped in front of the stage while a movie that’s already completed its cycle through the cinemas plays. As one of the purer moments of pleasure at the school, the faculty breaks out an old carnival popcorn maker and makes fresh popcorn for the students. Under the auditorium and stage are the hallways and classrooms dedicated to woodshop, art, and prop/set storage. Many students have a hand in crafting props and painting sets for plays for extra-credit or as class assignments. Still, despite the bustle of student life here, nobody likes to be in the auditorium alone. The shadows seem to fidget, and the echoes dance for just a bit too long. The teachers claim it’s an effect of the excellent acoustics, but the students aren’t so sure. LUCAS POWERS GYMNASIUM Football legend and ex-quarterback for the Emerald City Bulldogs, Lucas Powers, was more than happy to donate money to the Emerald City chapter of Claremont. When he first toured the new campus, he said, “It’s like being on the East Coast all over again.” The Powers gym is large enough to hold a tournament regulation basketball court as well as the surrounding bleachers. It contains lockers and shower rooms for boys and girls, a weight training room, equipment storage bins, and the offices of the various coaches, including Alan Archer and Mike “Iron Jaw” Jones, who transferred from the East Coast campus to assist with getting the new school on its feet. ST. THOMAS CHAPEL Although it’s not connected directly to the Main Quad, between the gym and the garden is the chapel. It’s a comfortable place with its doors open throughout the day, hosting bible study after class and Saturday and Sunday services. Father Lantom runs the chapel with a quiet smile, and he always has time to talk to the students. 4. THE ROBERTA ISLEY GARDEN Surrounded by hedges and a low wall, the beautifully manicured and landscaped Roberta Isley Garden is named after one of St. Thomas Aquinas’s first female graduates. In her life, Roberta went on to become a prominent horticulturalist who won the Nobel Peace Prize for her work on cataloging plants and herbs used in native remedies and treatments. Many of the unique and strange flowers found in the garden were those found around the world and donated by Roberta, after she deemed them safe for the local flora and fauna. After the destruction wrought by the Terminus Invasion, Duncan Summers managed to secure or recover the seeds of many of the garden’s rare plants. In fact, with the rapid deforestation of Earth’s once thriving ecosystems, there may well be several species in the Isley Garden that have since gone extinct elsewhere. Duncan has kindly opened the school to several professors at Freedom City University to study the plants and protect the seeds, on the condition they don’t damage the garden in any way. In addition to the unusual plants, the Garden includes a small Zen garden, rows of perfumed flowers, and benches to sit upon and enjoy the calm air. Groundskeeper Terrance Williams, one of several people who tend to the large estate, has quite the green thumb when it comes to the garden. He’s always willing to chat with students about plant care, and even runs impromptu lessons for any student who stops by to learn. THE CARRIAGE HOUSE Although not attached directly to the garden, the rustic carriage house is a long, green-roofed building along the academy’s south wall. Groundskeeping uses the carriage house to store gardening equipment, fertilizer, and seeds for the garden as well as smaller lawnmowers than the riding mowers for areas like the Main Quad. The carriage house also has a locked room that appears cluttered with crates if entered. It contains a hidden retinal scanner and secret passage that connects to the administrative building and the subbasement. 5. THE JASMINE SUMMERS ADMINISTRATIVE BUILDING Named after Duncan Summers’s deceased wife (and daughter of villain Dr. Sin), the Administrative Building is the brain of the body academy. A secretary works in a small office located near the entrance. She directs visitors to where they need to go, and few people can get by her. Next to her office is a comfortable waiting room for people to sit until someone’s ready to receive them. The ground floor holds the majority of the offices for the various departments required to run the school, including the orders and supplies desk, the parent/student liaison officer, accounting, and records. The offices of Headmaster Jericho Drumm and Vice-Principal Denise Childs are at the rear of the building, along with the private library. This staff library contains books required to help teachers teach their courses more effectively or the staff to run the academy more efficiently—they include books on various school-related subjects, ways to construct engaging lesson plans, government grant lists for private education, etc. Only a handful of students are allowed in this library. Finally, the administration lunch room is also located here, with the cafeteria grudgingly delivering hot meals on occasion. The second floor is reserved for housing certain teachers like Alan Archer, Myrna Jensen, Eileen Gomez and John Keating. The apartments are comfortable suites and are reserved for those teachers who know about the Next-Gen and the subbasement. The third floor is Jericho Drumm’s private residence and his sanctuary. No one is allowed here. The basement contains the school’s mainframe with a net isolated computer for backups and the storage facilities for school supplies. SECURITY OFFICE Attached to the administrative building is the security office. Two security officers are always on call here to watch the cameras and respond to problems. The small building includes the monitor room, a small garage for the electric cars they use to zip about campus, and a coffee room with a comfortable cot for when a guard needs a break. The camera system uses motion sensors to trigger the monitors. The campus, however, has several deliberate and subtle blind spots to allow the Next-Gen and qualified personnel to access the subbasement unnoticed. 