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  2. Both Col. Pryor and Capt. McKeller looked at each other as the three youths simply vanished. "Clones!?!" They said in astonished unison. Quantum surged, the radiant energy of the portals feed the furnace, the Irregulars are...Transported
  3. Standing tall in the command center, Sean listened to the updates from Guardian Shield and the Irregulars, analyzing them, fitting them together to get the full picture. They were approaching the tipping point. It wasn't just the Asheen being able to open new termini at will that was the issue, it was the rate at which they could send their forces through. They must've had a monstrous staging area or... She reconsidered something else that Laurie and Jaunt had described during their trip, specifically going through the portal back to China. The Asheen wouldn't need a huge staging area for their forces if they could send them into the portal without them going all the way through, holding them in transit as it were, then shunting them were needed. If they could collapse the Origin Portal, and they might very well dispatch a large portion of the Asheen invasion force, including their reserves. "We're off to engage, Colonel, anymore delay will just leave us further behind," Sean informed Lilly's dad and Captain McKellar. "New portals are opening in Shelly, and the howlers have scattered. We are leaving the clones behind to help while we strike for the China Portal. If possible, see if our Pacific forces and allies in proximity can prepare a contingency strike force in case we fail. A heavy bombardment including low yield tactical nukes may be able to clear you a path to the Portal, but the force will still need to enter it to close it from the other side. Jaunt, we're going now." <I am too!> Laurie declared taking a step towards her sister, hands fisted at her sides. Jaunt and Savant both turned to look at her and while Laurie hunched her shoulders at their penetrating regard, she didn't back down. Damn, Sean is tall now. <This isn't a game Laurie! We can very well die in this attempt,> Jaunt exhorted vehemently. <I know Devin. But if my choice is to wait to see if you or the aliens win or see it through the end, I want to see it through the end. Besides, this greenskin stuff saved my ass from Crazy Clare, it can protect me from the aliens. I'll be as safe with you guys as I'll be hiding here with the aliens running through town.> Only the faintest of frowns crossed Sean's face for the briefest of moments before she gave her sister a minute nod. She could understand Laurie's reasons, if not necessarily agreeing with her assertions. Further, there was still the reason for the skinsuits forced upon Jaunt, Laurie, and Clare. Sean hated herself for considering that reason, but she didn't shy away from it. <Don't tell mom.> "Now, Jaunt." Standing between the two Cassidy girls, Jaunt slapped them each on a bodysuit-clad ass, and the three of them blinked out of sight, instantly appearing amidst the chaos at Bunnee's. Sean took it all in with a single sweep of her eyes. One of her coilgun pistols appeared in her as though by magic. Four rapid shots later - sounding much higher in pitch than a standard pistol - four drones fell to the ground, a precise bullet hole punched through their foreheads. If it wasn't as destructive as the blows from Vanguard and Chimera, the drones dropped all the same. <Close in, Irregulars, we going in to China right now. Shelly, let alone the rest of the world, can't afford anymore delays. Leave the clones behind to engage here and aid the military, if their existence can bear the distance from the prime, Vanguard and Chimera.> The Irregulars could feel the tendrils of Jaunt's power reaching out for them, connecting them in a way that was and unlike Guildchat...
  4. Oh my god she's too easy, Tat thought to herself, first day tat try to get along. "You were definitely the more grounded sister,much better acting, the others seemed fake. You know plastic. You seemed so much more real and true" Tat looks at her folded up school class schedule and sees a Drama class listed. "Wait we get to do a show? Ohо мой Бог! Tell me it is a musical, yes?"
