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  2. Marrisa Jauntsen Local Mean Girl/Party Girl Marissa, is the second half of the terrible twosome known as the 'Jauntsen Twins'. Unlike her twin brother, Devin, who is the muscle and the raging force behind keeping the students of Shelly's popularity echelon in line (which is why he's less popular than her: he's mean), Marissa is the face behind the whole operation. Beautiful, articulate, and shrewd, she has the entire student body of Shelly High (and some extent, the elementary/junior high too) practically under her thumb with the belief that she some sort of angel who has been heaven sent to Shelly, MT. As they say, truth is stranger than fiction, and Marissa is far from Heaven sent. She is the classic example of a Mean Girl with the added bonus of possibly being a reincarnated Hitler. A majority of the student body live in abject fear of her and reprisals should they speak out or act against her. She's bossy, mean, entitled and generally the worst human being alive in Shelly (even worse than her brother). When she's not ruining the lives of the other students at Shelly High, she spends her time either drunk or high on whatever limited designer drugs Shelly has available. Like her brother, Marissa's home life is terrible and the pressure and high expectations have driven her to a life cruelty and escape. While it doesn't excuse her behavior, there is, so far, no one in Shelly High who touch her on the echelon of power as long as the Faculty continue believing she's the angel she portrays herself as. In fact Marissa's only real talent, besides being conniving and evil, is that her body can resist impressive amounts of intoxicants and drugs and she's quite an ace when it comes to literature, both modern and historical.
  3. Lilly Pryor Athletic Star / Olympic Hopeful Personal Information Real Name: Lilly Ann Pryor Nicknames: Lills Occupation: Junior at Shelly High School Marital Status: Single Known Relatives: William Pryor - Father (Lt. Colonel, Air Force), Cassandra Pryor - Mother (Head Nurse, Shelly Medical) Physical Traits Gender: Female Height: 5'8" Weight: 140 lbs Age: 16 Ethnic Background: Caucasian/Mediterranean (English, Irish, Spanish, Greek) Eyes: Black Hair: Dark Brown Handedness: Right Lilly is the daughter of William and Cassandra Pryor and they child they almost never had due to fertility issues. When she was finally born her parents were happy to have a child of their own. Her father had always hoped for a son, but after the bad luck they had in the past, he was not about to ask his wife if they could try for another. Instead he accepted what he was given and love his little girl dearly. As a child Lilly was nearly spoiled and never lacked for attention from her parents. When she wanted to try gymnastics, dance and even tae kwon do, her parents signed her up and it was there that her parents got the first glimpses of her natural athletic ability. In time, as she got older, she left them all behind and moved into sports such as soccer where she shined on the field. She had grace, agility, a never quit (some would say stubborn) attitude and with that, a lack of aversion to pain. When she had a goal on the field, she wasn't going to let some injury stop her. Lilly's love of athletics was always held back a bit by her father's job in the Air Force. They never stayed in one area for more than a few years, which made team sports difficult, though the constant moving did allow her to see a more of the United States and the world than most kids her age (she especially loved her time in Germany). So Lilly largely moved toward individual athletic endeavors and would even join her father's runs and workouts (even training Lilly in self defense), developing a strong bond in the process. From her mother Lilly learned compassion, often volunteering at whatever hospital her mother was working at, and what it was to be a woman. From her father she learned a love for the outdoors (hiking, camping, hunting) and football, while from both of them she learned integrity, the value of hard work and self-sacrifice. The last several years have been some of the most stable for Lilly, with the Pryors having moved to Shelly at the beginning of her freshman year. This has allowed Lilly time to make friends (such as Sean and the D&D group) and use the school facilities to train hard, having set her sights on the Olympics. The sight of her rusted '57 Chevy pickup (was the only car in Shelly available at the time that was in her price range) is a common sight at the school after hours. This also caused some rumors to be spread about her from various jealous parties (Courtney, Chet), as has over the last several years broken many school and state records in pretty much any sport she's participated in (track & field, volley ball, basketball, even wrestling to name a few), many of which were set by Sean's older sister, Teagan. More recently though, Lilly was approached by Coach Meyers about playing football... with the boys. She knew it would take time away from her training, but she accepted anyways knowing that though he did not have a son, her father, who loved football dearly, would be proud to see his little girl on the field. During the recent preseason practices, Lilly has proved that she was as tough as the boys and had not only the arm and accuracy to pass, but the speed and nimbleness to rush or scramble, causing the team to mostly accept her. Based on what he has seen in the short time Coach Myers has asked if Lilly would commit to playing quarterback, a position that would require even more of her time. SHEET
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    All characters are now finished. Take a minute look over everything make sure it is the way you want it after that what is posted is what we will be going with.