6. ANDREW SCOBLE BUILDING: STAFF QUARTERS It takes many people to keep Claremont Academy operational. Not everyone receives an apartment in this building, but teachers, the head of the cleaning staff, and staff chefs do live here…essentially anyone whose services are required almost full-time. The apartments are by no means lavish, but they’re large enough to include a living room, bedroom, private bathroom, and a small kitchen. Everyone is given a phone, satellite television, and a computer with an internet connection. The apartments of the fourth floor are slightly larger and capable of accommodating a family, like Vice-Principal Denise Childs, and her sixteen-year-old daughter Cassandra. The first floor of the building is taken up by the staff restaurant and kitchen, where students and staff dine at tables and order from a prepared menu. The second and third floors are exclusive to the apartments, as is part of the fourth floor. The fourth floor is also reserved for a spacious kitchen with large bay windows, a dining area for those staff-members who enjoy cooking for one another, and a large communal area. The latter includes a big screen television, comfortable sofas, a wet bar, a fireplace, and a billiards table. The building is named after a teacher who died saving his students from a classroom chemical fire. Behind the building is the staff parking lot. The basement contains the residence laundry machines and dryers. 7. RITA KORD & EDWARD JON CARTER DORMITORIES The two dormitories are modeled after their Freedom City campus counterparts which were built at different points in the academy’s history, when it was still enjoying some level of popularity. Later, when the board of trustees decided to turn St. Thomas Aquinas into a co-ed campus, they changed the name of the smaller dormitory to that of philanthropist Rita Kord and designated that the women’s dormitory. Following the Terminus Invasion, the Jon Carter Dorm was nearly destroyed. It took longer to rebuild, and so Duncan made the Kord Dorm co-ed. Once the Jon Carter was repaired, the school merely kept the boys and girls together and the Emerald City Campus continues that tradition. Most of the rooms are double occupancy, meaning freshmen and sophomore students have a roommate. All double occupancy rooms have two beds, two study desks, and two bureaus as well as a phone jack for the room and separate internet connections. Juniors and seniors, however, are given a room to themselves, meaning they have enough space to bring in a couch and coffee table, if they want. One school tradition is that when a senior graduates, he or she leaves behind the couch and table, but not before signing it. Without the same tenure as the Freedom City Campus, the tradition lives on save for very few signatures. All floors have two communal bathrooms and shower stalls for boys and girls. Each floor also has two rooms, one each for a male and a female resident assistant.
  9. Tisuri's attention shifted from Kaze, then the Zoyu and back to Kaze. As he was about speak, Rin's outburst of laughter caught his attention. He watch Rin calmly, listening to her observations. "Not an inelegant analogy." Tisuri commented to Rin with a nod. Tisuri looked back to Zoyu and nodded. "You are dedicated and you do train, there is no doubt, but even you know that there is more to it. You do not realize it, but you have even, intuitively, nearly recreated one of the first techniques of the kenku swordsmanship." he said to Zoyu with a faint smile on his lips. "And you spar, toe to toe, with one favored by Mirumoto himself." he added. The kenku then turned his attention back to Kaze and shook his head, a gesture more to himself than anything else. "I doubt you would have heard of her. Your ancestor, Kakita Eji, was visiting the lands of the Phoenix Clan for winter court, and became lost in the woods during a sport hunting outing. Deep in the forest he came upon a beautiful woman who fed him rice, sheltered him and led him back out. He was so enraptured with the woman that he asked her to return with him, and she did, for she had become enraptured with him as well. Her clothing was a bit different and she spoke Rokugani with a strange accent at first, she was beautiful and elegant, Her smile and laughter warmed his heart and soon the pair was deeply in love. He asked her to marry him, and she agreed, which was something that was not well received by many in his family. She lacked noble heritage and seemed to be gaijin, or at least partly so, but Eji would hear none of it, so they were wed and in time she bared him many children. You see, Eji's family was at least partially right about Seiobo. She came from the north, well past the mountains, from a place called Qin. Her curiosity led her to Rokugan, where she met Eji and fell in love. But she was not exactly a gaijin. Seiobo was a Kitsune. She loved Eji so much that she remained in human form. I watched her grow old with Eji, their love never fading. Her love for Eji was so strong that she gave up her immortality for him. Time finally caught up with her though, and she passed on. Though she was a loving and dedicated wife and mother, you would not hear of her voluntarily though, for as far as the family was concerned, she was Eji's 'gaijin mistake'. The rest of the family, at the time, did their best to limit the spread of her blood, but it is clear that they were not entirely successful, for here you are today. She died in mortal form, but her spirit lives on, even if she was largely or possibly entirely forgotten, watching over her descendants. You see, we Kenku understand magic, but the Kitsune, they are magic. They know the primordial tongue of the Heavens... and The Words spoken at the Time of Creation. That is why you were able to do what you did. She showed you how, but in the end you still had to do it yourself." Tisuri explained to Kaze
