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The Long, Slow, March of Progress

Posted by jameson (ST), 09 March 2012 · 794 views

... or a lack thereof.

No excuses. I haven't been posting regularly. That's because I haven't gotten very far in the past 2 months. I have hit the muddy middle and my pace has slow from 70-100 pages a week on average to less than half that. The pace of the books themselves has likewise slowed, with so much time being spent on secondary characters, or overly details overland journeys that I haven't really had anything to talk about.

But I am still here. Slowly, painfully, making my way through The Fires of Heaven, and just as soon as I have something of worth to discuss I will ... hang in there, I know I am.

For the record, I am 3/4 of the way done with Crown of Swords. (bk 7)
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yeesh I am behind ...
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I am now 3/4 of the way through Path of Daggers.
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and I have read perhaps 20 pages. *headdesk* I hope to finish Fires on my upcoming vacation and maybe make a good enough push in Lord of Chaos or carry over once I get back.
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You think Fires is a slog? Wait until Crown of Swords and Path of Daggers.


Fan of the series, but it -does have pacing issues-
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On this read through, I'd have to disagree. CoS and PoD had quite a bit more 'middle action' than books previous. Yeah he seemed to stretch stuff out, but at least things were happening. On the other hand, I'm about halfway through Winter's Heart and all he's done so far is just set everything up. SO MUCH TALKY TALKY and inner monologuing I think I'm gonna lose it and start making raisin and cottage cheese shadow boxes of Robert Frost poems to entertain myself.
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Halfway through Crossroads of Twilight, finally reading stuff I either don't remember or have never read. Also of note, the cover for Memory of Light was released.

It was done by Whelan.


Posted Image
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Much better than the covers by that other dude. Though it looks like Rand is missing a whole arm from that pose. Callandor looks pretty sweet as well. I should be finishing Fire this weekend (I know, I suck and am slow). I'm going to try and target a book a month after that which should get me to the end right when AMoL comes out in early Jan.
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