  6. Cara listened, her lips pursed, as Dominique broke it all down. There was a particularly vital, in her opinion, piece of the puzzle that hadn't been discussed yet. She wasn't entirely sure she wanted to bring it up here and now, surrounded by people she wasn't entirely sure could be trusted...but who knew when another opportunity would come? In any event, she didn't want to bombard Colby, or give the impression she was trying to step on Dom's question, so she bided her time for now. Once the old werewolf had appeased Dominique, then Cara would see what Colby knew of the plan to 'separate' her and Marko from the Twins. Regardless of the fate of the Originals, she wanted that to happen, if it was a real thing. But the actions of this 'vampire-wolf' were deeply unsettling. They were...erratic. Veering wildly from threats to offers, from a wish to collaborate with both of them to a sudden effort to drive a wedge between them. Impulsive...perhaps not very confident? Maybe a bit of madness? Cara couldn't tell yet, and the idea that a creature of this strength was psychologically unstable was really scary. Even Marko, at his worst, typically had drives that could be understood even if he was hard to predict moment to moment. I wonder what bloodline you're from, Cara mused. Have you already managed to cut your ties, or do you need help with that?
  7. "Well, this has been absurd," Triessa sighs, brushing her hair back behind her ears as the echos of attacks and the last residual flashes of sorcery faded. Then she frowns. "Wait, were...those there before?" Triessa goes over to the exit on the left, then looks at the opposite one, bemused. "Well, I don't see much to recommend one of these over the others. Want to just go left?"
  8. They were running away. Yes. Wait. No. They couldn't run away! She wanted them to run away, but not until she was sure she had gotten the princess or a general or a champion or something to make sure the next time they came back, they'd be talking, not fighting. Eyes flashing wildly over the battle field, Yuuki was as hellbent as her soldiers to pursue in that heartbeat, ready to drop into the formations of troops as the reserves of magic bearing her aloft dwindled towards nothing. She'd... She'd do *something* to make sure this was over, make this stop. Then the horn sounded and the cheers of those accepting the victory for what it was, taking the wind out of her emotional sails. The shrine-maiden dropped out of the air with a few flaps of her iridescent wings, touching down in an impromptu circle of respectful distance from the cheering men. She let herself soak up the admiration for a moment, breath hitching in her throat as the chaos in her head met the adrenaline in her blood and muddled everything. Concentration shattering, her wings burst into a small halo of refracting crystal that bathed her in rainbow light, the green-haired beauty pristine and unmarked compared to the soldiers in their mud, blood, and bandages. There was a throbbing pressure in her head, the wild heart of her power beginning to complain at the effort of holding it's grip on the sea of foliage around her. Oh Kami. Anyone lingering in the area when this all reverted... If even one more person... The deflected arrow that claimed the unknown spearman played over her vision again. "Back! Back! Everyone out of the treeline!" she tried to shout over the cheering, looking for someone with some kind of rank to spread the word as quickly as possible, not certain if she should be leading by example.
  9. Sean Cassidy Intersexed Technophile and Gamer Real Name: Sean Fionn Cassidy Nicknames: Finn, Cassidy, Cassy, PC Genie/Apple Genius, Titboy, Ladyboy, Ho (and less flattering variations) Known Relatives: Jack Cassidy (Father; Renovations/Landscaping, Electrical, and Plumbing contractor; 6'), Carolyn Cassidy (Mother; Homeworker, part-time accountant; 5'7''), Teagan Cassidy (Sister; 18; Just graduated and joined the Military after graduation, planning on being a US Ranger- High School Star Athlete; 5'11''), Laurelei Cassidy (Sister; 15; Sophomore; 5'7'') Date of Birth: October 30, 2002 Nationality: American Home Region: Shelly, MT, USA Occupation: Junior at Shelly High School; Freelance web-design and programmer, Physical Traits Gender: Um... Ethnic Background: Caucasian (Irish, German, Norwegian) Age: 16 Height: 5'4.75'' Weight: 118 lbs Eyes: Large, exotic, tilted eyes of vivid turquoise with a spiky inner ring of teal Hair: Deep, vibrant red Handedness: Left Appearance Sean is an extremely attractive young woman of modest height and far from modest curves... except he isn't actually a young woman - hourglass figure to the contrary - though calling him a young man isn't necessarily technically correct either. But unless he isn't wearing pants (or skin-tight ones), the dichotomy isn't really noticeable. He used to keep his vibrant hair cut short, but has been letting grow longer on top in a style that is more unisex, leaning towards feminine, mostly because it isn't worth the argument with the hairdresser - and to be fair, it does look better on him than the very short cut he used to have. His eyes are large and a striking turquoise in colour, with a jagged inner ring of teal. He used to dress to conceal his figure, but has relented to some degree, though he still prefers relaxed fit jeans and cargo-pants, and then layers of shirts, topped by a hoodie. Always wears a bra, and after several years, doesn't even consider it out of the ordinary, for him anyway. Still, he hasn't been able to bring himself to go swimming in public, since an incident at the only time he had gone to Disneyland when he was thirteen. He does allow