  10. "I don't wear a watch." He said quietly, thoroughly enraptured by the scene unfolding around him. A part of him no longer cared where they were or where they were going, like seriously... look at that view! "I use my phone." "Figures," she hissed, annoyed with him because, well, it was easier than admitting he was kinda cool in his own way. "Can't live without your tech." "Says the girl missing her watch," he shot back, rolling his twisting his lips to one side of his face to dismiss her entirely. He could play this game. "Or what, do you wear a sundial?" Laurie relaxed. He was right, she was right... this was only going to delay them if it continued. "Point taken, look, us fighting isn't going to help anything... we need to find a way our of here, an escape pod... these things usually have escape pods, right? And why isn't she waking up?" "One, I've no idea, this my first space ship escape... I dunno, I mean, it might." He shrugged. He suddenly realized how seriously powerless the three of them actually were. "Two, this is also my first run in with alien date rape drugs, so I have no idea why she won't wake up. You're right though... we got nothing. We need intel, Sean and Alec would want intel on this place. Once we know what's going on... we can put it all together... fight back." "Can't you... jaunt us out of here? How far does it work?" He chuckled in disbelief, not that she'd asked him that, but in his own ability to make it that far. "No that far, Red," He sighed, collecting his thoughts. "I have to see where I'm going, an image, a spot to study, or a place I know very well. I can form an... I dunno, an anchor I guess, and pull myself back there. This though... this," he pointed to all that was out before them in the vastness of space. "Red... this is not a simple jaunt. Plus, I have limits. I can only carry so much with me and there's no guarantee I could get back here." She shook her head and approached him, processing all he was saying but not quite putting it all together what with all that was happening all at once. "What does that mean? What do mean you can only carry so much, how much?" "You or Clare, how much." He said, his voice expressing a sorrow. "Not both." The chamber was quiet. It was swiftly becoming a cold, hopeless prison with on hell of a view. For awhile they had nothing to say until finally Laurie quietly spoke in a somber tone. "Yeah, let's... look around or something. Intel, right? Standing here is just... making it harder to get home." Her eyes wandered to the massive window and she stared in the direction she thought Earth might be in. "Can you carry Clare?" Silently Devin nodded and scooped up Clare comfortably into his arms. Together the two set out to look around, starting with the chamber they were in...
  11. No matter what they did Clare wouldn't wake up her pulse was strong and her breathing was regular. As they tried something caught Devin's eye something big something above him. "Hey is that Jupiter?" Devin asked more subdued than it had been. This was something he had never in his wildest dreams thought he would see they were flying by Jupiter. Flying. By. Jupiter. Devin and Laurie watched as the huge planet which filled the sky slid by them and fell behind dwindling as they watched, shrinking in less than a minute it was just another star. Laurie looked pale, "how long were we out? i didn't wear a watch"
  12. <You really need to practice this whole image thing... did you have corn flakes for breakfast?>, he asked her as much aloud as in his mind. They both weren't as used to the mental chatting thing it seemed and still talked as they thought. He continued to tend to Clare, okay... he continued to slap her and fight the urge to cop a feel, but it was about as altruistic as Jaunt got these days. The fact that he;d made it this long without inspecting the small of her back for a thong seam was an absolute testament to his willpower. Next gaming session he was considering making a Paladin, he'd obviously mastered the more noble aspects of being a hero... <Yeah, what's that got to... oh... look, I'm trying okay... I'm really weirded out right now...>, cautiously she peered around her, a small chill running through body at the prospect of someone, or something with unkind intentions entering the chamber and... well, that'd be it. Nervously she focused again as the thought of a possible gruesome death awaited her. <You're scared someone's gonna see your browsing history...> He said, smirking to himself, she couldn't see him, but he smirked nonetheless. This wasn't going well at the moment, but just knowing she was out there, a familiar soul in all this sudden madness comforted him. <You dirty little minx... do your parent's know what you do in the late night hours?> <I swear, if we make it out of this, I'm kicking you in the junk so hard, your teeth are gonna bleed...