  5. "Better than the Kardashians at any rate," Cosima said breezily as she laughed along with Tatiana. It was clear the Danish-American Princess held more satisfaction with besting the rival Reality TV clan that she was with how much she earned from her television appearances, which when compared to her trust fund and the over Vandersteen family business interests, was a mere pittance. She didn't do it for the money, she did it for the fun and to be seen, especially now that she was undoubtedly the 'hawt' Vandersteen sister. "It's not quite as easy to play yourself on screen as most people think, you know," she added musingly, more than willing to talk more about herself. "then upping the drama on some things that are just banal and mundane. Alas, such is the price of fame. I've been considering my own show, a travelogue series, looking at food, fashion, and fun around the world, since travel is so easy for me now." She smiled a mega-watt smile at Tatiana and the others, and flashing Sebastian a wink. "Perhaps some of you would care to come along for an episode? Free travel and fine food, and a per-diem." Cosima pursed her lips in thought then arched an elegantly shaped brow at Professor Keating. "Our production, does it have to be performed in front of an audience or could we, say, film it on location and submit a digital recording?"
  6. As his attention returned to the singing.... lupine.... and wasn't that something to wrap one's head about? He had to wonder if Annalisa had known about it when she invited the woman to sing in her club. He made a note to himself to look into potential methods of detection for if one were to wander into his own club. He didn't mind them visiting, but he would certainly prefer to know they were present if he could get away with it. He snorts at Olaf. "Unpleasant surprises have a habit of doing that to me." Regardless, at least he knew where she was now and could keep an eye on her. That alone helped immensely. Shame that her presence meant her friends were likely nearby. Still. There was aught he could do about it, so he may as well enjoy the rest of the evening as best he could.
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  8. "Not you, Fraulein. But you know, if you ever feel the need to 'let the beast out' and get your rut on, I am available." Olaf offered to Lily with a grin and a wink. The Nosferatu then looked at Artus and shook his head with a chuckle. "If the lupine was gonna do anything, she probably would have done it by now. Besides, she was invited here, so she seems to be behaving herself. She seems to be into her music anyways." he said as leaned forward and and nodded at the the performer on stage. With her previous song done, the young, dark skinned woman moved to the next on her set list. She picked up her acoustic guitar from the stand and took a seat on a stool, adjusted the microphone stand's height, and started. Her voice was mellow, mostly smooth with a hint of gravel, rasp or even shrill at times. She was certainly not the most skilled vocalist around, but she had a distinctive style that suited her voice and music. ~ To heart the performer's next track, CLICK HERE ~ "Besides, for a lupine, she is the most mellow one I have ever seen. Maybe she smokes out or something. I dunno, but aura seems really chill to my eyes." Olaf added with a shrug. "But you know, letting one stroll in here with nobody knowing? That's... An upgrade in security might be a good idea." the Nosferatu added as he picked up a blood orange, sniffed at it, and then tossed it back onto the dish with some mock vomiting expression. Olaf, though currently in a different guise, was still Olaf. He was borderline rude at times, laughably flirtatious for a Nos, and generally has a very nonchalant demeanor. He spoke plainly, and with a surprising about of modern lingo for his age. Overall though, for a Primogen and Burgomeister, he was far from stuffy or arrogant and was very approachable. He did not seem to put too much weight into a lot of the status that so many kindred sought. "You got to relax, man. You are wound up too tight." he chuckled at Artus.
  9. Tat shakes her head and make a short laugh that sounds a lot like a grunt. "Ah, no. We have never met but i have seen you on the Television." She laughs again, "I do hope they paid you well."