himself to cut loose on Halloween, using his looks and figure to accentuate and enhance his costume - or vice versa - to best effect. (Note, I may change the pic I use for Sean - haven't found exactly what I'm looking for, but regardless of what the pic is, assume Sean has deep red hair in one of those undercut styles where it's shaved on the sides on longish on top, he's relatively fair skinned, and his eyes are turquoise with the uneven inner ring of teal) Background Sean's life hasn't exactly been ideal, though it started out with promise. With his father a general contractor who did renovations, landscaping, electrical and plumbing work and his mother, who took care of the books and worked part-time as an accountant from home, Sean grew up solid middle-class in an old, rambling one-story farmhouse on the outskirts of town that had belonged to the Cassidys for generations. Most of the farmland had been sold off long ago, but several of the outbuildings have been repurposed as a workshop and material storage for Jack's contracting business and a barn was renovated into a den that Sean soon claimed, and indeed practically moved into. Jack has continued work on the barn until it is almost a full apartment. Very smart and clever, school was easy for Sean with little effort and he took an early interest in computers, which at the time, was used mostly by Carolyn to keep the books and her accounting business. They got him his own computer and soon where starting to regret it, as he was always fiddling with it, trying to make it better, which at first, resulted in needing to get new parts or take it in to get fixed. But it didn't take long before others started coming to Sean to fix their PCs or get him to build one for them. Like his sisters, Sean helped his dad out on his building sites after school and on the weekends. Always a bit small for his age, he couldn't do any heavy lifting, but could do gopher work and he was always good with his hands, showing an aptitude with electrical and mechanical devices, always wanting to know how they worked. Things started their downward turn when he was ten. While he had been born a healthy and fully functioning male, Sean had always been fine featured and easily mistaken for a girl, the Cassidys had just assumed he was taking strongly after his mother, but that he would grow out of it in due course. Things ended up not being so simple. At ten, Sean had a growth spurt, bringing him over five feet tall. Uncommon, but not unusual, except while puberty seemed to be arriving early for him, his developing secondary characteristics were definitely feminine rather than masculine. And as his peers entered puberty, the boys growing taller and bigger, his followed apace, or even ahead, of the girls. They took him to The Marias Medical Complex, where Sean's case caught the attention of the head of the diagnostic unit, Dr Francis Cook. It was Dr Cook who eventually diagnosed Sean's numerous conditions. When born, while Sean had seemed a normal boy, he actually had an intersex condition known as XX Male Syndrome, or De la Chapelle Syndrome. So while genotypically female, his X chromosome had an SRY gene. Usually, this resulted in a standard male phenotype (appearance), but not always, and there was a great deal of variance, even among SRY positive individuals. In Sean's case, his condition was exacerbated by two other conditions - Mild Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome, a condition impairing his ability to respond to androgens, and a form of Aromatase Excess Syndrome, which resulted in him producing excessing amounts of circulating estrogens. Dr Cook offered the Cassidy's a path for treatment to lessen the impact of Sean's various genetic mutations. As he was still developing, surgery wasn't an option. But the Cassidy's wanted a cure and against Dr Cooks advice sought second and third opinions with other specialists across the country which was incredibly costly and despite promises proved no more effective in turning Sean into the normal boy he had never actually been. Though unflaggingly supportive of their strange son, Carolyn in a vague melancholy bemusement, Jack with more awkward effort, the cost and failures began to take a toll. In the end they returned to Marias and Dr Cook, who had never treated Sean's condition as any sort of aberration, but rather as nature just doing its thing. Dr. Cook put Sean on a varying regimen of hormone treatments and aromatase inhibitors, to ease his physical transformation as well as physical and mental therapy to help Sean with the changes still to come. What all this boiled down to for Sean was that he was a mutant, but besides red hair (a mutation of the MC1R protein) and multicoloured eyes due to Central Heterochromia Iridium, his only power was being a boy who looked like a girl. As expected, being different, like a boy who has needed to wear a bra since he was eleven, Junior High and High was an absolute hell for Sean, being bullied and harassed constantly, but guys and girls alike. His sexual orientation and sexual proclivities were a great source of comment, guys constantly tried to snap his bra or sneak a fondle or exhort him to let them see his tits. Some girls thought him a pervert, as though he had somehow done this on purpose as a way to get close to him, others would never admit to being jealous of the guy who was prettier than they were or more curvaceous. Fewer girls considered him one of their own, a guy who was able to understand what it was to be a girl. And while he was able to understand some of what they had to endure, like finding clothes that fit, people paying more attention to their breasts than the rest