> She was fuming. She was stuck in a strange place, up in space no less, and of all the 'heroes' Earth had to offer she got stuck with... with... him. A part of her wanted to scream for the aliens to come collect her, a million anal probes were certainly preferable to sharing one more thought with that... knuckle dragging, mouth breathing... "You forgot slack-jawed." Devin's voice was a clear tone that slightly echoed in the large room's acoustics. When Laurie spun about, half shocked, Devin was half expecting her to throttle him. He was kneeling over Clare's sleeping body, but stood as she looked at him silently. He could tell her mind was still wondering if he was an illusion or figment. Finally she gave up caring and he flinched slightly as she moved towards him. She didn't hit him. Instead she fell into his arms, gladdened and relieved that he was real and she wasn't alone anymore. Gods she smelled good and seeing her was just the panacea he needed to gather the focus they'd both need if he was going to get them out of here. Okay, Clare might help too, but he was totally taking the credit, after all Clare didn't want to make out with Laurie... or maybe she did... and would they let him record it... "You know, your dad said this is how teen pregnancy starts," he whispered, holding her tight with a caring expression she couldn't see. If she had, she may actually consider him more than sub-human. "Skintight body suits, stressful situations, alien observations decks..." She smiled, he didn't see, nor would he... the damnable little sub-human he was, but he always had a way of making her smile, even in the middle of all this. Laurie sometimes felt like she had her own Deadpool... except even an ugly Ryan Reynolds preferable to Devin. She wasn't sure why the sound of his voice or his breath on her neck made her melt, so she quickly remembered that she hated him. "Relationships that arise from stressful situations never last. It's a fact." Despite her resolute brick-walling of what he passed off as humor, her chin never left the safety of his shoulder. "Well, we can make out furiously until the magic has passed, then go back to hating each other... I don't think Clare will mind," he whispered sensually in her ear. "I bet she likes to watch." She could feel his smirk. The haughty, almost dead pan manner with which he delivered his one liners was fired with Deadpool like accuracy. Wit would be Devin's coffin and every jest a nail, of this she was certain. She rolled her eyes and pulled herself away, tapping him on the chest and offering him a disgusted smile and a disinterested response. "Aaand the moment's gone. Seriously. You can let go now..." Unphased, he did as she asked, smirking outwardly and laughing like a mad man on the inside. He knelt back beside Clare, putting the moment behind him, sort of... damn she smelled good. "Clare won't wake up. I've tried shaking her violently, slapping her... considered punching but I'm not sure it's safe. I think the suit is too tight... we should definitely get her out of it..." "Oh, but shaking her violently is?! And we are not striping her down... oh. My. God." He fists tensely balled up and she flexed her wrists outward as her whole body tensed up in an urge to resist throttling him. She glared at him wide eyed with disappointment and growing frustration at being stuck with him as her rescuer. "You're a colossal idiot." She breathed heavily, placing her hand on her forehead, she paced around trying to collect herself and her thoughts. Suddenly a thought dawned on her. "How... how did you get here?" Despite his jokes, Devin was dotting over Clare like a mother hen. He was worried about her, he just couldn't let it show. He gently brushed a lock of her hair from her face, letting him see her eyes gently dart about under the cover of her eyelids. She was still with them. With his attention on her, his mind wasn't on witty prose or lost in his next one liner. He delivered his words honestly, almost like a hero should. "Not sure," He said flatly, his concentration on Clare for the moment. "I thought of you, Red. You needed me, here I am. It's what I do now." Laurie melted all over again, stifling the fuming rage brought on his... being him. Ugh, he was so... so... UUUGGHHH....
  13. "Holy Shit!" exclaimed 3J as she saw the growing blaze in the trashcan, smoke billowing from it as if it were a 3 alarm the the flames really began to shoot out. This wasn't some little trash can fire fueled by a few crumple sheets of paper it was a budding conflagration complete with jets of flames shooting up every few seconds each one higher than the last. Pretty much everyone was frozen when 3J began shouting again. "Wait wait I know what to do!" The chubby red head started digging through her bag as the flames shot higher and higher...
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  15. Rin burst out laughing almost rolling the laughs coming from deep in her belly from her soul. "That Zoyu-san explains oh so much in so few words. I applaud you, Tisuri-sama, on your on your brilliant brevity." She bows to the Kenku deeply and reverently. The she fills her cup and everyone else cup with saki, the first she has touch since their own interrupted party what seem like a lifetime ago. Lifting the cup she looks at all of those gathered. "We have done our duty this night and some would say more than our duty. But I say not enough. When the rain falls from heaven, many such as I and those who are practical, do not hide from it, do not rush in doors to avoid what is only water. So what if we get wet. We will dry. And if it is hot then the rain will cool us and is welcome at least by me. But when the typhoon blows and the rain becomes flood and the wind tears at the you... even the practical seek shelter in the strongest house. Last night it rained, but the thunder from that rain speaks of a storm which is just over the horizon, a typhoon the likes of which none of us here, save perhaps one," Rin bows her head indicating Tisuri, "have ever seen or imagined. My duty is clear, our duty is clear." Rin drains her cup.