  10. Yay! Well done! Thanks!
  11. Now Available: Dagger of Spiragos and Pugmire Sheets!Now available from DriveThruRPG in PDF: Dagger of Spiragos for Pathfinder and Dagger of Spiragos for 5e! The Titans’ Relics Must Be Destroyed! Artifacts from the fallen titan Spiragos have been recovered, and forces are at work that would see them used for ill. The Dagger of Spiragos and the Ring of Spiragos are now in the player characters’ hands — and they must do what they can to rid Scarn of the foul relics of the titans, whatever the cost! What Came Before Dagger of Spiragos is a sequel to the 2014 Gen Con Scarred Lands Special Preview adventure, Gauntlet of Spiragos (available for Pathfinder and for 5e). It is also the second adventure in the Spiragos Saga, with Ring of Spiragos, the dramatic finale, as the third and culminating title. In Gauntlet of Spiragos, the PCs traveled to the legendary Chasm of Flies, where they discovered a tribe of spider-eye goblins who possessed relics of their fallen master, Spiragos. Now, with those items in hand, the PCs travel to the city of Fangsfall, where they must seek aid in destroying the foul objects. But others wish to possess these items, too. If you want to know what the Scarred Lands setting is all about, please check out the full Scarred Lands Players Guide available for Pathfinder and for 5e. Also available as a free download: Pugmire Interactive Character Sheets! Onyx Path
  12. Nuts & Bolts #127 - Review: Adventure Writing Like a Fucking BossYup.Editor's Note, given the product title I'm not going to bother censoring myself this week.  So, earlier this year I had a moment of realization. I came to see that while I'd been ignoring the written adventures of both yore and today I'd been missing out on learning design from other people's effort. It's not that I can't run a game, or write an adventure for myself, but going through the process of writing one for other people made me realize where I tended to say "fuck it" and just improvise. Not a bad thing, but not a great thing for published product. So I've been looking at various bits of advice in this regard. The latest of which is "Adventure Writing Like A Fucking Boss" which is a title that really says something about the confidence level of the author... Vitals Published By: Kort'thalis Publishing • Written by: Venger As'Nas Satanis • 14 pages • $3.00 • Color PDF (with a print friendly option) What's In It? Advice that strips out most of the bullshit. Seriously, there's very little pretension here, which is a good thing. Hell, it's probably the best part of this product that it doesn't treat itself as being too far "above the reader." In what amounts to about 9 pages of text if you strip out the art, cover, and credits the author lays down the foundations of adventure writing. As a GM for decades there's not a lot here that's "new to me" but it's refreshing to see it all laid out and bare. The content is broken out into fifteen sections ranging from about 3 paragraphs to a dozen or so. The author starts off by detailing why you may want to write your own adventures. OK, fair enough, but probably anybody who has gotten this far already made that choice. It then goes into the idea of the elevator pitch as a metric for good and bad ideas. This is pretty reasonable, if you cannot sum up an idea into 2-3 interesting sentences it's probably not an idea that will yield an interesting adventure. Or it's too much, and you need to consider breaking it up into smaller parts; perhaps your epic idea can become fodder for a series of adventures instead. From there we get some advice on finding your own writing style and trying to make the best of it. There are some words of wisdom here in regards to over-writing. Next we get a discussion of the adventure rails. Ah, to railroad, or not to railroad, that is the question! Actually, no, screw that, NEVER railroad. But, to the author's point, knowing when to toss in "guardrails" to keep the adventure from going entirely ... ahem ... "off the rails" ... is wise. Players are ... unpredictable creatures, and having mitigating factors in place to help keep the session from going bananas is good. Most GMs simply cannot keep up improvising after a certain point without abandoning the original adventure, which sucks. At this point we're on page four and getting into the meat. First we get "Anatomy of an Adventure" breaking down the basic (and classic) structure for storytelling. Then the author dives into scenes and starts discussing each component therein. The fact that adventures and scenes have the same basic structure is makes this all the more valuable. From here out the product fires on all cylinders for me, right up until the last section, which just didn't float for me, but hey, that's cool, it's only one page. The writing keeps being punchy and direct, and breaks down how to build a scene up without getting overwrought. It's presents the idea of a "Trailer Test" to help prune scenes much in the way the Elevator Pitch helps prune out bad adventure ideas. This is just the fractal nature of things in my opinion. After scenes we get a quick hit of the three most basic aspects of