of them, being hit on by men twice their age or more, Sean still considered himself a guy, and he didn't think the way they did or care about everything they did. These girls seemed to see him as the chic new version of the token gay best-friend. Sometimes, he was okay with the conversations, sometimes he hated it. Though Sean isn't reconciled with how he looks and how he's developing, he tries his best to not be ashamed, failing and succeeding by turns. He fights back against his most aggressive tormentors, though this usually went poorly for him - smart and clever he might be, sharp retorts didn't help when it turns physical and nearly every boy is bigger and stronger than he was, and so are not a few of the girls. His older sister Teagan - a Star Athlete at Shelly High before she graduated this year and went off to join the army - was a stronger deterrent, but he never sought her protection or hid behind her. He still has some manner of pride Still, school was hard. At fourteen, considering he had sacks of fat protruding from his chest, he tried starving himself to shrink them down, and yes, he was fully aware of how trite it was, a teenage girl - or someone who looked like one - having an eating disorder. When his sisters found out a few weeks later, they teased him mercilessly and he quickly gave up that idea in embarrassment - besides he was missing tasty food. With school life a trial, Sean took refuge online, in video games - playing them and wanting to make them -and youtube, where is he didn't explain anything people didn't know about his issues. Which didn't mean they didn't create new ones. He couldn't help but laugh at being called a Fake Gamer Girl - if only they knew. Talking about video games and computers and doing Let's Plays on YouTube, he grew more comfortable in his skin, at least to a degree, and it lead to him talking about other subjects, and helped his confidence. If he got harassed online, at least he didn't have to face them in real life and he could just block them. He did stop streaming on Twitch pretty quickly after stuff about bathwater started cropping up and he was getting PMed by way too many creepers. Confidence online lead to some more confidence at school and in real life as well, reinforced by regular therapy sessions he finally started to really listen to. He started being more active in school, even participating in drama class when some fellow class mates encouraged him. He even did a serious science project on breasts physics last year. Another escape for him was role-playing games, he loved designing settings and campaigns and running them, adding his own artwork and synthesized music for added ambiance. It gives him a sense of control he doesn't always feel in life. And surprisingly, it has led to him having an eclectic group of friends and gamers. He tries to take it in stride, but he's privately very grateful for them. He can't help but be self-conscious to a greater or lesser extend, but he tries not to let it hold him back, and as much trouble as it causes him, he's started to accept his appearance. He's weird, but it isn't necessarily bad, even if the reactions it can cause are. Even when he stops physically developing and his doctors would allow surgery, he doesn't see how a mastectomy would help his issues. He'd still look like a girl at this point. In the last few months, over the end of the school year and through summer, he's actually grown taller - which he hasn't since he was about twelve - by all of half an inch, and added a couple of cup sizes. Yay, more rumours and comments. Sean is at a crossroads. He's a young man who appears to be a young woman. He considers himself as identifying as male, yet is finding it easier to let others treat him as they see it, if only to avoid awkwardness and potential danger. He loves his small town, and the friends he has, even as he is tormented there. He's eager to leave Shelly, where he might be able to leave his baggage behind and reinvent himself, yet still feels trepidation about how the wider world might treat him knowing exactly what he is. Sheet
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  11. LANGUAGES Languages are not a thing to worry about in this version of trinity. You can know what ever language you need to as long as you can justify it. If rolls are required to understand or decipher depending on the situation it would fall under culture or humanities. If you just have to have a written rule for how many languages you can know call it one extra language per 2 dots in int. if your humanities is specialized in Languages add one language per humanities dot to that. Personally I would just go the route of justification.
  12. At the battlefront, the Imperial Army did something it had never done before. It broke into a disorderly retreat. Without magic, having already lost many men, and their supplies dwindling. That Final attack of Yuuki's was enough to break their morale completely. leading them into a rout. As they retreated Theo's forces made to pursue, only to be called on to return to the castle's defensive preparations. With the blowing of the horns and roar of the victory, the first battle defeat of the Empire was announced to the world, and the Soldiers looked up at Yuuki happily, as she had been instrumental in this victory. Elsewhere Ryan rose at the sound of the horn, and smiled. "They won, at least the first battle." He looked to Izona, who was spent from keeping such a massive spell going, and offered her a shoulder as he helped her up, setting out to head for the castle. He looked to Vesper and smiled "We all did our parts. Let's go see how Theo wants to play this from here on out."