  16. One thing keyboards do is build dexterity in your fingers. Cat's Cradle was as old of a hobby for Warren as shuffling cards. They were things he'd do when he was younger to pass the time in foster care or one of his several minor stints in juvenile detention. He wasn't too thrilled about the mp3 recording that 3J had doctored to jumble a few of the things he'd said into her spell, but really, editing a recording took all of what? Ten minutes and could be done in the bathroom on a tablet. Myth Busters really needed him on the payroll, he'd have a field day with this place... although he didn't recall saying 'tits' out loud... eh, he must have. To pass the time, and drown out the rest of the people around he got to work fiddling with the string. Sure enough his fingers showed a measure of manual coordination and skill that would have made Kaitlin consider guys again or 3J wonder what the touch of a man could really be like... too bad she'd never know. The more he focused the easier and swifter the string patters came. This place was a joke, and the more he thought about how fake the place was, the swifter the the motions came to him. Fueled by pure irritation there was a sudden "POP" like a small bubble in plastic baggie being smashed by a child's palm. Startled, those present spun about and looked at where the sound had come from, back by the door, near where Spenser had exited the small metal trash can was smoking and tiny fire was quickly gaining in size...
  17. Zoyu circumspectly squeezed Tsukiko's hand in return. "My blade may belong in one world, and indeed, longs for it, Tsukiko-san," Zoyu murmured, her habitual serene smile on her lips, but her eyes were bright with deeper emotion. "But I very much enjoy visiting your world, and I have every intention of doing so again and again." She glanced up at the much taller woman, her smile widening just a trifle more. "Why else defend the Empire if not to do so?" At dinner, though her graces and manners were in evidence, Zoyu's mind was more on Tsukiko than those on hand. She was largely silent, only replying instinctively as politeness dictated. But then Tisuri began speaking about her and Rin's heritage and suddenly as that, Zoyu was in the here and now, thoughts of Tsukiko flown out of her head. "My skill with the blades comes of dedication and being of the Kakita," Zoyu replied loftily, but there was the slightest hint of uncertainty in her faint frown as she fingered her anomalous lock of hair. "As for my... eccentricities of hair and eye, I had always believed were markings of glories or tragedies on my previous journeys on the wheel of life. But you claim it is the blood of the honoured Kenku flying in that of the Crane? Your blood?" Tisuri in his human guise nodded in a way that was both boastful and bird-like. "It is so." "Hmm." Zoyu lips formed a contemplative moue, considering her shared heritage of Crane and Crow as Kakita Kaze asked about one Seiobo-sama that she was not familiar with. With such legacy, perhaps Tisuri-sama would be willing to share the mythical and mystical arts of the blade for which the Kenku were renowned...
  18. INTERLUDE AT THE BALL "No, I don't have the details," Grace was exasperated everything about this assignment was one shock after the other, "Yes sir I know. But if containment is still a priority then we need to let them handle this, just like they did with Devin." She listened as her superior officer went on and on, the Colonel was being rather dickish tonight. "Yes sir I understand," this could be flushing her career down the toilet, " but you need to realize sir, that these are not children and while one of them is your daughter, we can't make them do anything they don't want to. Lilly just saved this dance from falling apart with a brilliant idea, and Sean had averted disaster and kept everyone's attention solely on the party and not what was going on before that. They are more capable than we give them credit for, More than we can imagine. They are smarter than us and I hate to admit it but wiser too I think. It is my recommendation as the officer on site that we let them deal with this." She waited in silence for the reply which took more than a minute but when it did come she breathed a sigh of relief. "Yes sir I concur having a team on ready standby is a good idea and I will maintain contact with the Irregulars. Thank you sir." Grace ended the call and put her phone up then went back into the dance to find Lilly and the rest of the Irregulars.
  19. Kaitlin was surprised but not disappointed that it looked like their school day was over. She had expected more on their first day, more orientation or something, but that just meant they got to look around campus on their own. Kaitlin hopped out of her chair, slung her bag over her shoulder and strode over to the box. She fished out one of the loops of strings, one coloured in earth tones of brown, green, and grey. She considered it for a moment, thinking it a stupid game, but on the other hand, her Hadouken spell had been a brute one that hadn't worked out the way she wanted while Safyre's spell had been fancy and impressive looking. She was proud of Pain for Gain, but it took hard work and time for the effects to show - it wasn't something that lent itself to cool demonstrations. Kaitlin looped the string over a strong wrist then picked up the lesson book, leafing through it quickly just to get an idea of its layout, but really she was hesitating. Finally, she took a deep breath and turned to face Safyre. "So, uh, I really liked your spell," Kaitlin admitted, grudgingly if honestly. "If you have time sometime, could you show me how you move your fingers for a spell like that?"