gaming (and storytelling) and how these should all be present in some form to make for a good session. Lastly there is some advice for "moments" or interludes, the stuff between scenes that adds color, as well as the idea of callbacks. The layout if functional, the art is minimal (which is fine) and of a good quality, but I couldn't stand the full color version with these angry red veins rimming each page. It added nothing, and it detracted plenty. Thankfully there's a printer friendly version without that. I will say the cover is quality, and I imagine that's just good marketing to put an attractive eye catching cover onto any product. Duh. Closing Thoughts I'd say that if you're new to GMing, and new to writing up your own adventures this is a pretty damn good purchase for $3. If you've been at it a while it may make for a nice refresher course, and the clean and bullshit free presentation of the writing does help make this a nice reference or refresher. Will this make you a "fucking boss" at adventure writing? I'm not sure about that, but it sure as shit will help prevent you from making an ass of yourself. There's plenty more to writing good adventures than structure, but if you don't have good "bones" the flesh won't matter for shit. Score: 85% - Pretty good for those wanting a refresher course or those who are new to adventure writing. Maybe not what you're looking for if you've been GMing for a while.Inspiration Strikes
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  17. Zai shrugged noncommittally, unsure of what they sound could be. Kora considered for a moment, then nodded in agreement with the Albadian bard. "Perhaps." The quarter of women moved cautiously and quietly down the curving hall, the sound growing faintly louder. The inner curve of the hall - the wall shared with the chamber they had arrived in - was decorated with portraits of former masters and notables of the Circle of Eldritch Iron, which the school or arcane manufactory - it seemed to be one or the either or both - was called. The outer curve of the hall, pierced by what appeared to be equally spaced doorways held painted murals depicting scenes of sorcery and battle from the history of the Empire of the Wheel. They reached the next doorway, the sound more prominent. Siwan read the Ancient Ledean above it, which simply proclaimed, 'Arms'. Kora paused at the doorway without passing through, head cocked as she listened intently. A moment later, she shook her head. "Not here," she finally decided. "The... footsteps, the come from the next doorway, I think." They continued on, not wanting to be surprised from behind while they explored the arcane structure. This doorway was labelled as 'Armor'. Kora listened again, then nodded. The noise wasn't louder, but there was a difference in the quality of it. It was hard to judge in the spell warped atmosphere, but it sounded like less walls were interposed between them and the sound here. "Here." Zai sidled up, checking the open archway for any traps, mechanical or arcane, glyphs or sigils perhaps hidden in the elaborated etched frame. She nervously keeping looking through the arch towards the sound as while she looked for traps. The sound, definitely louder now, grew more distinct, then after a moment, starting growing more faint. Zai shook her head, finding no traps, then arched her brows, puzzled by why the footsteps - they had to be footsteps, despite how heavy and deliberate they sounded - seemed to be receding.
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  21. "You literally just said 'whatever it...' ugh, nevermind. Code and cargo would be fine. Thank you."
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  24. "Whatever it is?" Brant said, somewhat confused. "Huh. You must have missed when I said it was replacement parts and mining equipment you'd be delivering a minute ago." Brant said with a shrug. "I'll get you the transponder code and cargo. And if there is anything you think you might need, let me know and I will see what I can do." he added.
  25. Artus froze, mid reaching for another morsel. The Blush was something he had been blessed with, something he had always carried, since those first nights so long ago now. It allowed him to move more easily among the kine. It allowed him greater freedoms to act among them as well and in turn, to hunt them easier. But for all that, there were times where his true nature showed through. For those long seconds, he could have been mistaken for a statue. Nothing living could hold that level of stillness. Slowly, he withdrew his hand, reclining back in his chair. That.... was surprising. His eyes flicked over to Lily briefly for her comment. That was also surprising. Or was she perhaps playing coy? Gangrel, of all clans, were known to be the ones most familiar with the Lupines, given they were the most likely to come into conflict with them, given their roving nature. Even a City Gangrel who professes to be a Nomad. He let it go for now. Time would tell if she was simply feigning ignorance or not. "I had not been aware any were present." .... he wished he had his sword.
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