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    Medical Facilities Shelly has excellent Doctors and state of the art facilities serving the region in The Marias Medical Complex which consists of Marias Medical Care, Marias Healthcare and Marias Care Center as well as Marias Regional Trauma Center. The Marias Heritage Center is a retirement and assisted living center located near the Medical Complex. The Medical Complex is the single largest civilian employer in the city and serves the complete medical needs of the entire northern part of Montana and the Blackfeet Reservation.
  14. Sara Hutchins Personal Information Identity: Sara Hutchins Nickname: Occupation: High school student Marital Status: single Living Relatives: Buddy Hutchins (Father), Kelly Hutchins (Mother), Physical Traits Weight: 145-150 Height: 5’10” Apparent age: late teens Age: 16 Gender: female Eye Color: Hazel Hair Color: Brown Handedness: Right Appearance: Tall, muscular, and fit her features are masculine with wide shoulders, small breasts, and narrow boyish hips, her hair is short and while her face is soft and rounded it is still easy to mistake her for a boy especially given her size. Compared to her family she resembles her father more than her mother. Her masculine look is compounded by the way she dresses and carries herself. She is usually in old worn jeans and T-shirts/Tank tops or flannel button down shirts fully buttoned in the winter and fall or as a cover over a t-shirt tank top in spring or summer. She wears sports bras exclusively which further flatten her breasts lending to her masculine look. Sneakers or heavy work boots round out her wardrobe. She hasn’t worn a dress since she was a child and does not own one. She never wears makeup. Personality: Sara is quiet, some would say moody, but really, she isn’t she just doesn’t have much to say to most people. She does have a temper and when she was younger would often get into fights when she was teased for being boyish once she hit puberty just being teased no longer bothered her, but her temper remained it just found focus elsewhere. She is comfortable in her skin and makes no excuses for the way she looks or chooses to dress, nor does she explain herself to anyone. The only person so far, she doesn’t want to disappoint is her dad. While she doesn’t have many close friends, she does have many acquaintances who she values and who she would come to their aid even if they don’t consider her a friend. She cannot stand a bully and will always intervene if she sees someone being bullied or picked on. History: Robert “Buddy” Hutchins and Kelly Taylor were high school sweethearts who had been born and raised in Shelly Montana like their parents and grandparents. They were from working class families that struggled but managed. When Buddy graduated (a year before Kelly) he joined the army and went off to the war against terror in Iraq and Afghanistan. Before he left, they swore their undying love for one another and Kelly got pregnant so when he came back six months later on leave, they were married and while he was deployed a baby daughter, Sara, was born. Buddy only stayed in the army for 4 years, but those four years took a toll. Kelly didn’t like being a lone and while she didn’t hate little Sara, she wasn’t happy being a mother. And she wasn’t a good one. With Buddy gone, she partied every chance she got was rather promiscuous (it’s a wonder Sara doesn’t have a bunch of step siblings) and basically tried to be a tramp and get in all that living she missed out on being Buddy’s sweetheart in high school. While momma played, Sara was raised by faters sister, June and her grandparents from both sides of the family. When Buddy got out of the army Sara was four and really didn’t know him but after he returned home, she fell in love with her daddy. He had been what was missing. For a few years Buddy and Kelly tried to make a go of it but there were issues. Buddy, while he hadn’t ever fired his weapon or been in a firefight, he had seen things over there that changed him from the happy go lucky patriotic kid he had been. He suffered PTSD and had a problem holding down a normal job. He joined a MC and eventually got into trouble and did some time in jail. For Kelly’s part after Buddy came home, she tried to straighten up and be a good wife and mother, but it was too late. Too much had gone wrong with there and within a year she was drinking, and smoking weed and trying to get away from a life she hated. Sara for her part, being a child, didn’t understand all that went on, she knew that mommy and daddy fought a lot but she loved mommy even though mommy was not very lovable and she adored daddy. She was a lot like her father she had his temper and she even looked a lot like him, which was another thing her mother resented. Sara while not ugly wasn’t a pretty little girl she wasn’t a doll and try as her mom did, she never looked right in a dress and long hair. It didn’t help that Sara was a tomboy from the get-go always playing outside in the dirt, climbing trees, wrestling with the neighborhood boys. She never played with dolls instead spending hours on the weekends watching Buddy work on cars, learning everything he would teach her. This infuriated Kelly, Sara was daddy’s girl and acted like daddy’s boy the final straw for Kelly came when she took a weekend trip with her sister to Great Forks, Sara stayed home with her dad. Sara went to her dad crying (she was eight) she had long stringy brown hair that her mom was always trying to curl and Sara hated it probably even more than the dresses her mother made her wear all the time that just looked like colorful sacks hanging off her lanky frame. She begged