  20. He was glad DeathOtter left without real incident, and that Lily's quick thinking saved the dance for everyone else. Having Devin be forcibly disconnected was disconcerting, but it meant he was already quite distant. <I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Devin being disconnected could easily mean he is no longer on this planet, as I've had no issue keeping up with him as he teleport around thus far. More than that, regarding the surge for Clare's enhancement, It was no more intense than Devin's, and far less than any of our own. Still with the watch going off, we should at least tell the Colonel something. We'll likely need gear from the base if we're to find them and bring them home.> He looked around at the other attendees, and then down to Kia/Clare <You might want to go change back, it wouldn't do for anyone to see us leave together like we are. We might want to go ahead and leave, have the limo's bring us to our homes, and then we can head to the base. Once we've covered all our bases we can be about the business of finding our friends. It will take a bit of time for the base to mobilize to pick up Bunnee and the waitress.>
  21. Life was full of compromises. This was something Keiko had learned. For example, she hadn't been able to convince Atsushi Ichimura, her father, not to drive her to school today. She had however managed to convince him not to use the company limo. It had been a job, because he was coming from and returning to work. Instead, he was sitting with her in the backseat of the family Lexus with a company driver. Compromise! It was really awkward though. Keiko never quite knew what to say to her dad unless he said something first. Then the range of acceptable responses was dramatically narrowed. Small talk and chitchat were not high on Atsushi's list of interactions to partake in. He was a stern, stoic man, though Keiko had seen that he had deeply held feelings. The day she'd finally lost what was left of her vision, he'd held her and wept. The only time up until then, or since. He'd spared no expense in trying to correct her affliction either, but when it became clear that simply wasn't an option, he'd been quick to jump instead at ways to help her cope. It actually made Keiko feel a little bad, but this was just another compromise, right? He got to be the white knight, and show his love for her in ways that didn't compromise his reserve...and she? Well...she got to not really be blind? Sort of? Okay, that wasn't really a compromise. That was totally getting to have her cake and eat it too. The only thing better than being able to see again was being able to see and no one knowing. Compromising was boring. Give her all the cake, every day! "You have what you need?" Like so many questions her father asked, Atsushi's tone was more of a statement than an interrogative. Things were as he wished them to be; he was merely making sure. "Hai, oto-san," she replied. Her family spoke English at least as much as Japanese, but it always seemed to put her dad in a better mood to hear his mother tongue. Keiko held up the white rod that was her collapsible cane in one hand, and her 'clicker' in the other. The clicker was freaking awesome. A masterstroke of genius! Before she'd 'learned' to see again, Keiko had heard about something called 'human echolocation.' Her dad had managed to set her up on a program to train her to 'see' by hearing reflected sounds from sharp clicks. Way before she could do much more than just tell if something big and flat was nearby though, she'd...well...that was another story. She'd figured out how to see again. But she'd realized the clicker meant she could move around normally and just pretend she was echolocating like a champ! Plus it was a super-annoying sound but no one got to complain when she did it, because she was blind! Atsushi nodded gravely. "Work hard," he advised as the car drew to a halt. Keiko reached up to touch his cheek, then quickly planted a kiss on it before throwing the door open and getting out. "I will!" Her dad's eyes widened momentarily in alarm, thinking she might trip or something. He relaxed a little as she snapped her cane out, then reached over to close the door behind her. Meanwhile, she slid a pair of sunglasses on and grinned. Being out in the wide open was still a bit of a rush. So much light, so many colors, bouncing off of so many things. In the car half of her was mashed up against the seat. Here she was a fish, swimming in radiance. Without turning her head, Keiko watched the car drive off. She didn't really KNOW how it all worked. She could feel light, all around her. It wasn't quite the same as seeing had been. It was actually better. Even more, she could sort of 'reach out' and change how it worked around her. Wring it out of the air, or give it different 'feels' to change color and intensity. Weirder still, more recently Keiko had learned that using her power a little differently could make the opposite of a ghostlike construct of visible light. She could make something that seemed 'solid,' but was invisible. It felt like light to her, kind of, but it was a different feel. A different sort of vibration. There were probably boring explanations for it, but that wasn't why she was here. tap tap went the cane. click went the clicker, and then click click because why not? With a little twirl, Keiko headed off across the quad towards her first class, clicking and tapping merrily along the way and swerving to narrowly avoid people and obstacles as she went. She could already tell this was going to be an awesome year.
  22. Kaze shot Rin a concerned glance. While far from Gregarious usually, she did at least tend to be slightly more animated. Her expression stated unequivocally that she didn't want to talk about it. Perhaps it was fading battle rush, or maybe just how the evening had progressed. Whatever it was, though, it was clearly troubling her. Perhaps she would feel better after she had rested, or maybe even just when she had time to withdraw with the other magistrates. Either way, he would not be dragging her into conversation when there were strangers nearby to overhear it. Reluctantly, he move on, his own thoughts churning. Facing the Kenku once more, he spends a moment just watching the disguised swordsman. Even in his human guise, he exhibited some of the habits of birds. That cock of the head as something interesting caught his eye. That look in his eyes as he led them to their own answers, only occasionally actually answering something himself. He found himself apprehensive of the next question he knew he had to ask. He had said they, all of them sitting there, had unusual blood. And given the exacting skill the bird had wielded his words with, as precise as any sword, that meant that he too had had help beyond the norm. But Dragons, Kenku and Kitsu. He was apprehensive of having the attention of something like that resting on his shoulders.Different to the thought of failing the city over the course of the night, it still left his stomach almost tying itself in knots. It didn't help that Seiobo, while she had been present had passed so utterly for human that he never would have anticapated that she was anything but. Even now he found it hard to believe. But then, maybe she wasn't.... maybe she.... there was no point in mentally chewing it over any more. The answers were right in front of him, only his own apprehension stopping him from finding out if she was just human, if she was a servant of something else, or if she herself was something else. A lull in the conversation provides him with his opportunity and he takes a quiet breath to fortify himself, smoothly exhaling and finding his centre. "Tisuri-sama. You said that, much like Tendo-sama, you knew Seiobo-sama, but that you had not seen her for some time. What can you tell me about her? Her name is, to my regret, not one I am familiar with, either among the more well known among the clan, or among my own families more immediate ones." And there. it was asked. Now he was just unsure what he wanted the answer to be.
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  24. <Whoa! I hear you, Devin, and with way TMI,> Laurie replied in thought and voice, unable to separate the two in her surprise. Though she wasn't able to peel her eyes off of the galaxy just beyond the glow, her cheeks blushed furiously. Was he thinking/talking about her or the new and improved Clare? And why should she care if he was thinking about Clare instead of her? And how come she wanted to see how Devin looked in a skinsuit like hers so badly? Laurie tried for wry cynicism instead of growing anxiety and fear at their situation. <I take it then that Clare is with you, wherever you are?> <Um, yeah.> Devin looked back down at her for a moment, still sleeping, still heaving. <But she's still sleeping or knockers - I mean knocked out or something. We're in some sort of room.> Even Devin realized how lame of a description that was, even if he couldn't decide on a better one right now in his concern for the girl he'd taken to the Winter Ball and was currently nowhere in sight. Seanita will literally kill me in the most scientifically painful way possible. <How about you?> Laurie had winced at the sudden image of Clare's boobs Devin had better have accidentally sent her, wondering if they really looked like that in skintight-whatever-they-were-wearing or if he was exaggerating them in his mental fantasy. <I woke up in a storage room or what I'm going to say passes for one. There were these weird crates, but I couldn't figure out how to open them. The door was easier. It just... fwisht open when I got close. Now I'm on... an observation deck?> Her mental voice was uncertain, her voice echoing them sounding odd in the boundless room (?) she was standing in. Attempting to do what Sean showed her, Laurie tried to send an image of where she was to Devin. Maybe he could use it as a way to lock on to her and teleport to her side.
  25. <I'm working on ideas to get them back,> Sean replied to Kia and Lilly, <But I've just grown aware of quantum bubbles left behind by teleportation effects. It's going to take a bit for me to figure out if they can be used to track the destination and how to do it. I need more data.> Sean resisted the urge to stand up and leave the Winter Ball immediately. Even with Lilly's timely encouragement to keep the dance going, her parting would be noticed. At the moment, Sean couldn't see a few minutes making a difference either way. <Good job with the cellphones to keep the party going, Lilly. People will remember that more than DeathOtter making her exit. But on another note, I'm not assured the kidnapping was an Asheen initiative. Even if they do have sensors all over the planet able to scan quantum events, I would think they would have struck here at the Winter Ball rather than at Bunnee's.> Sean pursed her crimson lips. <Well, unless the happened to have a clandestine agent here at the time and who was able to follow Devin instantly. Clare manifested here, not there, and I wouldn't think Devin's 'jaunt' would have spiked a higher not. Also, I haven't sensed an imminent threat from their corner. They are a still distant danger. At least as far as I can tell in regards to myself and the planet. However, Guardian Shield should have satellites and sensors in place, especially around Shelly, to pick up finer detail. If so, something on them might show me what we need to find Laurie and Devin, oh, and Clare, and get them back. We should inform them, or at least inquire if they have picked up any other irregularities on the system. If we get them to pick up Bunnee and the waitress, a medical examination may be able to determine if what affected them was similar to those stung by the bugs at the initial incursion. Alec, wait and keep an eye on them until we hear back.>
  26. Confucius said: 'Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.' How undeniably true, Curtis reflected, but his dads, however much he loved them, were living incarnations of that all. He could have had the straightforward simplicity of being able to handle his studies, fully flex his intellectual might and tackle the myriads of scientific and technological research and development... but his genetics had gone Janus-faced on him. The same meta-human conductivity that complemented his genius with incomparable mental processing speed created just enough external generative ability that Jesse and Jeff Shane had the fig leaf to insist he 'needed to learn control of his powers' and packed him off to Emerald City Claremont. All an excuse for their long-running concern that he needed more socialization with others his age. Nonsense! It was hardly necessary, and in any case, how could he gain meaningful interaction from those who had to scrape up their own notes and cared more about trivial topics. The girls would natter about makeup or some puerile infatuation. The boys about sports or their own puerile infatuations. Perhaps there might be a few inclined towards science, but even then the gaps between theirs and his would be pronounced. At best, the vast majority of his fellow students would only contribute as subjects of study, given their own superhuman abilities. In short, this was something Curtis really wished he didn't have to do. Curse his legal status as a minor! The superior young man was wearing his usual attire: glasses, a short shirt (this one a basic dark blue) and short pants (these khaki cargo shorts). Curtis glanced around at the nattering hordes and sighed, more deeply.