her dad to let her get her hair cut and just to make her happy Buddy relented and so they went and got a haircut. Buddy took her to the guy in the MC who cut their hair and asked how she wanted it cut, she pointed at a magazine cover on a table that showed a girl with a flat top and said “Short”. When Sara’s mom got home and saw Sara’s hair she flew into a rage and it was bad. Over the next few weeks Her parents fought and fought and fought, then Buddy moved out. Sara didn’t know why they fought but believed it was because of her. She liked her short hair and even though she even got made fun of by the kids in her class she didn’t want to let it grow back out, and she didn’t. Her parents stayed separated for about a year then they reconciled. By this time Sara had withdrawn a little she still played outside but now she played alone. Her favorite time were when she could spend time with her dad and help him with cars and stuff. Things were ok until about the time Sara reached middle school it was then that her parents finally divorced. At school Sara was a mediocre student most of her grades were Cs or Ds enough to pass but not to shine. She was good at things like shop and wood working, Ok at English, history, and social studies, Math and sciences she struggled with more from lack of interest except where it pertained to things she could relate with like engines. She wasn’t dumb, far from it she was just didn’t like learning the way things were taught, in fact she read a lot and was always checking books out of the library on any subject that took her fancy. As for friends she didn’t have many and none very close. The girls for the most part thought she was weird because she looked and dressed like a boy and liked boy things the boys thought she was weird for the same reason and because since she was a girl she wasn’t supposed to like or be able to do things like shop much less be good at it or in many cases better. For friendship and socializing she gravitated to the outlier groups the fringes, rocker, goths and skaters were closest to the people she wanted to be around She made friends within these groups but never belonged with any one of them. She didn’t associate with the shop kids because most of them were very same boys who made fun of her because she was a girl and because of how she looked. She never dated anyone in middle school indeed her orientation never came up until high school when rumors and whispers that she was queer, a lezzie, the butch dyke of Shelly high started surfacing not because of anything she ever did or said but because of how she looked. The whole "kids can be cruel" thing. At home the divorce didn’t change things much. The court said she had to live with her mom but she could see her dad as much as she liked, which she did. Then when she was thirteen her dad got in trouble and was sent to jail for 18 months on an assault charge this is when things changed. With her dad in jail her mom became even more erratic due to loss of income from Buddy taking care of things even though they were divorced. She began drinking heavily and “dating” a lot of different guys. It became Sara’s responsibility to make sure that things around their trailer were kept working, that they had food and clean clothes, she became the parent of a very dysfunctional mother. Sara didn’t feel she could count on anyone but herself. To get away from her mom at times she started going to the civic center gym and began working out. At first it was just a way get away from her mom and to burn frustration, but she soon found that she enjoyed it and started going on the weekends as well and taking some of the free classes this led to taking boxing lessons. Her dad had taught her some basic boxing which he had learned when he was a teen and went to the center just like she now did, Art Barrow the gyms lone trainer there remembered her dad and sort of took her under his wing. She learns fast and coupled with her weightlifting had a good amount of strength. Art thought she could do well in the Youth Amateur Boxing League maybe even further if she wanted and was willing to work at it. When her dad got out of jail things didn’t change much she still had to take care of her mom and at first she could spend a lot of time with her dad but eventually the court lifted that restriction and she began spending a lot of her free time divided between hanging with her dad and helping with his car repair work and training at the gym. At school she kept to herself mostly only hanging out wit a few friends from the goth and rocker crowds. She was very active in Shop especially mechanics and her grades in those vocational classes were straight A while the rest remained solid Cs and Ds. She still didn’t date anyone and really no one seemed interested in her and she showed little to no interest in anyone else. Personally, she wasn’t interested in the whole dating sex thing to begin with. At the beginning of this summer before her sixteenth birthday her Dad took a job in North Dakota the money was just too good to pass up. Her dad leaving for the summer left her with a lot of free time which she spent mostly at the gym which in turn led to a very fit and bulked up Sara Hutchins about to start her junior year of High School, a year which will be marked with change. SHEET
  15. Still hoping to catch a glimpse of the launch platform, Doc Psypher turns to Mega Girl and nods his head in agreement. "Then let us away! 'When you walk to the edge of all the light you have and take that first step into the darkness of the unknown, you must believe that one of two things will happen. There will be something solid for you to stand upon or you will be taught to fly.'”
  16. Disclaimer: This isn't a serious character I expect anyone to play as, or that I expect any ST to allow in their game. It's not a piece of theoretical optimization or powergaming, but it is still something that, left unchecked, can absolutely break the game over its knee. This is exclusively something I did as a thought experiment. Rules and standards being used for this build: Nova Point Budget: 30, as is standard. Purchase of one dot of mega-attribute gives a free enhancement. This is a variant rule, but it's in the book, so don't yell at me for it. If it's in a publicly available book that I didn't write, it's fair game. BUILD: -3 Mega-Stamina 1(Adaptability) -3 Mega-Intelligence 1(Engineering Prodigy) -12 Accelerated Maturation 4/Fertility 2, Accelerated Gestation 2* -2 Augmented Fecundity 2 -10 Quantum 5(Tainted) *The entry for Accelerated Maturation states that it can only be taken by child Novas, and that it gets swapped out with other Mega-Stamina enhancements when the Nova reaches adulthood. As such, 4 levels of Accelerated Maturation becomes 2 levels of Fertility and Accelerated Gestation upon reaching maturity. WHAT THE HELL EVEN IS THIS: John Von Neumann was a computer scientist in the first half of the 20th century, and he spent some of that time thinking a whole lot about self-replicating machines. As such, a lot of self-replicating machines have his name attached to them, including the Von Neumann Probe. This character is basically that. This Nova is a very peculiar woman who's named herself Joan Von Neumann, and she's set out on a mission to plant her progeny on every last rock in the universe. In order to reach said rocks, she uses her Mega-Intelligence and her high Quantum score to develop a spacecraft, represented in game terms as a Quantum Gadget(see Aberrant Player's Guide, Page 143) of Starflight 4(see Aberrant Nexus, Page 104). This spacecraft has a top speed of roughly 500,000 parsecs per hour. To put that in perspective, she could start somewhere between Mercury and Venus, and reach the Andromeda Galaxy in the span of an hour and a half. Once Von Neumann finds a new rock(meaning planet, moon, or dwarf planet) she wants to colonize, she lands on it, and uses a feature of Fertility 2 to self-impregnate, reproducing via parthenogenesis over the course of nine days, and giving birth to, on average, eight young who have no real need for food, water, or air- thanks, Adaptability! She leaves one infant on a single rock, and takes the others with her to distribute amongst nearby rocks, before speeding off to the next cluster. Interesting. How can I use it in my game?: Fucked if I know. Maybe instead of making her a weirdo human, use her stats for the Continuum of Makers, a fictional alien empire from sci-fi webcomic Drive. They reproduce very quickly via parthenogenesis, but that's a mere facet of their character; since they're all clones, and also all smart as hell, invention and intellectual achievement is how they differentiate themselves, taking on a spiritual tone that quickly turns into zealous crusading if someone copies their technology. But as I've presented Joan Von Neumann, she's not really usable in a game, except maybe as an explanation for why so many aliens in your sci-fi game look like weird humans.
  17. Clara Lys Wright Overachiever On the track team and in several different academic clubs, Clara Wright tries to cover all her bases when it comes to the perfect high school transcripts. She knows that a stellar high school career is how you get into the best colleges, which is how you have the best start to an actual career, which is how you have the Perfect Life™. And she's going to have the perfect life. She has a binder with her plans for high school and her ideas about what colleges to go to and what careers best fit the Perfect Life™; she hasn't completely settled on one yet, but she'll know by the end of the school year. She was born with money, so that's already taken care of - everything else is up to her and following the Plan. Over the summer, she's even added the possibility of joining the Air Force and going to the Flight Academy for college. Her home life is a little odd in that her parents moved the Wilsons in six years ago and helped the family through Mr. Wilson's illness and eventual death six months ago. With the elder son off to college now, it's just mother and daughter living with the Wrights. Clara and Lona used to be close friends, as close as sisters, but something over the summer soured their relationship and now they rarely speak to each other and never with warmth or civility. Clara has thrown herself more into school and activities since Mr. Wilson's death, often taking long evening runs that didn't use to be a part of her daily routine.
  18. Name- Cade Ian Allister Age-17 (Junior) Height- 6'4 weight- 175lb Eyes- Blue Hair-Brown Handedness- left (ambidextrous, but mostly seen left handed) A local boy, born and raised in Shelly, Montana. Cade's an avid outdoorsman, loving to hunt and fish, and a naturally gifted athlete. He's a generally happy young man, who strives to get along with everyone he can. He's not the most intelligent, but he does try, and manages to at least maintain the gpa required to participate in athletics without having to call in special favors and such. With his father being the Sheriff, he's normally one to exercise caution, and avoid breaking the law when he can. That said, he's no Narc. While he's not the most regular attendee of Sean's RPG table, due to sports and other commitments, he does truly enjoy his time with the group, considering them friends. Outside his family, the others at the Table, are the only ones who know of his secret love of anime, manga, and gaming. He accepts he's not the greatest at everything, but he does strive to improve in all aspects in his life.