  27. His heart pounded in his chest as a million bad things raced through his mind. Sure he was Mr. Life-Of-The-Party wen he was chilling with his super-powered friends, but here, in the thick of trouble(?) without them... he wasn't prepared to face zombie mongol hordes or evil aliens all on his own! "Clare..." He shook her. "Clare..." he looked around his surroundings, like a scared blonde wrapped in a towel in some horror movie. "Seriously, Clare, wake the the hell up. We really don't have time for this." Frantically he started rapidly tapping her on the cheek... because that's what they did in movies. <Laurie. C'mon. I know you're out there. Pick up.> In all the stress he was trying to carry too many conversations at once. His waking of Clare, looking for Laurie over the guild chat, and, as always, with himself. His thoughts bled over into the jumble. <Ugh... this blows. Finally nab a hot date to a dance and aliens, or... Power Rangers... or whatever abduct us. She was so fine! I coulda spent all night motor boating her cleavage, but noooo... And why is it all the women I know now have amazing tits? Like man... do these puppies even move when she jumps? Seriously... this is just not fair... I'm going through a bottle of lotion a week... and what's with the outfit!? What if I gotta pee, there's no zipper...>
  28. Mutants and Masterminds: Hero Academy! Season 1, Episode 1 "Welcome to Hero High" Freedom City! *mumble, mumble* Huh? Th-that was second edition? *mumble, mumble* Oh, they are on the other coast now? They just moved the setting to the other coast? Fine, whatever, why is it called Emerald City? *mumble, mumble* Because I'm a method narrator, I need to immerse myself into the narration! You know what... fine, I'll just... I'll just wing it! Ehem... Emerald City! Shining jewel of the West Coast! It is here that we find another school year beginning for the young women and men of Central California! As lunches are packed, outfits are changed numerous times, and buses are missed the latest class of Claremont Academy's exclusive student roster have arrived for what guarantees to be an interesting year... The campus was closed to the media. Every year around this time, it was a circus of reporters and tabloid magazines trying to snap a few clicks of Claremont Academy's newer student roster. Dr. Lucian Hunt, who over saw the day-to-day of Claremont ensured the public that, unlike it's Freedom City counterpart, did not train young teens to be super heroes. The goal of Claremont Emerald City was to focus exclusively on higher education. Was he lying? No, of course not. There was not plane hidden under the basket ball courts or secret base under the school, they school was dedicated to educating teens to face the trials ahead of them in life. As far as a class went, it was pretty small. Only few handfuls of students were attending the Academy this year, although it was common for that number to flux upward or downward as the year went on. Unlike Freedom Claremont, Emerald Claremont was super exclusive and not even the faculty seemed to know why... The new-year students arrived in the visitor parking lot, being dropped off by parents, guardians, or driving themselves and already the atmosphere of Claremont overwhelmed them. The main double gates seem to engulf them underneath the portico-style gate tower. On the wall next to the entrance is a plaque that reads: “The Claremont Academy for the Gifted, Scientia Potentia Est”. ["Knowledge is power.", all students, even new ones, know the schools motto.] From the parking lots they moved under the massive gate tower and walked into the huge Main Quad, an open air courtyard surrounded on all sides by school buildings. A circle of grass is stamped in the middle of the yard; at its center, like a spoke in a wheel, is a statue of a proud-looking Dr. Charles Claremont. All around the Quad are benches for sittinf and a few trees that seem to be perfect reading spots. Currently, there was a podium set up in front of the statue where all the faculty seemed to be gathering as well as students who appeared to have done this once or twice or before and knew how it worked. 'When in doubt, blend in' seemed the motto of the day. The sky was blue and the weather warm, perfect for an outdoor orientation. The atmosphere was the typical 'high school dread' feeling, of being surrounded by strangers, on all sides except in this place everyone seemed fit, attractive, rich, smart, or on a few occasions... all of the above. There were exceptions and no one was by any means 'perfect', in fact everyone just seemed rather on the higher end scale of normal aside from the alarmingly few of them there were. Students talked amongst themselves and the volume rose, as was common among teenagers. They all swapped summer stories and tales of their trips abroad, group selfies were taken to extremes, hugs were lavished on missed besties and the loners looked upon all of it with disgust, because, after all, life is sooooo hollow. There in the quad, among strangers and friends the new class of Claremont Academy waited for orientation to begin...
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