  19. in keeping with the tradition i started in aws we will occasionally have special projects related to our characters and the game. This is the first for WS. I know we haven't even finished characters yet and here i am asking for more but this one isn't too bad. The project for extra XP is as follows Each of you have created a student these kids all have parents, brothers and sisters, connections, pets what have you. What I want is for each of you to give me pics and names and whatever little descriptive blurb telling me who they are at least a short sentence not more than a short paragraph. I'm not looking for a book on these people. each such entry you provide will garner you 1 xp to maximum of 8. you can supply more but you will only get credit in xp at this time for 8. Each character at a minimum should be able to provide parents and your three connections. again name and short description and a pic. Pics should be of real people preferably actors but they do not have to be if an illustration is supplied it needs to be life like not an exaggerated cartoon or anime character. In the event that two or more of you choose the same actor/celebrity/image the player who sent the choice in first will have dibs and the other player(s) will have to pick someone elseActors chosen will go to the first person who sends them in. Send your submissions to WS ST have all of them you want credit for submitted by next friday evening which is one week from now. DO NOT POST YOUR SUBMISSIONS SEND THEM IN A PM
  20. Name: Coraline Hess Player: Jeane Concept: Social Butterfly Dancer Grade: Junior Background: A 17 year old New York City transplant to Shelly when her Father took over as Warden of the local prison four years ago, Coraline Hess stands out both literally and figuratively, bringing with her a love and talent for music, dance, and, especially, ballet. She's... adjusted into the limited scale of the town and the high school it contains, spinning her talents and charisma into the vice presidency of the Dance Club and driving force behind its handful of performances at local events. Very generous if a bit vain when she's not watching herself, Coraline moves through her high school years in a large circle of friendships of various actual depth, the occasional short-lived boyfriend, decent if not stellar grades, and a drive to perfect her craft so that when the time comes for auditions to the big art schools back east, there will be no question she belongs there, 'back in civilization proper'. She feels a special loyalty to Cade Alister for breaking her out of the funk moving to Shelly brought on, and showing her what the place could offer.
  21. WS ST

    WS OOC

    Would Like to have all Character Submissions by the weekend Characters Dave - Devin - approved Jeremy - Charlie - approved Jeane - Coraline Hess - approved GDP - Bannon - Approved Mala - Clara Wright - Approved Dawn - Lona - Approved SMax - Cassandra Allen - Approved Justin - Cade - approved Nina - Sara - approved Sean - Sean - approved Noir - Lilly -
  22. Name: Charlie Cole Player: Jeremy Concept: Drama Kid Grade: Junior Background: Charlie is a long-time resident of Shelly, mainly known for two reasons. One, he's part of the drama crowd, appearing in every school play ever. Second, his father Lucius Cole is the manager of the Marias Valley Golf and Country Club, an upscale recreational facility in the middle of a rural county. Unfortunately, a third reason has popped up around town. Charlie, as an experienced if amateur actor, could tell something was going on under the surface when his father was a bit more busy than usual, and his mother showing suppressed signs of pensiveness. Eventually he found out. Lucius had gone shopping for a new girlfriend, Susanna, an utter trophy bimbo from Great Falls, having met at Marias Valley. Apparently, all that mattered far superior in attractiveness to Hannah - and a divorce is ongoing. Suffice to say Charlie's home was shattered, and he vehemently was angered at his father for this betrayal. Unfortunately, Lucius seems incapable recognize that, which makes Charlie simmer inside ever more. He is a member of Sean's RPG group, which is a blessed escape more and more.
  23. Avalon "Lona" Wilson Angry Teen / Gifted Musician Residents of Shelly know Lona Wilson and her family as a local story of tradegy. Her parents were born in Shelly and left for the Air Force, returning after Clive retired. They bought a small farm and sold their eggs and produce locally. They had two children before Clive was diagnosised with lung cancer. The town rallied around the family and raised funds to help with their bills, and he recovered in time. His second bout with cancer changed the family. Again, their community helped them but it wasn't enough to maintain their former life. They sold their farm, as Clive was too ill to work it and the rest of the family unable to do what was needed. The Wrights gave the use of their guest house to the Wilsons, and the two families, already good friends, became closer still. Clara and Lona were sometimes called sisters, particularly when they performed together. Clive's death came quietly and once more the town stepped up in support. His funeral was attended by almost everyone, and offers of help come pouring into the Wilsons'. They stayed with the Wrights' even as Arthur left for college in Boseman. Lona changed after her father's death; the quiet, artistic girl radically changed her appearance and personality, become standoffish and angry. She started smoking and running with the wrong crowd. At the same time, she and Clara had a massive falling out between them, and they haven't spoken in public except to exchange bitchy comments. Shelly residents empathized with Lona to a point but still waited eagerly for Adele to rein in her behavior. As Lona starts her junior year of high school, she's still in open rebellion against her poor, grieving mom with no sign of it stopping soon.
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  25. Yeah, those all sound good, thanks.
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